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Nils Hansen • 4 years ago

They kept $1,000 of my money

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Dear Nils Hansen,
It is not surprise to see that Tree7 is now turning into scam. As you can see in our Tree7 review, we have always warned people not to invest in this company. But also people come here argue with us which you can find in the comments below. But, now may be they will realize what we want to say through our Tree7 review.
We are very sorry for your loss. From next time always do research on companies before you invest in them.

Tom Astony • 4 years ago

its already slowly turning into scam, they use to payout everyday, now its 2x per month

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep Tom,
That is how every Ponzi Scheme like Tree 7 runs.

Peter Ganza • 4 years ago

I Invested in tree7 last 25 feb and it's paying up to now. Very systematic and you can monitor all your transactions like profits and referrals. Highly recommended for those who want to invest and earn passive income.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Peter,
We are also not saying that Tree7 is not paying. But, as per our review above, we want to say that Tree7 is not a sustainable business and also not a legal business, so it can't be sustain for long run, means can't keep on paying. So, those who join at starting, they have chance to make some money, but those who join later, they have high change to lose their all investment because this company can stop paying anytime in the future.