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Philip • 4 years ago

Hi News Online Income,

I was looking at GrandBux. Their site seems so professional and clean. I was looking to register but thought I would find a review on it first.

I am glad I did! I am not joining up with them now!

I have read many of the comments below and I am shocked how many people have been scammed!!

I read something that, in the EU anyways, they are seeking to pass legislation to 'block' scam websites. I predict, in time to come, scam sites will be a virtual dinosaur, a relic and thing of the past.

Thank you once again for the information and I am glad I found this article.



Grandbux is a huge SCAM. They "demand" that member first send them number of their's visa card,then to send them ID number and other sensitive information! Their "admins" say if member don't send those vital information,they will don't get paid! But i find out that a lot of members are simly BANNED when they requested payment,their accounts closed and money taken of course....huge SCAMMERS!

Feral • 4 years ago

They are the biggest scam since Traffic Monsoon. Stay away from this scam site or they will take your money.


News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep Feral ,
That is why we have listed Grandbux within our "Not Recommended" sites list which means we don't recommend it.

FUGRANDBUX • 4 years ago


News Online Income • 4 years ago

That is why we have listed Grandbux within our "Not Recommended" sites list.

Marilu More • 5 years ago

I do not agree with anything they say. I have only 1 month in grandbux being Standar and I have 9 dollars, plus 25 dollars that I have given them, just to mention how great and amazing is your page, something I usually do, and like me, many more users have received A payment of 25 dollars. Then I find the reasons they put on the page absurd. I have already charged and everything, without any loss.

It is clear that the better the membership because more money will touch you for referrals and that, as on any page, always the beginning is difficult, but the end is easy, and in grandbux more, as I just start and I can easily win.

Think it over, and try not to waste money, if managed well, take a good advantage of this great page.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Marilu,
We are extremely sorry for such a late reply. We were not getting notifications of comments in our inbox due to our system error. Sorry once again.
Thanks for providing your detail review on Grandbux within our forum. However, the main reason we don't recommend Grandbux is not only its way of upgrade and rented referrals, but due to its past where it suspended the account of many members, not pay money to many members just to cover its debt. So, if some company did that in the past, that can do the same thing again. That is the only reason we don't recommend Grandbux. Otherwise, at the moment it is doing well.

Linz Gold • 5 years ago

I'm a standard member at Grandbux and after reading all the rave reviews on their forum about how much return people were making, I decided to go ahead and rent 100rrs and I extended them all for the max 240 days. I clicked all ads everyday and recycled rrs everyday that hadnt clicked in 4 days. Its now been 240 days and I havent even broken even. I think this only works if you become a golden or superior member and get the big deposit bonus of 1500 when you invest 2500! No way would I risk that kind of cash, especially when in their terms and conditions it states they can suspend your account at anytime without any reason.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Linz,
You did the good decision for not upgrading further in Grandbux because even you upgrade, you will not earn from RR there, even can lose your money. It is not like those members show in their forum. All those are just a marketing strategies.

Rahul K • 5 years ago

How is the RR avg.
Very low or high.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Rahul,
The RR average is very low in Grandbux, it is not like those members show in their forum. All those are just a marketing strategies.

arbnora beqiri • 5 years ago

it is really

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Arbnora,
Thanks for supporting our review on Grandbux :)

arbnora beqiri • 5 years ago

we work in grandbux but later we have debts

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Yep Arbnora,
Before Grandbux was doing good, but later when it had debts, it caught up with many issues.

One Hellsing • 5 years ago

Thank you for that expanded info!
Please, also, leave a date stamp for articles!

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear One Hellsing,
Thanks for the suggestion. However, we haven't leave date stamp because we always update our articles as per the current market. If we find there is issue in some companies or some companies have solved issues, we always update them. That is the reason we don't put date stamp because we always keep on updating our reviews.

It's FLAT Homie • 6 years ago

Well guys Granbux is Still Cranking Thanks For The Review Tho

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep, at the moment it is doing well. But some months before many members lose their investment when Grandbux suspend their account without valid reasons. Till date they reback account of those members or at least refund their investment, it is hard to trust them.

