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Nap Natthaphon • 6 years ago

My sum is more than $2,300. Why don't I get money.?

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear Nap,
In our "QuestofNews review" as above, we have mentioned this company is a scam because it doesn't pay to anyone. So, that is why you don't get your money. Hope now you understand.

Nap Natthaphon • 6 years ago

I think I'll get money from this company. I'm serious to do it. Because I have to spend for my education.

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear Nap,
QuestofNews is a scam. More soon you realize it will be more better for you. Don't hope to get money from these fraud companies.

Ahmed Osama • 7 years ago

is adiphy fake too ? tell me sites to use please help

Devon • 7 years ago

Dear Ahmed,
Sorry for late reply. We don't know why before your message went to our spam folder due to which we didn't see your comment on time. Sorry once again.
At the moment we can't provide complete Adiphy review to conclude what is Adiphy because it is a new site and in order to test any new site, it takes time. But, still we don't recommend it due to the facts that their owner detail is completely hidden within their site as well as within WHOIS details. No one knows who is running Adiphy, which is a bad symbol for any kind of online business. We have also found some members are claiming that they didn't get payment after the withdrawal request. So, in order to find out those claims are real or not, we need to test the site by working ourself in the site. So, if you have enough time, then you can join it through our link in order to help us to test it soon:- http://adiphy.com/invitatio...
But, it is just to help us to test the site so that we can reach minimum payment threshold soon and request for the payment in order to see we will get payment or not, don't think that we are letting you to join this site because we don't think this site is good. None of the legit site will hide their owner details and even from February 16, their site is having problem and none of the members can earn money there. Today is February 18, and till now that error has not been made and even none of the team member of AdiPhy has replied about it when member ask about it. If for more than 15 days they don't reply or make this error, we can conclude that they are 100% scam. Anyway, at the moment also we don't recommend anyone to join Adiphy.

jacob • 8 years ago

Is OGMOBI legal?
please help me

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Jacob,
Although Ogmobi is paying on time till date, we still can't guarantee about this company's future because for any company to be succeed, it should be able to gather lots of members and traffic. But in case of OGMOBI, it doesn't have enough number of members and still struggling to take the market around the internet.
We have also find some complaints about its products which are related with mobile applications. They claims to give the best solution for mobile traffic where as they don't have good number of traffic for their own website. So, if you want to work in this company, then work by taking precautions such as "don't invest money more than you can afford to lose on this site"

Anita Crossley • 8 years ago

I think they may of changed their website name!! I was just going to ask about this bc it sounds so much like the one you guys are talking about!!!

visiblequiz is the .com addy...
What do you think? Could this be them?!

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Anita,
You are absolutely right. VisibleQuiz is also from this same scam group. They have lots of like these kind of scam sites which they open from time to time and shutdown one after another and reopen again with new names.

anatoli1606 • 8 years ago

Scam or a legitimate website is: vacantsurvey?

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Anatoli,
Vacantsurvey is 100% scam site and it is belong to serial scammer group who have lots of scam sites same like VacantSurvey.

jim • 8 years ago

A British business woman who planned retiring into a new life with her new found internet lover has been defrauded of $100,000.

Mary Little had transferred part of her life-long savings to her supposed lover, Frederick Stalke, a retiring American Colonel, for him to prepare his New York house as part of plans for Little to move in.

It turned out the money went into a cedi account at reputable bank in Accra and with the help of an employee of the bank, the amount was withdrawn in three tranches by the fraudsters.

Little told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show host Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah on Wednesday she had built a relationship with Stalke for over seven months, via phone, camcorders and text messages after she first met him on a dating site, Match. com.

She was supposed to meet him for the first time in New York on September 19, 2009 and possibly start a new future together and that was the beginning of her painful revelation.

Stalke, she narrated claimed he was part of the soldiers withdrawn by the US government from Baghdad and was to take care of some properties wrongly shipped to Accra and would return to US in two weeks.

Whilst in Accra, Stalk allegedly got into some problems with the police and needed part of the amount to resolve the issues and invest the remaining in the property in the US as agreed by the two of them. He requested that the money be paid to his lawyer who was litigating the case for him.

“I had no reason to suspect this guy didn’t exist," she said. “The money actually didn’t go into a dollar account; the lawyer was fake. The account holder was fake; the money actually went into a local currency account and this reputable bank did not follow its protocol,” she lamented.

According to Mary Little, she called the Modern Hotel in Achimota, Accra where Frederick Stalk was supposed to have been staying for the two weeks only to be told he had been beaten up and taken to hospital. Later she learnt he had checked out from the hotel and has since not made any contacts to her.


Mary Little said she is taking legal action against the bank for not doing enough due-diligence before the money was withdrawn.

According to her, she cross-checked from the Fraud Department of the UK Bank who confirmed the existence of the account in Ghana before she paid in the money.

She wondered how the Branch manager in Accra did not suspect how an 18 months old account owned by a trader could receive such a hefty amount, the first of its kind, without following the necessary banking procedures before releasing the amount.


