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David Chung • 3 years ago

You are leaving out relevant facts big time. Sunil Patel was not just a member of Traffic Monsoon. He was one of the key organizers in this Ponzi scam. Hundreds of people fell victim to Traffic Monsoon because of Sunil. Many of us warned him about the dangers of leading an international scam from a serial scammer (Charles Scoville). He did not bother and kept recruiting until the authorities stepped in and pulled the plug. He was still defending this scam up until very recently though court cases against Charles Scoville started to pile up.

If you run a Google search on Sunil C Patel then you shall see that he had numerous court appearances in criminal charges (benefit fraud, etc.). Any business with Sunil Patel is to fail, no doubt.

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Thanks for your input. Sure, we will take your point into consideration. We are just waiting till the company launch so that we can review in detail about everything regarding Traffic Integrity or Integrity ESA. About Sunil Patel, he sure has involved in TrafficMonsoon deeply, but he has also lost his money in TrafficMonsoon which show that may be he were unaware of the fact, otherwise he won't has lost his money there. Yep, Sunil appeared in court cases, but none of them have proved he is guilty. Unless court prove him guilty, we can't say anything about him on our own. But, we sure will update everything about Sunil later. But, first let him launch TrafficIntegrity first. This review is just a preliminary review which will be updated once Traffic Integrity will be launched and we test that for 1 month at least.