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Pierre B├ęgin • 4 years ago

Lesson for the ones who are still thinking about investing into Usi-Tech, like you Te Toki. Ponzi scheme alert!! I've been naive enough to invest 1/2 BTC in it. I knew it was a scheme but was thinking I'll get my money back very fast and leftover I'll get will be reinvested in it so I won't lose hard work money before it collapse. That was before BitConnect crash... Come on, 40% in 6 months, it's unrealistic. But I'm lucky. Usi-Tech wants to steal more money with their ICO. To do that, the company must stay alive. So, everything I invested will ( should...may?) be returned but, forget about any profit. If I sent 1/2 BTC, that's all I'll get from them. They don't have any money left so they will be paying old debt like mine with money from the new ones looking for a high gain or the ones hoping for a rapid value increase of the new coin. Communication is awful. I've just received an email today, 6th March when I opened the ticket back in mid-november!!! Accounts are still frozen after 10 weeks and they keep telling us it will be available soon (On their web page, you could read "The funds will be available within 48 hours" since...the start of January!!). And when they were tired of all the questions, they started to be a bit mean. Theating anyone who were giving them bad press to be sued. Wow, real bunch of a$$holes (wow, double sens here :-) up to the end. So, I'll be very please to get my money back but I was careful enough to not invest money I couldn't afford to lose. Unfortunatly, many did. STAY AWAY from USI-TECH.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep Pierre,
That is what we are exactly saying. Stay away from Ponzi schemes like USI-Tech.

Te Toki • 4 years ago

I like USI-TECH! I think some people are paid trolls who work for banks and governments trying to disrupt us!

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Te Toki,
If you think we work for Banks or Governments and trying to disrupt USI-Tech, then you prove yourself that USI-Tech is an illegal company which is against government rules and regulations.

Steven Gilbert • 4 years ago

Lesson from Madoff:

One of the fundamental rules of investing with any asset manager is to make sure that they use a reliable and independent custodian for safekeeping of their investment. For example, asset mgmt firm X may make investment decisions and initiate buy/sell orders but they do not custody the actual shares/positions.

For instance, if you use Vanguard to manage your funds in one of their mutual funds, Vanguard will use a well known custodian to custody the shares, e.g. Bank of NY, Citibank, JPM, etc.

When it comes to bitcoin, it's another matter but the same principal should prevail. They should use an independent firm that custodies bitcoin, whoever that may be.

Madoff settled trades for clients in accts. maintained within Madoff's own firm. No independent, periodic valuation or check that the shares are actual there or validation of periodic investment returns to the investors. Investors beware. This is a clear RED FLAG.

Justin • 4 years ago



John Cooper • 4 years ago

Most of your facts are wrong, please do some proper research. You keep saying wait for a year for the 'ponzi' to collapse, when did the year begin? Was it November 2016 when the Forex software was released, in which case a year has been and gone! Is it a year from March 2017 when the BTC Packs were introduced in which case there are 3 months left! Or does the year begin from the last time you said it? in which case the year will never end!!! Will you please clarify when this year will end?

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear John,
Sometime Ponzi schemes collapse itself, sometimes they get seized by legal authorities. For example, TrafficMonsoon got seized by legal authorities after running for almost 2 years and MerchantShares collapsed itself after running for 3 years. So, it is not a new thing that some Ponzi schemes manage to survive for 1-2 years but that doesn't make their business model legit or sustainable.

You can ask with any legal authorities within your country about USI-Tech, they will definitely suggest you stay out of it.

Ponzi schemes never sustain for a long time. They can collapse within some months or after 2-3 years. But ultimately will collapse by scamming the money of majority of members. Today you are supporting USI-Tech but tomorrow it can be collapsed. That is the risk to involve with Ponzi schemes, that is why Ponzi schemes are illegal.

Miria Henry • 4 years ago

I have joined USI and loving it you should try it before you comment, its no different to what you're doing on this blog ....whoever wrote this blog is promoting with his or her own referral links come affiliate links whatever you wish to call them... they are all over the pages you get paid from google for clicks on the majority of your links on this blog and paid for everyone who signs up under you so whats the diff...your blog is link and affiliate city

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Miria,
Before you comment think first.
Instead of promoting other companies through USI Teach review, if we promote USI Tech directly from this review, we can make more money, but we are not doing that because USI Tech is an illegal company. If you don't believe us, just ask with a concerned legal department within your country.
And yep we are promoting our affiliate links, but promoting the legal companies, so nothing bad on that. We also agree we have placed the advertisement of Google. So, what's wrong with that. Even the big reputed medias like Facebook, TV channels and so on earn by displaying the advertisements. So, what's wrong with placing advertisements on our website?

Ingo Kleinen • 4 years ago

I recommend to read the review of Ethan Vanderbuilt published on July 19. 2017.

If you know the owners and know for how many HYIP scams they are responsible for I can only agree with his review. As of now they have no real product to sell. It is really a typical PONZI scheme that will collapse one time. At least the investors of the last level will be the ones who will lose their entire investment.

USI-TECH was suspicious for me from the start when I found this promoted HYIP somewhere in the comments.

Now actually the ICO of USI-TECH is ongoing. So many investors will have to pay with the lost of their money. It is now so easy to defraud the people because everyone wants to make the big money in a short time. So if they will really generate USD500 Mio. there will be again a lot of especially poor people who will lose their entire investment while the SCAMMING OWNERS will disappear with a big part from the cake.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Ingo,
Thanks for supporting our review on USI-Tech and providing the additional facts to show the real face of USI-Tech.

tom wright • 4 years ago

hi guys, so can you advise me a good way to invest with bitcoin?
many thanks!

