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Phil Normand • 4 years ago

Another reason I wouldn't recommend is due to loss of Paypal and Payza, we're force using Neteller and skrill.

Those pay processors are all international, including not being US/CAN friendly as Paypal do and mostly used for gambbling!
A good suggestion is to replace those processors with the ones that doesn't uses gambling at all like payoneer and google wallet!
I sincerely hope the admin can fix this ASAP

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yes Phil,
After PayPal turns down all PTC sites, it is now hard to find the good amount of referrals in PTC sites due to which now it becames more difficult to make a good income. On top of that, Payza is also having legal issues now.

On the other hand, Neobux itself is also not doing good. It is selling mostly inactive referrals and making people lose money from rented referrals. Even it is hard to make around $10 a month from Neobux. So, even if it ables to put good payment options, then also still we don't recommend it.

Mehdi Gharajeh Asl • 4 years ago

After being in neobux for 5 years straight and being a fan , from this year i totally warning u that neobux is going scam , thry are still paying but u lose money eveyday by low robat avgs , i have 15k rr and i get an avg of 0.4 which is too low of my break even avg

Totally be away from this site

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Yep, that is what exactly we are saying about Neobux.

guna • 4 years ago

I am a Neobux ultimate member since August 2016 with 4349 n RRs I was getting good average of about 0.7 with at least 2600 clicks everyday. But from last week of November 2017 click rate of RRs dropped suddenly from 0.7 to 0.1 with daily 400 to 500 clicks. I tried all strategies to increase click rate but of no use. I requesting you to please tell any solution to sort it out.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

This happens with everyone. There is no solution for it. That is why we don't recommend Neobux.

NKL • 4 years ago

how come u last 4 years and say Ur not earning 100$ a year, in the 1st place u quited already due to not earning even 100$ a year so why stay 4 year to quit, nonsense right? if u didn't earn in the 1st year why bother continuing for 4 years.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear NKL,
We are a research company. So, working for 4 years is nothing. Even we are still working in Neobux after not recommending it because we need to keep on testing the sites that we do the reviews in order to find out the latest updates on those sites. Our username in Neobux is "Srajde" if you wanna take a look.
Our this Neobux review is in first page in Google, so you can think yourself how much traffic we can get from this review only. If you had checked our this review before, you would have found the referral link of Neobux here. So, we made many referrals just from this review within Neobux and keep on testing either we can earn more money or not. But, the problem is those referrals keep on getting inactive after some months when they realize they can't earn enough from their own clicks. So, we test every possible way, by renting referrals, by making direct referrals, none of those works. Renting referrals even is a worse idea because instead of making money, even we lose money from there and yep, we tried many kinds of strategy to see if rented referrals work or not, but it doesn't. So, to test these everything and trying to make money from this company, we wasted our 4 years and then stop promoting it, but still working in it just to make our account active to find out the latest updates.

SMMR • 4 years ago

Whenever I search for good PTC sites, results suggest me Neobux. Is any stable Legit trusted PTC site is available from where 30-60$ can be cash out per month, spending 1-2 hrs per day?

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear SMMR,
There are not any legit PTC sites from where you can earn $30 to $60 cash every month on regular basis without any referrals. And if you rent referrals, in most of those you will lose money. If you make direct referrals, they will become inactive after some days or months when they realize they can't earn good money from those PTC sites.

Draganov141087 • 4 years ago

What about rented referrals policy ..."Rented referrals have a return policy. If, within 14 days one of your rented referrals does not click any advertisement, you will automatically get your referral exchanged with no additional charge and for unlimited times. This exchange policy is only for rented referrals and they will only be replaced when new ones are available. Rented referrals are distributed based on an activity rule but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave afterwards. Letting a referral expire will have a small fee ranging from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership/pack."

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Draganov,
Yep they replace the rented referrals automatically, but once again you will get another inactive referrals and how many times you replace them, most of time you won't even make the amount which you need to pay every month to keep those referrals. So, at the end majority of members lose the money by renting referrals in Neobux than earning from it.

lucy • 5 years ago

i am getting perverted spam mail from this website and i am tired of it.

Ariana <nuynyrp@ivuogxxpj.neobux.com> 12:21 PM (5 hours ago)

to me

Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters. Learn moreHi, kittydale001

there, Do we know Each other?