Best PTC For You • 6 years ago

For me, Grandbux is still the best. I have more than 1000% ROI with my account

News Online Income • 6 years ago

We don't mean that no one has earned from Grandbux. Some members like you are earning very good amount from it. But, Grandbux was already in debt before and we are sure in the future also it will be again in debt because like you mention, they are giving such high returns that they can't sustain for longer time. In the past there were PTC like Grandbux which were keep on paying for more than 1 year and many earn much more from RR investment. But later on, all of sudden they shut down and run with money of many members. These kind of sites will not long last. The examples of such kind of sites in the past were Probux, PTCsolution, Nerdbux etc. All those are consider as big scam sites till date. These kind of sites give very good opportunity to earn from RR till the time they are online. But all of sudden they will shutdown because they can't sustain giving such ROI for longer time and we all know that more than 95% of RR are BOTS. Anyway, if someone want to take risk and invest in this site, then that is totally upto them. Till the time it pays, everyone can make good profit. But no one knows when it will close down and that is the high risk and we can't recommend anyone those sites which have risk involved within it.

alikemal • 6 years ago

Grandbux has been among the Top 5000 sites in the world ( Alexa Ranking) , always ranked top 3 by EMS. Please my friends, read the TOS before making any accusation , because there may be something you are missing. Regardless, if you are in contact with the site owners, you will always find a solution

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dewar Alikemal,
If some sites are doing advertisements of their sites in other sites, if some site have many daily visitors, then those sites will easily rank up in Alexa. That doesn't mean they are legit. In the past Nerdbux was at 921 position in Alexa, Probux was 345 position, but all of sudden those sites stop paying to their members and shut down and run with money of members. So, having Alexa ranking high doesn't prove that site is legit.
About EMS voting, it is already proven to be failed because that voting system can be easily manipulated using software known as BOTs. Just before Grandbux, scam sites like PTCstair was in No.1 position in EMS which was now already turned into scam. Like that in the past many scam sites like Probux, PTCsolution, Nerdbux had already acquired that No.1 position in EMS and later on turned into scam. So, all expert online workers never follow EMS voting. However, beginners still fall for it.
In Grandbux if you are new member, sure you will get response from them immediately. In that time support works very well. But if you are old member who had already invested money and get suspended by them without breaking their TOS, then how much you try to contact them, they will never reply you. If you search around the internet, you can find more than 1000 complaints against Grandbux from members for suspending their account without a valid reason. We know that right now you think Grandbux is great because you are getting your payment. However, when you earn good income and at that time you get suspended from them without breaking their TOS, then you will know the reality of Grandbux and pain of those members who lose money in Grandbux.
Grandbux is one of those companies which seems to be paying because whenever they are in debt, they just simply delete account of high earners.

Max Blomdahl • 7 years ago

SCAM SITE!!!!!!!

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Max,
As you can see in our review on Granbux as above, we had already mentioned that Grandbux is not good site. But, can you please explain us in detail what makes you think Grandbux is Scam site?

Max Blomdahl • 7 years ago

Well i invested 80 dollars, after 1 month i earned back 10 dollars with their "great refferal program" then when i mailed admin about it my account got deleted... and now my ip is banned and i cant enter the site without an proxy... 80 bucks thrown in the sea..

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Max,
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience in Grandbux. It will support our review on Grandbux. It will give additional prove to those who come here and argue with us that Grandbux is legit.
Thanks a lot.

Handsome Money • 7 years ago

Grandbux is in the bussiness for long and many success stories and payment proofs in forum too....I think it is a safe place to invest as the structure is good to earn more and RR referal pack rate is low than many others. Good site.... ..................

News Online Income • 7 years ago

At the moment Grandbux is doing well, but in the past they were already in debt and at the that time many members lose their money. Anyway, they are still scamming people by asking the ID or driver license of members. None of legit PTC website has asked about it yet and there is no need to ask it unless they want to sell those information to 3rd party who will use those information to make fake citizenship, passport etc.