Five persons, the account holder, an employee of the bank and three others including a woman have been arrested by the police. They are currently being prosecuted at an Accra High Court.

There is no trace, at least not yet of Frederick Stalke. It is still not clear if he was party to this sophisticated scam, or was impersonated. Mary Little cannot also confirm if Stalk was indeed part of the US Army.

Narrating how the whole scam was uncovered, Little said she vowed not to go the way of many such victims who committed suicide after going through such ordeals.

She therefore had to liaise with the UK Fraud Department where she was told to be on the alert, that fraudsters are always selfish and would come back for more.

According to her, a lady purporting to be the daughter of the missing Frederick Stalke contacted her after several weeks to announce the death of her lover.

She claimed to be schooling in California but had to come to Accra to find out what had happened to her father. She wanted an amount of £3,000 to take care of the search for the father.

Mary Little said she was advised by the Fraud office in UK to send the money via courier.

Together with the Ghana police the fraudsters were arrested.


Mary Little said for her entire life she has been surrounded by people who are trust worthy and only thought of scams and 419s as mere phrases.

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Jim,
Thanks for providing such kind of information within our website. We appreciate it a lot. You are always welcome to report such kind of things within our website.

Weiyang Wong • 8 years ago

what happen i play this one yaer oready why cannot take the money to my paypal account

i have 5 payments why no pay to my plese give me unsertad

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Weiyang Wong,
Are you talking about QuestofNews? If so, then you can see in our review as above that we have clearly mentioned QuestofNews is scam, fruad, bad company. So, sure QuestofNews will not pay to anyone. That is why you are also not getting payment from QuestofNews.

Weiyang Wong • 8 years ago

Ok bro

Weiyang Wong • 8 years ago

Yes questofnewsnews why no pay long time oredy

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Weiyang,
We had already mentioned in our review on QuestofNews as above that QuestofNews is bad, scam company which means this company is cheater. It will not pay to anyone. That is why you are also not getting payment because it will not pay to anyone. That is what we have already tell you in our previous reply as well.

Concerns • 8 years ago

can you please advise me if the test the app program by OGmobi a scam?

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Concerns,
Ogmobi is paying on time to its members till date. However, we can't guarantee about this company's future because it doesn't have enough number of members and still struggling to take the market around the internet. It is still a new company. We have also find some complaints about its products which are related with mobile applications. They claims to give the best solution for mobile traffic where as they don't have good number of traffic for their own website. So, if you want to work in this company, then work by taking precautions such as "don't invest money more than you can afford to lose on this site"

Ange • 8 years ago

The minimum payout is $2300 and paid every 14 days the website states. I am almost at that mark so I hope it is not a scam. I really can use the money they promise. If not there can be a HUGE lawsuit.

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Ange,
Sorry to disappoint you, but they will not pay you. We can tell that from our experience in online work field from 7 years and other points we have clearly mentioned within our review as above.
The group which is operating QuestofNews have lots of similar sites and there is not any record that any members get paid from their any sites. In the past also they had those kind of many sites which they had already closed without paying to their members. Trust us. They are big scam group. However, if you don't want to believe us, then you will know the truth after you request the payment and wait for more than 14 days (actually forever).

Ange • 8 years ago

Please accept my apologies.. I have wasted my time with News-Doc. They did not pay me. I should have realized it was scam when there isn't a way to contact them. Is there a way to file a complaint against them?

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Ange,
Only lawyer can help you to file a complaint against them within international crime branch department. But, it takes time and money in order to do so and we don't think anyone will bother to do that because it is too much time consuming and waste of money. That is why these kind of scam companies are launching more day by day.
Anyway, now at least we are here to warn people against scam sites and guide them to work in legit sites.

Destiny • 8 years ago

What purpose is it? What's he getting out of it?

Ms. Lynne Phillips • 8 years ago

Hello all,

I have been also watching Till News even promoted some. What I believe they get out of such scams is the pay per click compensation. Again I have been watching this myself for a while and I also don't think they will pay. My pay date should be the 27th of July...if they pay I will reportl

I try and help in these areas its so frustrating

http://queenlp.wix. com/a-resource-place

@br225finest • 8 years ago

Just curiou

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear br225finest,
We don't understand your question clearly.
Do you want to ask us that if some sites have Paypal, then that is legit or not?
Do you want we suggest you the legit sites with Paypal payment options?
Having Paypal doesn't prove any sites to be legit. Many scam sites also have Paypal as payment option. Paypal is only like a bank which only care with money transactions and doesn't care at all the way of those transactions.
If you are asking we suggest you the legit sites with Paypal payment option, then we have listed many kind of legit and trusted sites within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Ms. Lynne Phillips • 8 years ago

Hello, I'm on that quest right now....I'm looking for some legit online jobs for my followers as well. I've been writing a blog on working online....there are a few links I call "penny slots" within my blog you can check out....If you find a legit that will pay online please let me know and I will do the same. http://.........................