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Lucy,
We don't understand you clearly. Who is sending you spam email? Do you mean you are getting spam email from this email address:-nuynyrp@ivuogxxpj.neobux.com and want to stop it? If so, then may be that is from your sponsor, means the person under which you join the Neobux. In that case, just reply to that email and tell him/her not to send you email anymore or just mark that email as spam so that you will never get that email in your inbox or if you never want that person send you email, then you can simply block his/her email address within the settings of your email provider.

Joya Mishe • 5 years ago

hello! I'm still new member, can I ask? what is TOS.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Joya,
TOS means the Terms of Service, means the rules and regulations of the respective companies.

Mircea Stefan • 5 years ago

I invested more than 2000 USD and lost more than 1000 in the end. I extended all of the rented referrals for 240 days and even used more sophisticated strategies to profit but it really is ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCAMS on the internet.

Even as an Ultimate member, you are still going to lose most of the sum invested because you have to pay the membership fee every year and nothing guarantees the behaviour of its rented referrals.

I have proof that this happened, I would not say this without a good reason. IT IS A BIG SCAM! All of the Neobux investors are either liars or financially injured PERIOD

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Mircea,
That is what exactly what we have mentioned within "Drawbacks of Neobux" caption as above within our Neobux review. It is never a good idea to rent referrals in Neobux. But since new people doesn't know about it, they end up wasting more money than earning from there. Yep we agree, renting referrals is kind of scam in Neobux, so as in every PTC sites. If you want to earn real from PTC sites, then you should forget about renting referrals and only should focus on making direct referrals. That is the key of success in PTC sites, otherwise you will always end up loosing money in renting referrals.

Mark in China • 6 years ago

Dear Admin

I would like to talk about Neobux. I tried to withdraw the money but their system gave me an error and then I sent an email to support and they asked me to try 7 days later. Then I decided to try 10 days later but I got the same error. At Neobux I invested $20 just to see how far I can work with it. I rented 50 referrers and I noticed that at the beginning there were clicks from them and exactly as you said a few days laters the clicks went up quickly, probably to encourage me to rent more, but I didn't. What do you think?

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Mark,
You are our one of the regular visitors. So, you should read our detail review on each company before investing money into any site. We have clearly mentioned in our review as above that renting in Neobux have high chance to loose money than getting profit from it. So, better you only focus on making direct referrals here. You can find the detail strategy to make direct referrals in Neobux or any other online work companies by clicking here:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
About payment, that is weird. Neobux is paying everyone instantly. We are surprise to know why you are not getting your payment. So, for that you can contact their support again.

javeria amjad • 6 years ago

dear admin im new here and every time i completes a survey it ends with saying no more surveys and in the end i earn nothing. pleas help...

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Javeria,
Aforementioned in our review, those tasks, surveys are not from Neobux themselves, but from the advertisers. So, some of the advertisers are scammer and even don't credit after work has been done properly. However, in your case, it seems those surveys are not targeted for your region. Most of time surveys are targeted for Western Countries than Eastern ones. So, if you are not from Western country, then better you focus only on clicking ads and making direct referrals. You can find the detail strategy to make direct referrals by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Mark in China • 6 years ago

Dear Admin,

I just became your downline on Neobux. I will follow your tips as I did with the other ones I joined.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

OK, that is good Mark.
Let's us know if you need any guide or help from our side. However, most of things about each sites we have explained within a particular review of respective sites. More than that, if you need any help from our side, please always feel free to contact us.
Good Luck!

Mark in China • 6 years ago

Dear Admin, Why you rated Neobux 71 out of 100?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Mark,
We provide 71 for Neobux because it is paying on time from 2008 and those who are clicking honestly and making direct referrals are earning good income from this site. However, those who have rented referrals in Neobux, almost 90% of them lost their money. So, considering these both pros and cons, we provided Neobux only 71 out of 100. However, our ratings can be change if site improve or making more issues in the future or other competitive sites improve them.

Mohamed Et Thabyty • 6 years ago

I am a member of this site for more than 4 years, it has invested more than $ 500 and did not win him a net profit.
problem is not the one who in the Strategic, but there is something
wrong in the system who do you deal with the accounts of subscribers.
So that it can be said to steal it in a smart way, and planning to serve for your interest only.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Mohamed,
If you had invested in rented referrals, then it is obvious that there is high chance to lose money with Neobux unless you keep on investing to recycle referrals until you find the active ones which strategy also too much risky and costly. That is why we have warned people not to invest in rented referrals within Neobux already within our review as above. However, instead of investing in rented referrals, if we focus to use same money to get direct referrals, and do the task and offers, then we can make good earnings from Neobux.

