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Renata • 4 years ago

This is such a joke! Ava Anderson SOLD to an MLM and now it's PURE HAVEN ESSENTIALS. They have reformulated all of the products to make sure they are 100% non toxic. Also, the issues they had with Ava Anderson were with the suppliers that were adding these chemicals. This is just to try to promote your company. Instead of trying to step on other successful companies, just try building up your own. : )

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Renata,
You have agreed yourself that Ava Anderson is the previous name of Pure Haven Essentials and you also agreed yourself that they make their products now 100% non toxic. So, you agree that these issues had with Ava Anderson. So, what is the proof that now their products are chemical free? They are still selling same kinds of products. So, how do we know those products are now chemical free? Look, instead of saying Pure Haven is bad, if we promote it from here, we can make additional money. So, why we want to say it bad and promote other business instead of promoting this business?

Kathy Young • 5 years ago

UPDATE: PUREhaven Essentials, since September 2016, has been awarded certification as a USDA National Organic Program certified organic manufacturing facility by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

But Kathy Young, you can find lots of research in the same time and that is also from reputed concerned authorities pointing that their products are not pure organic like they are claiming. There are also complaints of side effects of the products.

Kathy Young • 5 years ago

Your marketing strategy to win yourself business by saying that good companies with great products are scams is very shady. I am surprised anyone would want to pay you money for any of your services. Pure Haven Essentials is the finest company with certifications that are very tough to get to prove it. I have used their products since Inception so have my family friends and loyal customers and I have never had one complaint. I'm sure intelligent people can see right through you. Our products have an empty container guarantee and all ingredients are plainly listed and must be so as they are checked carefully. You do not get the type of certifications we get without being a very transparent company. You should be ashamed of yourself.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Kathy Young,
There are many companies which get such certificate but still get legal problems. The most famous one is Herba Life. If you want to find out the complaints against the products of Pure Haven Essentials, then instead of searching complaints in the name of Pure Haven Essentials, search with its previous name AVA Anderson, then you can find tons of complaints, reports and so on. You blame us that we said some companies are bad when they are good just to promote our own companies. For your kind information, we don't have our self owned companies, but there are several online work companies which we have listed as good companies even we are not affiliated with them or promoting them. More than that, if we say Pure Haven is a good company and promote it, then we can make more money than showing its bad sites and promoting another company from this review. After all our PureHaven Essential review is already in first page in Google. Any internet marketer knows the fact that if some positive reviews are in first page, then they can make good amount of money by promoting that company or product instead of providing negative review and promoting another company or product. More than that, if we don't want to make things transparent, then even we can delete your comment in first place instead of replying you here.

Kathy Young • 2 years ago

Not sure what country you are in, but perhaps you are not understanding English very well. This is a very sad site. I actually feel sorry for you. :(