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Lynne,
Our system either automatically delete the links within the comment or mark it as spam. So, the link which you provided is not visible anymore. Sorry for your inconvenience.
However, if you want to find the list of legit companies, then you can simply visit our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section where we have listed many kind of legit online works. You can visit that page by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
We have also listed new paying online work companies within our "Promising Online Works" section which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
Hope this helps you.

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Ms. Lynne,
They will not pay you because they have not pay to anyone till date from their any sites. However, after 27th of July, we will love to see your report here mentioning that you didn't get your payment. That will support our review on it and help people around here who still think they will get their payment.

Ms. Lynne Phillips • 8 years ago

I know thank Mod we know what that will look like so let me just report now ,....No check,,,..Take care..

Devon • 8 years ago

You are welcome Ms. Lynne. Thanks for providing additional report on QuestofNews and supporting our review on it.
Thank you

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Destiny,
The purpose of these sites are clear, they open it to earn money for themselves. We have explained in detail about the purpose of these sites and the ways from which they are earnings money by opening these scam sites within our review of their another site which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

jenni • 8 years ago

oh, I have joined and till now still waiting for payment to be done which is still in progress. Think also it's scam.

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Jenni,
You are right. QuestofNews is scam. That payment will be always in progress status, but they will never pay to anyone.

Nancy • 9 years ago

I decided to give them a try and have a total of 6575 worth of payouts in. Was set to receive my first pay on 6/19. The only reason I joined was because the person referring me showed payouts to her PayPal account. Since then she has had her bank account tapped and is working with her bank to get it taken care of. This is an all around scam. If you are thinking about joining don't. I wouldn't say it was a total waist of my time, there were some stories that I have followed and I am more educated on world news, but you can get that by going straight to BBC or CNN news sites.

john doe • 8 years ago

I've been using this for a could of days, never did a payout yet. But my question is how did she have her bank account tapped when QuestofNews is asking you to use "paypal" ?, Paypal is a secure account and QuestofNews doesnt have access to your paypal account nor do they have access to your bank info, because when sending money to another paypal account, the sender needs an email or username that associates with paypal in order to send money. if your friends account was tapped in, and they see its paypal, its on Paypal. Sometimes Paypal gets strict when they have to send a huge amount to someones bank account. #JustSaying

Devon • 8 years ago

Dear Nancy,
Thanks a lot for supporting our review on QuestofNews by providing additional information to prove it scam.

Sandiso Ndawana • 9 years ago

i came across this website www.incommpass. com and www.loyalty-rewards. co. za would like to find out if it's one of the scams out there like others

Devon • 9 years ago

Dear Sandiso,
Both of these programs have lots of controversial debate around the internet and more than that many members had complaint against these sites. So, we don't think it is good idea to work with these site.

shovo ahamed • 9 years ago

It's 100% scam site. when i reached tergeted balance,
I've requested my payment. But they don't paid me.
So friends, i request to all you, don't wast your valuable time. It's 100% scam, scam, scam....

Devon • 9 years ago

Dear Shovo,
Yep, QuestofNews is 100% scam. That is what we write in our review as above. Thanks for providing additional testimonial to support our review.

karatekastrong • 9 years ago

The idea seems very interesting advertising on site QuestofNews, and I know it can be sponsors who can pay to read information, because there is money in this world. Why not try to be fair to each other, and what not to do much better this world we live in ?? Let's persuade those from QuestofNews to find some sponsors to pay post updates, and they pay the affiliate a small amount and not $ 9.10 per click / information as it is now. So will increase their reputation and will benefit more than now. Let's try to open their consciousness and to convince them that it would be nice to help each other. What do you think of this? Let us all unite and try to make our life more beautiful !!Karatekastrong-Romania

Devon • 9 years ago

Dear Karatestrong,
Scammers like group of QuestofNews will never ever think about other. Even they can, they will not try to make their business genuine as they have now habit of cheating people. They are cheating in the same way from more than 5 years. So, it is never ending scam. It will be worthless try to convince them and even if they start to do the genuine business, then also they can't survive now as their old members will keep them asking for their pending payments which is impossible to pay as they have never generated such kind of income to pay to their members.

tdjones • 9 years ago

never got my money.

karatekastrong • 9 years ago

Perhaps they steal our personal information !!! We and banks to be more careful as we post the personal data. I have been broken on a card account online with PAYPAL, I had only $ 50 in the account. The Bank detected that were used the money to gamble on the Internet. After the $ 5 was left in the account, the bank called me to ask me if I make a transaction at that time on the Internet !!!! It's funny, huh ?? So, pay attention to this aspect and will oversee the bank account informed in case you cards online.

Devon • 9 years ago

Dear karatekastrong,
You are absolutely right. Companies like QuestofNews can do anything using personal information provided by members.

Devon • 9 years ago

Dear Ediblemile,
Yep, you are right. They will never pay you. So, don't expect to get money from them, otherwise it will be worthless hope.