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Tom Wright,
If you are only looking for the company to invest with bitcoin, then GM will be the good choice. You can find our detail review on GM by clicking this link:- https://www.newsonlineincom...
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You can click the picture of respective companies within that page to find out the detail reviews on those companies.

Guest • 4 years ago
News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Ryan,
We are saying 140% total ROI including principle, which means 100% is your own investment amount and 40% is profit, means if someone invest 100 USD, then they will get back 140 USD in total, means 100 USD of their own and 40 USD as a profit. ROI percentage includes both principle and profit. So, we both are saying same thing, so what is wrong there?

Guest • 4 years ago
News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Ryan,
About earning percentage, we both are saying same thing, only you are not understanding and we aren't saying USI Tech is a Ponzi scheme because it has a referral program, we have provided different reason for that. So, it is better first of all you read our whole review on USI Tech as above word by word and also understand that completely before you comment here.
Thank you.

Julie Brown • 4 years ago

You should have maybe tried it out for yourself before this review. I assume you get some kind of renumeration for your efforts on this site. The company, if you've looked properly, clearly states that they are from Dubai. They also mine for alt coins to buy Bitcoin and they have a Forex programme on top of that. Apparently they will be changing a lot of the structure from Wednesday 1st November 2017 and will be more transparent so that people like yourself cannot make money from giving reviews without actual knowledge. I did quite a lot of my own homework and non of what you say here seems to be accurate. I actually know people who have been with them and who are doing well. How well do you do with these negative uninformed, personal opinion blogs? I suggest people look at the reviews where people have actually interviewed the owners and reviews of people who actually dabble in cryptocurrencies, and who show actual screen views of their successes or failures. Without actually trying it and taking that risk with your proceeds from your blogs, you cannot actually review anything.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Julie,
Sure we can do review on online businesses because we are online from 2014 and till date every sites which we have reviewed as bad has always turned into scam. It's because we do the review by doing lots of research and collecting the real facts.
Actually, no need to argue with us. Just wait some more months, not more than a year, then USI Tech itself will turn into a scam. However, if you still don't believe us, then just ask with concerned legal authorities in your country or SEC in USA, they will let you know about its reality. And before supporting it, you should also know the fact that in the past there were tons of companies similar to USI Tech which have been already collapsed by now and some of them even captured by legal authorities. When legal authorities capture Ponzi scheme, they don't only take action against the owners, but also to those who involve with that company and promote that. So, if you want to take a risk by supporting illegal company, then that is completely up to you. And we know that it is already more than a year that USI Tech is running and it is not a new thing. In the past, similar kinds of companies did run for around 2 years and after that turned into scam. Hope you won't lose too much when USI Tech turn into scam or get legal problems from the concerned authorities.
Good Luck!

Lisa Pryce • 4 years ago

hmmmm Interesting considering the monetary system that is still largely in place, is the biggest scam ever - not to mention it is a class A pyramid scheme - the original.

Guest • 4 years ago
News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Deb Williams,
Jut wait 1 more year, till that time you will find out the reality by yourself because it is not going to last more than that anymore. It is not about being from USA or not, it is about their business model which is completely legal in almost all countries and unsustainable as well.

Guest • 4 years ago
News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Giovanni,
We have also not denied that people has withdrawn the money. Just wait some more months, when it completely stops paying or shutdown its site or seizes by legal authorities, then we can talk about it or you can simply ask with the legal authorities in your country in order to know either you are working with legal company or not.

Lawrence • 4 years ago

Its already been one year and things only get better!
My capital is earning ~1% per day and compounding.
I can and have made withdrawals without any issues.
Just like Deb said ...."Open up your mind".

Maximilian Elliott • 4 years ago

Open Your mind? You sir are ludicrous. You are completely blinded by all the money you are making. nothing goes up forever. I just ope you can get your money back out and turn a profit before things take a turn for the worst

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Lawrence,
It is not surprised to see that some Ponzi schemes manage to survive for more than a year because there were Ponzi schemes like Merchant Shares, Zooo. cc and so on which managed to survive for almost 2 years and after that all of sudden stopped paying and even shutdown their site. So, just wait some more months, not more than a year from now, then you will find out the reality about USI Tech by yourself or just ask with the concerned legal authorities within your country, then you will find out the reality of USI Tech with proof.

D. Mwenda • 4 years ago

Thank you for your review. I do not entirely agree with it because some people end up making money and others loose... Not a good thing but i would like to be among the ones making the money lol. Now that you are the expert in reviewing genuine online trading platforms and in your opinion 100% of them are ponzi and are bound to shut, what specific companies have you reviewed that are legal and have been in the business a long time and will not turn to scam??

Philip • 4 years ago

Hi Newsonlineincome,

I am always so impressed with how precise and easy to understand when it comes to your reviews. The knowledge in this review is a bit above my own as I don't really understand how Forex works.

So a Ponzi scheme is when a wave of people sign up and pay. A second wave of people sign up and that money pays the first lot? Because of this the company goes under because they run out of people. I think I understand this.

Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes are bad enough without combining them!!

Thank you for helping me understand what is USITECH.



News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep Philip,
You understand it very well.