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Vera Martin • 4 years ago

It's been a while since I've been on this site. Anybody have any information on Empowr. Just started and it just really seems to easy. Has anyone made any money from the?

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Vera,
Nope, we don't recommend you to work with Empowr because it is the new name of Fanbox and if you search in the internet about Fanbox, you will find lots of complaints for not earning enough from Fanbox and not getting paid as per their claims. It seems they change the name form Fanbox to Empowr is also only to hide their previous complaints in the front of new members.

azzu • 5 years ago

can we take actions against the scam and this fraud

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Azzu,
We are extremely sorry for such a late reply. It is because our system catch up with some bugs due to which we didn't receive your comment within our email inbox. Sorry once again.
Concerned authorities in USA are trying to take actions to these fraud companies. However, till now they are only able to catch less than 1% of frauds. It seems scammer are becoming more clever day by day. So, the best way to stay out of scam is by avoiding scam companies by doing research before joining any companies. At least now we have made it easy. If you want to find out anything about any online work companies, you can simply come here and place your queries. We will sure definitely help you because that is why we have opened this website.

Kailash Shrivastava • 5 years ago

I spent a lot of time after 300$ they advised to do a survey by paying a money & then cheque will be sent by them now I am 475$ in my account but they not pay any amount now on opening the site it refer 404 error.
In my view it is totally scam site don't waist time

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Sure Kailash,
Weekly Youth Pay is totally scam. That is what we have write in our review as above. There are other many similar sites with different name. Whenever you find sites which look like Weekly Youth Pay, stay away from them.

Labeyka • 5 years ago

Dont waste your time with these sites. They will never pay anybody. They just use your time and never pay you. It's a scam, really. Please avoid these sites.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Labeyka,
Thanks for providing additional testimonials on WeeklyYouthPay to prove it scam and supporting our review on it as above. Thank you.

Azi • 5 years ago

is this a scam or not too? payforyouth .com

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Yep Azi,
Pay for youth is a scam because it is from the same scam group of above mentioned scam site (weekly youth pay). Like this they have opened many similar kind of scam sites from time to time.

Goutham Vijay • 5 years ago

i have to claim the amount around $600 how to claim

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Gautham,
In our review on Weekly-fix-pay just above of this page (http://www.newsonlineincome... ), we have clearly mentioned that Weekly-fix-pay is a scam company which means it will not pay to anyone. So, there is no use to claim them your earnings because they will not pay you. That is why it is a scam company.

billy • 5 years ago

hi i am new here how about fast to earn is it scam or not

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Billy,
Sorry for such a late reply.
It is because due to some error your comment has been marked as spam by our system. Just today we find your comment within our spam folder.
Sorry once again.
Site like fast2earn is totally illegal site with illegal business model. However, sometime they pay to some members in order to lure more people into their system. But, most of time, more than 95% members lose their money in this site.

Jhona Sabado • 5 years ago

How can i deactivate my account there?

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Jhona,
There is no use of deactivating your account in WeeklyYouthPay because even you deactivate your account, they already have your information recorded within their system which they can misuse anytime if they want. So, it is worthless to deactivate your account there and so far we know, there is not any way to deactivate your account in WeeklyYouthPay.

sumith rajapaksha • 6 years ago

i can auto cad and word & excel

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Sumith,
It is nice to know that you can do AutoCAD. Our founder Mr. Deroka is also AutoCAD professional, both in 2D and 3D. He is Civil Engineer with degree in Environmental Engineering.
Are you an engineer or an architect?

Mohsin • 6 years ago

hi dear do you know they had started this business with new name which is youth dollar and this in very inn these days every0ne i think sending request on fb to visit that website.what do you think about it??kindly responce

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Mohsin,
Ya, sure we know about it. Even we had already listed Youth Dollar in our Bad and Scam Online Work Companies list.
Ya, you guess right. Youth Dollar is new face of Weekly Youth Pay. Like this they have open many websites like youth income, youth tasks, mighty income, payripo etc. We are really tired of this group. They never give up. Now, they even change the theme of their website and scamming people with new look. All these kind of sites are Scam. BIG SCAM.

Kumar • 6 years ago

Hi, I am new here...Please let me know the site "paidverts. com" and "mytrafficvalue. com" both are from the same admin. Hope I will get the exact review soon

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Kumar,
Ya, Paidverts and MyTrafficValue is from same admin and MyTrafficValue is more older than Paidverts. We had already explained in detail about Paidverts and MyTrafficValue at our detail review of Paidverts which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Fazeela Baloch • 6 years ago

Hey anybody out there... Please tell me is it really wrong???

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Fazeela,

Nobody will come here and tell you that any post within our website is wrong because we sorted out online work companies after detail investigation. If we declare some companies are scam, means they are SCAM.

If we put any companies in Good and Trusted Online Work Companies section, then only if those companies keep on running smoothly for more than 2 years. If some companies are paying and less than two years old, then also we don't declare it as Good and Trusted Company.

You can find the detail list of Good and Trusted Online Wrok Companies by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

And among these Good and Trusted Online Online Work Companies also we recommend WA as No.1 Company till date. You can find the detail review of WA by clicking this link :- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Fazeela Baloch • 6 years ago

Omg... Seriously... I earned 1335 dollars from weekly youth pay damm!!
My survey is also not completing.. Me soo. Exciting and wanted to withdraw money but this fake :(

Vera Martin • 6 years ago

we all felt that way...it was too good to be true!

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Vera,
We can understand your feelings. Scam companies like Weekly Youth Pay give people sweet dream and then at last wash it away with hurricane. Never ever go after with these kind of companies who offer easy money. Now you already find our website. So, now you can follow our website in order to know which sites are scam and which are legit. We have listed legit sites at our Good Trusted Online Work Companies section. We have listed new promising sites at our New Popular Online Work Companies and as you know we have listed bad and scam companies at our Bad and Scam Online Work Companies section.
We always update those sites list time to time and add more new sites. So, keep on checking our website time to time.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Fazeela,
Sorry to hear that you waste your time in Weekly Youth Pay. Ya it is 100% Scam.

Fazeela Baloch • 6 years ago

O really o shit I earn 1032 USD now I want to withdraw my money which I earned but my verification survey not completing... Me was soo exciting but this is fake :(

prashant kumar • 6 years ago

this weekly youth pay sit is totaly scam after earning amount they use to say will pay you after compliting the servey which is totaly froud.

dont wawste your time.

Wahyu Indra • 5 years ago

Hiy guy I don't understand, I from indonesia can you tell me how I can operite it..can You tell by indonesia language only...

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Wahyu Indra,
Ketika Anda meminta kami untuk membalas Anda dalam bahasa Indonesia , jadi kami menggunakan Google Translator untuk membalas Anda . Maaf jika ada beberapa kesalahan karena Translator.
Anda meminta kami bagaimana untuk beroperasi " weeklyyouthpay" . Acutally Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang bagaimana untuk mengoperasikan dan bekerja di " weeklyyouthpay " karena perusahaan penipuan . Perusahaan ini tidak akan membayar Anda . Jadi , itu adalah berharga untuk bekerja di perusahaan ini . Itulah apa yang kita miliki tulis dalam review kami pada " weeklyyouthpay "

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Prashant,
Thanks a lot for supporting our review.
Ya! you are right. Weekly Youth Pay is 100% Scam. Totally fraud Company.