DIPANKAR MAITY • 6 years ago

sir, i confused your opinion(sorry for)-when neobux is a bastard,so, any people join this site!! how to get direct referrals??

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Dipankar,
We are not saying Neobux is bastard. Instead we have listed it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. We are only saying its rented referrals are not good and avoid that section and instead of that, invest in advertisements to get direct referrals and we have also provided the detail strategy about how to get direct referrals within Neobux as above within our review. So, please refer there.

Ryan Christian • 6 years ago

I never said they do not PAY what I am saying is that the referrals are fake and mathematically I have proven it. I found a pattern that once a rr hits 24-28 all of the sudden they just STOP 80% of the time... 4 our of 5 like clockwork...so out of the HUNDEREDS of rr I had..they all behave in predictable patterns....i can prove it. I can buy 20 rr. and TELL YOU with almost 100% accuracy how many click I will get over the next 5 days. 12 will click for 3 days in a row of those 12 6 will click for 6 days in a row...the other 8 will either (4 wont click....4 will click every other day) ..but as soon as the "good" ones hit 24-28 clicks then most wont click for 2 days, then click 1 day then skip 4 days ..then stop all together....FORCING you to recycle them and buy MORE rr.s If the rr were real then YES we would make money, I tried this system 4 times and followed EVERY rule and EVERY expert opinion and unless you become a golden memmber and do A LOT OF extra tasks, it is not possible to make money... I would bet if those who HAVE made money ...look at what you spent and if you are not golden members, you have not made more then a dollar or 2

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Ryan,
You are absolutely right. That is what we are saying. In our review as above on Neobux, we have clearly stated that Neobux is good to work only if we can make lots of direct referrals. But we have suggested people not to rent referrals in Neobux. Even those who are Golden Member, for them also it is very hard to earn from rented referrals in Neobux because they also have to recycle, buy new and invest much more in order to get good active referrals. So, in our opinion it is better to use that money to advertise referral link of Neobux and focus to make direct referrals. That will be more profitable.

elvis fernandez • 6 years ago

admin what is the use of points in neobux? how can i see my earned points?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Elvis,
Those points in Neobux can be used for:-
1. Upgrade to Golden membership (Golden Membership: 30000 NeoPoints = 1 year Golden Membership)
2. Recycle and/or extend rented referrals
3. Increase the number of direct referrals limit (500 NeoPoints = Increase the limit by 1 direct referral)
You can earn those points by completing following things within Neobux:-
1. Viewing advertisements (You will earn 1 Point for each advertisement)
2. Completing Point offers
3. You can also win points at AdPrize
You can see your earned points within your Account section of Neobux by clicking your username on the top of Neobux page.
For more details on Neobux, please follow our review on Neobux as above.

ravi lawrence • 6 years ago

News Online Income
One +1 vote for your work,
NeoBux is good site and if you want to why i'm saying that then wait for next day I'll post Proof and my state,
This is not copy of other reviews that's my personal experience
rw Thank you to for support NeoBux

News Online Income • 6 years ago

You are welcome Ravi Lawrence.
We are glad to know that you are enjoying your journey within Neobux.

rw • 6 years ago

I got more than 10 000 rr, and 230dr and have NEVER been cheated with Neobux, they have always paid me on time. I dont understand why people even try joining other PTC sites, Neobux have everything you need and pay instantly, just follow the ToS. ;-)

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep, Neobux is paying instantly to everyone from years. That is why we have listed it within our legit sites list which you can find by clicking "Good and Trusted Online Works" on the right hand side menu of our website.

muhammad ameen • 6 years ago

i have got 19 DR but they were not work regularly like RR. so i want to ask you how can i increase income on neobux

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Muhammad,
It is not easy to get active direct referrals in Neobux. It takes lots of investment to do advertisement as well as time to get enough number of active direct referrals (DR). However, it is so sad to say that rented referrals (RR) in Neobux are not active and it is difficult to get DR as well. But the only way to succeed is DR. If you don't want to invest in advertisements in order to get DR as we have mentioned in our review as above, then it is better you stop working in Neobux or use it as a platform only to do advertisements of other sites to get referrals in those sites as advertising in Neobux is very good if you want get referrals in other PTC sites. If you don't want to work in Neobux anymore, then you can choose other online work companies as listed within our legit sites list which you can find by clicking "Good and Trusted Online Works" on the right hand side menu of our website.

