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Liliane Santos • 5 years ago

Ive been using the app for a few months and never had problems, I even got paid twice but last week I met all of my goals ans submited them like I always do but not only they didnt add them but they took $30 from my bank account. Ive sent several request but no one is answering. Usually it takes less than 24h but I still havent heard anything from this people in more than a week so I opened a dispute on Paypal hoping not only to get my $30 back but to prevent more thefs. This people should learn from Stepbet, no problems connecting to other apps like Fitbit and 0 complains about money issues

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Liliane,
Yep their support is very bad, always take lots of time to reply, but after they check the email, they have always solved the problem of people whose balance has been cut mistakenly. More than that, due to easter holidays, these days their support become more slower. Anyway, you have already open dispute in Paypal, so let us know the result.

J V • 5 years ago

Hi, I completed my 7 day pact, however I want to delete the app. How do I make sure that they don't charge my PayPal by mistake?

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear JV,
In order to make sure that they don't charge your PayPal further, first of all cancel the recurring payments and make pre approved payment inactive within your PayPal account which is in the name of PactApp and then send email to Pact App team informing them you want to cancel the membership. It may take upto 1 week for them to reply your message. But once they view your message, they will cancel your subscription. However, if you already make pre approved payment inactive and cancel recurring payments within your Paypal, they can't bill you further. After doing that, informing them is more good. Before you get reply from them or make sure you are not billing further, don't delete the app.
Good Luck!

Ian Wesley Cissi • 5 years ago

I have been trying to contact customer support for over a week now. I was hospitalized and got charged $200. I sent them the necessary documentation. I haven't heard much back from them. I would like a refund

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Ian,
Extremely sorry for such a late reply. It is because our site has been hacked recently and we got busy on that stuff.
About PacApp, it is like a gambling platform, but with lower risk than gambling because like in your case when you get hospitalized all of sudden and can't inform the company to cancel subscription, then they will keep on billing you till you inform them. Once you inform them, it may take around 1 week for them to see your message and cancel your subscription. About all these things, they have already mentioned within their TOS. So, we don't think you can get refund because if they keep on refunding like that, then all members when they can't complete the pact, they can make any stories. But, since you said you have documents, may be they will see those and will try to verify for which sure they need some time. If they can verify your document, may be you will get refund, otherwise you can only request to cancel your subscription to stop further billing.
Good Luck!

Li Belinha • 5 years ago

I've been using the app for a while and I think it's a huge scam. They have no problem taking your money if you miss your goal or in my case just by "mistake" but I've been trying to cash out my rewards for more than a week and they have come up with all kind of excuses. I've contacted support several times but so far I haven't got 1 cent. SCAM!!!!

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Li Belinha,
Till date we didn't find any complaints for not getting paid from PactApp. However, we agree that their customer service is terrible. Members don't get reply even for more than 1 week in urgent cases as well. Actually, after we got your comment, we did more research and still didn't find any complaints for not getting paid, yep but we got some complaints for delaying in payment. So, we don't understand why you didn't get paid by them. About cutting money, when you did not fulfill task, that is completely OK because that is what all about this app is. But, when you said you didn't get paid by them after the cashout request, then we are really surprised to see that. However, it is already 11 days you have comment here. So, till date did your problem get solve or not? If yes, then please reply this comment and let us know. If No, then also please reply us with details what they tell you when you contact them for your payment. This will really help our visitors to know more truth about Pact App.