Popescu Bogdan • 7 years ago

Grandbux is not a scam as it is paying all its members INSTANTLY.
Photos of IDs will help you make sure there are real people and no bots, if you want you can era important things from the ID and it would still be ok.

Please rewrite some of the facts of this review as it can scare new ptc users.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Popescu,
We write what we find as per our research. Grandbux will be failed soon. Even they had already start to suspend account of some members when they request cashout. You can find lots of complaints about suspending members account in Grandbux around the internet. Instead of arguing with us, it is better you do research on your own about Grandbux using search Engine like Google. You will find many bad points about this company than what we have mentioned in our review above.
There are lots of other ways to identify BOTS, for that no need ID. Even big trusted PTC sites like Clixsense and Neobux are also operating from years, and they no need to take IDs to identify the real people. From IPS and payment processor account, it is very easy to identify the real people. More than that, they are selling BOTS by themselves in name of Rented Referrals.
Ya, one fact is true. They are paying. But, that doesn't prove that they will keep on continue paying after also. In the past there were many companies like Probux, Nerdbux, PTCsolution etc. which had paid their members instantly for more than 1 years and after they gather lots of people, they just shutdown their company and run with members money. As per our research, it look like Grandbux is also following same path. It seems that when they get enough investment from members, they will shut down this company.
We have to say what we find as per our research. To follow this or not is upto you. If you think Grandbux is good, then you can keep on working. But, at least it is better you don't invest more than what you can afford to lose in Grandbux. However, if you want to take risk, it is totally upto you.

Popescu Bogdan • 7 years ago

The bad points you mentioned are some months old therefore i still believe it is a safe site to invest.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Popescu,
If you feel it is safe to invest in Grandbux, then you are free to invest in it. We only post what we find. But to follow it or not is upto you. Ya, what we say is some months before. But that time when it was happen, many members already lose their money and even get suspended from Grandbux without their fault after cashout request. Any company can run for longer time like this. Whenever get debt, just cancel account of some high earning members so that you no need to pay them. You just think. If you invest and later if they suspend your account without any valid reason, how you feel? Will you still say Grandbux is best at that time?

Popescu Bogdan • 7 years ago

Of course not but that is why we should look out for any negative review that is up to date not too old.
Let's see how Grandbux will evolve ... i will comment here some months past this day and i hope you will change the review that GB can be considered safe to invest. Thank you very much for writing back to my comments.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Popescu,
We always update our information within our website. We don't change anything within our review of Grandbux because nothing has changed. Ya, we agree that they were in debt months ago and they had suspend account of some high cashout members randomly that time which is never justify. That is not the way to clear the debt. They haven't back the account of those members and take their investment and hard work. So, this problem is still not solve yet. If they solve the problem, back the account of those suspended member and after that also continue to pay their members, then we will update our review. But, at the moment it is still same. If it continues like this, even we need to think to move Grandbux in our Scam list.
Anway, we also wish it solve its all problem and turn into legit.

tuswa • 7 years ago

hellow admin i am sory to ask a lot question but im trying my best what other companies that works the same way as paidverts? and how come i tried to register in wealthy affiliete and they says in my country there is no free membersship so i have to pay for premium but the problem i am not sure all this work .... lastly how long the 10 lesson takes to be done in WA? is possible to make money while u are still new under the lessons ?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Tuswa,
Other companies which is same like Paidverts and promising are Sanbux, Digadz and TrafficMonsoon. However, they are also not too much trustable. If you want to work in those companies, we request you to read our review on them first of all by clicking following links:-
Sanbux:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Digadz:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

TrafficMonsoon:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

About Wealthy Affiliate, we request you to read our detail review on it first of all by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
In our review on Wealthy Affiliate, we had already mentioned that four countries are banned to join in Wealthy Affiliate as free members and they are India, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan. If you are from these four countries, then you can join Wealthy Affiliate only as premium member.
If you join WA as premium member, you will get total 100 lessons, not 10 lessons. Those 10 lessons are for free members which include only basic course and two free websites.
Ya, it is possible to earn while you are still under the lessons.
We request you to read our review on Wealthy Affiliate in detail by clicking link as we provided you before and then we also request you to see our conversation with other people within comment section of that page in order to know more about it.