Ryan Christian • 6 years ago

This is an ACTUAL conversation I had with a neobux support person who refused to address my simple questions.... does this look like a legitimate conversation to you??? If YOU at your job spoke to someone as I was just spoken to...would you get fired..READ THIS!! I have been trying to talk to someon for a few days..anyone there
Call accepted by operator Klaus C..Klaus C.:
Here I am...
Klaus C.:
( You can always send a support ticket if Live support isn't online )
Ryan Christian:
ok, let me ramble a bit please. Please dont get mad...im ..the...guy..who types like...this. OK this is my 4th time ad FINAl trying neobux. I click 30+ adds a day yet on my graph it says 5-8 everyday..why? Alos, why does EVERy rented referall click 4 clicks everytime. This happened to me last time and thats why i gave up. I did the math on tis and the odd of 100 people ALL clicking only 4 clicks..well i have a MUCH better chance winning the powerbal. Also, I have clicked thousdsands of adprizes...never got mroe the 25 cents ot points...is the golden still a prize??
Klaus C.:
Klaus C.:
Members get clicks/ads as follows:

Membership type: minimum number of advertisements per day
(they reset at ad reset time; displayed (as your local time) on your "View Advertisements" page)

Standard: 4
Golden: 9
Emerald: 10
Sapphire: 10
Platinum: 12
Diamond: 12
Ultimate: 15

There may be extra ads during the day, but that depends entirely on advertisers.
Klaus C.:
Then the click rates: Ad click rates on the Help page (and on every ad of your own you click): http://www. neobux. com/m/a/
Ryan Christian:
so not ONE rented refferal of mine in 4 tried has every clicked more then 4??? Who does that? Who clicks a few ads then walks away everyday
Klaus C.:
So, 4 creditable clicks would be typical.
Klaus C.:
There are members who click one ad per day only, to fulfill Terms of Service 3.7.
Klaus C.:
Very few bother with much extra ads in the long run.
Ryan Christian:
ok, really? every single rented refferal I have ever had...never ever ever ever clicks more then 4??? out of a page of 30ish ..4 every single time.... If you saw that onmy owned website,,,would you beleive it? I just cant wrap my head around this.
Klaus C.:
OK, you can or can't...
Klaus C.:
Then, regarding your own clicking:
Klaus C.:
Your clicks graph "Your advertisement clicks" (in your account) gives you a handy visual of your Terms of Service 3.7 compliance - clicks on server time count.

Server time = the server's local time = US Eastern; displayed on the View Advertisements page: http://www. neobux. com/m/v/
Klaus C.:
Again: click rates.
Ryan Christian:
cannot... I just dont see this as something every single human being would do every single time for a time frame of 3 -4 years....remember this is my 4th and final attempt to make money and im tracking this is GREAT detail
Ryan Christian:
ok ill read that
Ryan Christian:
I clicked it...sent me to my ad page
Klaus C.:
Track all you want...
Klaus C.:
"I click 30+ adds a day yet on my graph it says 5-8 everyday..why?" - explained.
Klaus C.:
Then, AdPrize: AdPrize is about luck (a free lottery with fair odds) => Good Luck!
Ryan Christian:
you have 30 ads or so on the page every single day...ad for 4 different attmpets every referral I have clicked 4 ads every single time they went on... that around 300-400 people in total for a time total over a year... really? I had directreferrals and they clicked...12.....18...23.... it varied every single time...never ever ever was it 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .
Ryan Christian:
and is golden membership still a prize and if so what are the ods?
Ryan Christian:
Klaus C.:
Golden is still a prize. Nothing has changed since Admin published these:
Klaus C.:
All about AdPrize:

