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muhammad rafaqat • 5 years ago

Hello Sir My Name Is Muhammad Rafaqat And I am work online shotbux and neobux and also clicksens im read all your comment replied im impressed therefore im think that i ask from you that these sites fake or not plz tell me and twodollarclick plz tell
soory my english is not better

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Muhammad,
Shotbux and TwodollarClick are scam sites, stay aways from them. However, Neobux and Clixsense are paying but also we don't recommend either of them and you can find the reason within our detailed review on these two sites by clicking the respective links as below:-
Clixsense:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
Neobux:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Rendall • 6 years ago

What about CreatInv. com sir?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Rendall,
CreatInv. com have hide their identity when they registered their website so that no one can identify who is the owner and from where they belong. Only those website register privately in online work industry who have intention of scam. More than that, their business model is totally a scam nature. So, we don't recommend anyone to work in this company.

Rendall • 6 years ago

Thank you sir for the good information. (Thumb up!)

News Online Income • 6 years ago

You are welcome Rendall.

Rendall • 6 years ago

Sir, I got one question. Is My traffic value/paidverts suitable as a lifetime investment ? Im asking because I have a plan to invest more in MTV/PV.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Rendall,
You can find our detail review on Paidverts and MTV by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
After read our detail review on Paidverts, you can decide by yourself that how much it is worth to invest.
However, Paidverts/MTV is definitely not a platform to plan for your lifetime income. If you want to earn full time income by doing online work for your lifetime, then we suggest you to join our No.1 recommended company in which you will not only earn but will learn all aspects of online work and become expert in any kind of online work and will start to earn real income online by doing real work. You can find the detail review of this No.1 Online Work Company and the link to join it by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Rendall • 6 years ago

Thanks for your support sir,

News Online Income • 6 years ago


Chattha Prime • 6 years ago

Can you please tell me about 2captcha and protypers. Are these scam or not?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Chattha,
There are already lots of complaints from members of Protypers and 2Captcha for suspending their account, deducting their account balance etc. The reason to suspend account is typing incorrect Captcha. Ok, we also believe that if someone accuracy is less than 90%, if someone type more than 100 wrong Captchas in 1000 Captchas, then that is Ok to suspend them. But, we found that they even suspending those users who have type 3 mistake Captchas in 60,000 total Captcha. That is really not worthy.
More than that in Protypers, they have put the picture of another legit company and according to copyright law of that company, that is not legal. None of legit company will copy picture from other's company. Only scammer will don't care about those kind of things.
If we gather all reports from past, then till now there is not even a single Captcha typing company which turn to be legit. Even some of them are paying, then also there is always many kind of issues and complaints from members.
Although, these companies are paying till date, but also it is about your luck that you will get payment or not because have high chance to get suspend or even have high chance they close their sites before you cash out your earnings. So, now it is upto you to decide whether or not you want to work in these companies.



News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Nishan Kumar,
Thanks for sharing information about Eightclix. com within our website.
Ya, we also think Eightclick .com won't last long because they open new site CLIXLOG. COM just to cover the debt of Eightclix. Ya, Eightclix is already in debt and they are following the old strategy to cover that debt by opening new site known as Clixlog .com but this failed strategy within history of PTC industry which many sites had been tried in past but instead of coming out of debt, they lose more and at last close all of their sites without paying to their members.
Please feel free to share your view towards any kind of online work companies within our website.
We love to hear from you.

serendipityc • 6 years ago

My personally thought about Probux:
- not paying until 2/3 months;
- sister ptc (Fusebux and Zapbux) scammed;
- but Probux is still running with a not original PtcEvo script.

And if they are waiting for a lot fo member stopped own clicks, so balance turned 0... and after 2 or 3 other months, start to pay again?

Sorry for my english :), but I hope U understood!

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Seren,
Thanks for giving your opnion about Probux and supporting our article.
But, we don't think they will start to pay ever again. Even if they do, they will again stop it when lots of members start to invest again.
But, by observing the history of Probux's owner, we think that he will not start to pay again, because after stop paying in Onbux and Upbux, he just close those sites.
We think that the only reason he again open this site is to make himself safe from the paypal queries. He want to save himself from disputes.
Anyway, whatever, Probux is scam and this owner will never stop scamming people.
Thanks once again for supporting our review on Probux.

Ahmad Khusnul Hakiim • 6 years ago

yeah.. thanks for that info..
actually i have got my money and time for building my probux account.. and now that probux is down.. -_-
so, thanks for your information :)
youre really kind person

(sorry got bad english)

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Ahmad,

Thanks for giving us such a nice feedback.

We are sorry for your loss in Probux.
And about English no need to say sorry because our English also not up to the mark.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries related with Online Work.

We are happy to help you.

Lucia Marino • 6 years ago


News Online Income • 6 years ago

Siamo spiacenti, non abbiamo capito correttamente la lingua. Ma anche noi cerchiamo di tradurre con Google.

Siamo consapevoli che si desidera segnalare Probux di Polizia. Ma pensiamo polizia non può fare nulla perché truffa la gente in modo molto intelligente e anche lì non c'è alcuna legge che può arrestare qualcuno per barare su interent perché barare su interent non è specifico paese, è in tutto il mondo.

Ecco perché apriamo il nostro sito web in modo che almeno possiamo salvare le persone dalle truffe. Almeno stiamo cercando di mettere in guardia la gente circa cattive compagnie, per quanto possibile.

Grazie per il tuo commento e feedback.

shajahan • 6 years ago

what about neatclix??? is it scam /..

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Shajahan,
Thanks for contacting us.
Neatclix is the sister site of 88bux.
We do not recommended any one to work in both sites because they put totally fake Whois information in both sites. (Whois means the data including address of founder of website). We can say they put fake address because the address of both sites didn't match with each other even they are sister sites. Address of Neatclix is register in France where as 88bux is resgister in China.
Another bad point of Neatclix is that it is very new company to judge and it is open just to handle the debt of 88bux.
Ya! 88bux is already having financial problem and just to overcome it, they open Neatclix. In history of PTC industries, many open new site just to overcome the debt of previous site but at last both sites become in big debt and closed.

shajahan • 6 years ago

hai friend, i have another scam site called peoplebux. com .it is a scam and now it shows suspended account..

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Shajahan,
Sorry for the late response.
Actually, this comment was marked as spam by our system. So, it takes too long time for us to check each and every spam messages and filter out the good ones.
About peoplebux, it is already suspended and before suspended, the site was on sale and there are lots more things which can easily point it out as a scam website. So, it is better not to work in Peoplebux.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any more queries. We are happy to help you.

Deidre Salcido • 6 years ago

I never heard of any of these companies; however, I will just remember that if a company ends in "BUX" it is probably related and I will stay away! Thanks for sharing!

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Deidre Salcido,
Thanks for your comment.

Sudhir Kumar Gupta • 6 years ago

Is oneworldbux, ptcircle is scam or legit?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Sudhir,
Oneworldbux and PTCcircle both are paying but paying selectively and their business model is not sustainable and there are other many bad points about them. So, in short, they both are SCAM.

AmandaS • 6 years ago

Great info! Keeps a person on their toes to know that scammers could have more than 1 site out there waiting for their next victim! It is nerve racking to know that there are so many scams, but love your site and thanks for the information!

Keep the scams unveiled :)

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Amanda,
Thanks for liking our post and giving such a nice feedback.
Yep! we will try to unveiled more scam websites as much as we can.