Sagar Mahmud • 7 years ago

Its five bro :( ,free membership is not avaiable in Bangladesh Also

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sagar,
Actually free membership is available for Bangladesh. WA doesn't ban Bangladesh to join as free member. However, later on we find out that Bangladesh uses same interent service companies which are belong to India and their IP address matches many cities of India due to which some cities of Bagladesh automtically get banned. We have already discuss about this issue which you can find within the comment section of our review page on Wealthy Affiliate:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

animelover • 7 years ago

I know you will remove the links in comments.But before removing this link can you please take a look at it.Are those calculations work on granbux if I join grandbux.http://www............

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sudheer,
We always look at the links before we delete it. So, we did look the link you had provided here.
Those calculations will hard to achieve. We don't mean it is incorrect. But, it is hard to get such kind of active rented referrals and even you get that average, then also it is hard to withdraw money from Grandbux as it is already in debt and there are lots of complaints against it from its members for suspending account without valid reason and not paying on time. We don't recommend anyone to invest their money further in Grandbux because it is not a good PTC site.
And the link which you had provided us, not only shows unbelievable calculations, but even it is guiding everyone to use failure method to get direct referrals which are all useless and more than that it suggest to buy guaranteed sign ups which is totally scam method although even you buy it from legit company.

animelover • 7 years ago

thanks,I have read your reviews and understood that rr's doesn't work.So I will try to get direct referrals.Your blog really helps,thanks for all reviews and study on ptc sites

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sudheer,
You are welcome. However, don't waste your too much time, effort and money in Grandbux as it is not good site and it can be shutdown anytime.
Our blog not only study about PTC sites, but we review all kind of online work companies. You can find that we have listed many kind of legit online work companies and the legit ways to earn money within our Good Trusted Online Work Companies section.

animelover • 7 years ago

oh! I didn't mention it.I am not working on grandbux,it's about neobux.I have seen your legit companies list already.I have been working on clixsense,neobux,paidverts for a month.I am a student and I don't have time to work on more sites right now.I am getting too many ads on paidverts and it is taking 30 to 60mins.
It is too dificult to get dr's on neobux.Almost every one who works on ptc sites have an account on neobux.I have to bring someone new to ptc sites.
And in clixsense I am always getting disqualified in the middle of surveys.
joined on scarletclicks,gptplanet as ur referral today

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sudheer,

If you are working in Neobux, Clixsense and Paidverts, then it is better you read our detail review on them in order to know detail strategy to work in them, to know the detail strategy to get direct referrals in them and to know the legitimacy of each sites as well.

Following are the direct links of our review on following sites:-

Neobux:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Paidverts:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Clixsense:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

About Clixsense, may be you get disqualified in the middle of survey because most of surveys are geographical target and most western countries members get more benefit from those surveys than eastern countries. So, for eastern members, it is better to focus to get direct referrals in Clixsense in order to increase their income.

Thanks a lot for joining in Scarlet and GPTplanet as our referral.

animelover • 7 years ago

I need a small help.I am new to blogging,I have a blog and I used contactform7 as contact form.I sent a message to myself from my blog.But I don't know where do I receive these mails from contact form and how to reply them.can u please tell me where I can find these mails

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sudheer,
We don't know much more about contactform7, so we can't help much more with it. However, there is support team for that, you can contact them and ask them about it.
And it is more better you start to make your own website than using blogs because even you use blogs, you need to put same input as you make a website. Blog can be suspended anytime, but website will be always with you.
The best place to make website is Wealthy Affiliate which will teach you everything about making website to earn money from it. You can also learn other real online work things like selling your own products online, selling products from 3rd party like Ebay and Amazon, getting free direct referrals and affiliates in any companies you want, earn money from Google Adsense, utilizing Facebook and Youtube to earn money online etc. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affilate by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
You must know that if you want to earn real money by doing real online work, then till date Wealthy Affiliate is the only one destination.

animelover • 7 years ago