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Esau Rodriguez Torres • 5 years ago

how do i know if your "Good and trusted online works" Are even legit as well? how do i for sure kmow you are not trying to earn businesses by putting that up and getting leads that way....you just cant trust the web anymore...

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Esau,
You can surf our website by yourself and you can do the research of each and every companies which we have listed within our website. You can do the research of both Good and Trusted Online Works companies as well as Scam companies that we have listed within our website. Then you can find the truth by yourself. We can understand that there are lots of scams out there and we should do proper research by ourself in order to find out the truth which actually we want everybody do. If you have any queries, then please feel free to ask with us. We are always happy to reply our comments, but sometime it will be late, but not always.

ichigo kurosaki • 6 years ago

I understand the who is details but how can I check the ip address of any admin?
If any site scams me after investing will I be able to get back my money by paypal buyer protection?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Ichigo,
That is why we are here. If you want to know about any online work sites, please feel free to ask us. We will help you to find out which online work companies are scam and which are legit before you decide to invest on them. Once you place your comment here, we will reply you within 5 days. So, you can simply ask us to review of any online work companies. We are here to check for any kind of online work companies.
About getting back money from Paypal, it is very hard if you had use that money to invest in upgrades, rented referrals or other non-tangible goods within those sites. Paypal only can back your money if you are dealing with tangible goods. If you are not dealing with tangible goods, then you can get back money only if Paypal feel you are really cheated form that site. However, you can try to open dispute within 180 days after you invest using Paypal. But, it is better to identify which sites are legit and which are scams and only invest in legit ones. That will be more good option.
You can find the list of legit sites by clicking "Good and Trusted Online Works" section on the right hand side menu of our websites. You can find new paying sites within our "Promising Online Works" section and you can find bad and scam online works within our "Bad and Scam Online Works" as well as within our "Not Recommended" section.