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disqus_mgIgJ3UxH1 • 6 years ago

thank you sir,
i will complaint with paypal about pvtraffic and lotraffic because i had not knowledge in this.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep Yash,
You can open dispute through the resolution center of Paypal to claim back all transactions which you can prove to be fraud. You can just tell Paypal that PVTraffic and LoTraffic didn't provide you the service for what you did the payment. So, simply want your money back. After that Paypal will help you to proceed further. Good Luck!

disqus_mgIgJ3UxH1 • 6 years ago

hi all,i have purchased $10 adpack from pvtraffic. com on 27/05/2016 for 3day plan but till now i hv not recieved not $10 nor commision in my pvtraffic main balance.
similarly,i hv purchased $5 adpack on 12/5/2016 and $5 adpack on 20/5/2016 from lotraffic. com but till now i hv not got any amount in my lotraffic main balance.what i do now?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Yash Pal,
We have already declared PVTraffic and LoTraffic as scam sites which you can find in our featured comment section above of all comments within this page. We have posted this update 6 months before. We have already warned people against PVtraffic and LoTraffic from its launch date about which you can find in our post as above. So, why did your purchase AdPacks in PVTraffic and LoTraffic few days before when we have already declared these sites scam from more than 6 months? Sure, you will not receive your earnings from PVTraffic and LoTraffic. Even you get your earnings in your PVTraffic or LogTraffic main balance, then also you can't withdraw your money from there, you will not receive money from these both sites, they don't pay to anyone, that is why they are scams. So, sorry to say, you lose your money. However, if you ever get those earnings at least in your main balance, use them to advertise your referral links of other sites in PVTraffic and LoTraffic, at least you will have chance to get referrals in other good companies. If you have purchased those Adpacks using Paypal, the open dispute in Paypal against PVTraffic and LoTraffic account. May be Paypal can help you to get back your money.
Good Luck!

Baraza J Namunyu • 6 years ago

Without a doubt PVtraffic is a HUGE SCAM. I have ad packs worth $1300 in the website and my payment request is pending from FEBRUARY.

Whenever I send a support ticket I get a code. When I use the code to check my ticket status I always get the same old message “this ticket does not exist”. I have sent over 100 support tickets, same old answer.

They are a TOTAL SCAM. Waste of time and money.

Have a look at what they have done to me for the last couple of months since FEBRUARY TILL APRIL:

Cashout History

Payment Processor Amount Status Date

PayPal $ 20.90 Pending 02-04-2016 01:02:46

PayPal $ 34.68 Pending 03-08-2016 12:03:10

PayPal $ 7.37 Pending 03-08-2016 02:03:33

PayPal $ 7.60 Pending 03-10-2016 07:03:36

PayPal $ 7.66 Pending 03-15-2016 12:03:11

PayPal $ 12.19 Pending 03-16-2016 10:03:46

PayPal $ 6.41 Pending 03-18-2016 10:03:37

PayPal $ 6.90 Pending 03-19-2016 10:03:50

PayPal $ 7.68 Pending 03-20-2016 06:03:05

PayPal $ 8.43 Pending 03-21-2016 08:03:22

PayPal $ 37.70 Pending 03-22-2016 06:03:45

PayPal $ 18.86 Pending 03-23-2016 06:03:35

PayPal $ 19.45 Pending 03-24-2016 01:03:19

PayPal $ 10.41 Pending 03-25-2016 12:03:07

PayPal $ 11.34 Pending 03-26-2016 05:03:44

PayPal $ 12.02 Pending 03-27-2016 12:03:45

PayPal $ 31.76 Pending 03-28-2016 03:03:12

PayPal $ 52.09 Pending 03-29-2016 01:03:31

PayPal $ 23.51 Pending 03-30-2016 09:03:29

PayPal $ 33.66 Pending 03-31-2016 11:03:41

PayPal $ 12.02 Pending 04-02-2016 06:04:09

PayPal $ 7.33 Pending 04-03-2016 12:04:56

PayPal $ 8.48 Pending 04-04-2016 11:04:19

PayPal $ 35.34 Pending 04-05-2016 10:04:10

PayPal $ 380.82 Pending 04-14-2016 11:04:52

The world NEEDS TO KNOW that PVtraffic is a SHARK out to get easy victims. STAY CLEAR of this SCAM SITE, take your money elsewhere!!!!

J B Namunyu

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep Baraza,
PVtraffic and LoTraffic both are totally scam sites. That is what we have mentioned in our review as above as well as in the featured comment section above of all comments within this page.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

You can see in our review as above that we have already mentioned PVtraffic and LoTraffic have many bad points. Now, we declare both PVTraffic and LoTraffic as scam sites due to too many problems in payment. More than 90% members are not getting payment from this site and earning balance of many members are vanishing from their account and support is not replying any emails.

levis2012 • 6 years ago

These two sites are SCAM!

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep Levis, you are right. As you can see in our review of PVtraffic and Lotraffic as above that we have warned everyone to beware of these sites because these sites were having many issues. Instead of solving those issues, these sites are having more issues due to which now we have also declared them as scam about which you can find in our featured comment as above.

Ireno Jacobsen • 6 years ago

My request is pending...10 days.

== PayPal $ x.xx Pending 11-20-2015 1 2:11:10

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep Ireno,
Many members are facing payment pending problem within PVtraffic and its sister site LoTraffic. Some members are waiting for payment from more than 1 month. That is what we have mentioned within our review as above. They are not operating their sites as they suppose to be. It seems these sites will turn into scam soon.