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Philip • 4 years ago

Hi News Online Income,

I was doing some research on MMM Nigeria and found your article. I did not know they set up fake accounts and then take money in that fashion - very clever - very corrupt.

I read somewhere that Mavrodi's members, when MMM collapsed in Russia during Boris Yelsins Presidency, many suicides occurred and many threatened to set themselves on fire due to losing so much money. MMM is probably the cruelest ponzi/pyramid scheme I have ever seen due to the after effects.

Mavrodi even tried to run for Russian Presidency, and with some political maneuvering, they were able to halt his political rise to power. Incredible history in this scam and all of it based on lies.

Mavrodi, due to far too much negative exposure online and elsewhere, set up NNN Nigeria!! Ug! How, when we know his ID down to a tee - how is he still walking a round a free man? I am confused on this point.

Thank you once again News Online Income! I know this article is going to save many people from being scammed.