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Watona RoBards • 4 years ago

Are you saying anyone who invested in One coin has losr all their money in One Life?

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep Watona,
We are saying that. But, many members of OneCoin still don't know that they have already lose their money in OneCoin because they are still holding the tokens thinking the price will rise up more which won't. It always takes 2-3 years for people to realized that they have been scammed from these kinds of companies

Timix A Thomas • 4 years ago

Are you certain about this ? I read that onecoin is a ponzi scheme. Today, I came to know that my gym instructor just bought 20 Onecoins for INR 700 each ($10.7). I told him that onecoin is scam and you will probably lose your money

He was so adamant to accept that its a scam and he thinks he is going to make millions in few years. Onecoin guys really brainwashed him well

Ladine Kienne Tesico • 4 years ago

my friend too.. she was been brainwashed. I had invested a little amount under her and I know that I lost my money already.. but she got mad and says it wasn't true..she had invested a lot of money..pathetic

Ben Elmalem • 4 years ago


News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yes, OneLife is a scam.