http://www. neobux. com/forum/?/3/245764/Introducing-AdPrize/

http://www. neobux. com/forum/?/3/248474/AdPrize-Enhanced/

http://www. neobux. com/forum/?/3/254917/AdPrize-Yet-another-enhancement/

http://www. neobux. com/forum/?/3/246525/AdPrize-got-better-for-advertisers/

http://www. neobux. com/forum/?/3/265948/AdPrize-has-reached-a-milestone/
Klaus C.:
Feel free to send a support ticket regarding further conspiracy theories
Ryan Christian:
So this implies one of 2 things 1) that evert rented referral clicks 4 click across the board (which sorry, nothing can make that so 2) they are not human and if i remember 1 year ago, neobux offerd now way to prove that the referrals wqere in fact human and displayed no variation in click rates OTHER then skipping days or 3) they are human but there is a cut off on what you can see ...so the MAX is set at 4....
Ryan Christian:
ah..dissmissed as consiracy.... well, thats answers everything, Thank you for your professionalisum
Ryan Christian:
Klaus C.:
"professionalisum" indeed
Ryan Christian:
I am simply asking questions using logic. Asking how humans could all do the exact same thing for years and you get rude and say this is a conspiracy. Why?
Klaus C.:
This described you well right from the start:
"Please dont get mad...im ..the...guy..who types like...this. OK this is my 4th time ad FINAl trying neobux. I click 30+ adds a day yet on my graph it says 5-8 everyday..why? Alos"
Ryan Christian:
It doesn't seem you have interest in truly addressing this.. Just more of the :if you don tlike it, tough." all because Im asking how every human clicks only 4 with no variation. Is there a limit? A click cut-off? is it because Imnot a golden member? Will my rented refs show MORE then 4 if I become golden?
Klaus C.:
"My graph" => You don't even know the site basics, but theories you have...
Ryan Christian:
so now you are insulting me because I am saying that I am giving this another shot???
Klaus C.:
I don't do conspiracy theorists, especially those who can't even type properly.

Ryan Christian:
and poor
Ryan Christian:
Im asking you a question which you are not addressing. Will my reneted referrals ever show variation? Will it change if I pay $90 to become a goldden member? Ad...it is not a therory to state that their is no variation in my rented clicks...its not a guess, its a fact.
Klaus C.:
Poor indeed. Anyway, that's enough. I have work to do.

Klaus C. has left the conversation

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Ryan,
Thanks for sharing your experience in Neobux with us. Yep, we know their support team is rude and about it we have clearly mentioned within "Drawbacks of Neobux" caption as above within our review on Neobux.

Detlef Schrempf • 6 years ago

NeoBux is indeed a scam. This is coming from a guy who was an ultimate user there, and has invested over $2000 there. But it's a clever scam, it's subtle, and this is why people fail to see it.

When you first start renting referrals, NeoBux assigns you
active users who click with high averages in order to encourage you to take the
website seriously and invest more money. When you commit to it, you'll see your
average severely dropping.

After a thousand or so referrals most or even all all the
referrals you rent are inactive users that serve no purpose but to make you
lose money.

Basically the average is everything, and since it can never
go beyond 1 with a large number of referrals, say 4000, you'll never really
earn anything significant, and all what you're doing is just putting more money
in NeoBux owners hand for them to use it to earn themselves more money then
repay you a worthless amount to them when you request payment.

Believe it or not, ultimate membership is pointless. You can
actually make more profit with a gold membership with the same average. This is
because whatever you think you're saving from being ultimate, you're paying
every year in $890 ultimate fee.

If you're gold and you have 4000 referrals, you'd actually
need to recycle over 12,700 referrals, in order for that -0.03 discount you'd
get from recycling to be worth it. Divide $890/0.07 to get that number.

If you have 4000 referrals and you renew for 240 days,
ultimate membership only saves you $84 every 8 months, meanwhile you have to
pay another $890 by the end of the year.

If you have more than 1750 referrals and your average is 1,
then the best case scenario for you to have positive profit using 240-day
renewal is to have an average higher than 0.56 this number comes from dividing
$0.168/($0.3*average) which the ratio between how much you pay for each
referral per month over how much money each referral brings you per month multiplied
by the monthly average of referrals. For an average of 1, any average below
that 0.56 means you're losing money daily. The lower your average, the smaller
the denominator becomes, the higher this threshold becomes. And since
inevitably your average will drop, you'll start to have a smaller and smaller
profit margin until it very quickly becomes not worth your time.

I currently have 1443 referrals and my average is 0.75
maximum despite recycling properly and carefully for a long time. Five months
ago I lost faith in NeoBux and left. Back then I had 2300 referrals and my
average was around the same number.

If this is too long for you to read, just remember the
following three lines,

You can profit more with gold membership than with ultimate

You can never ever have an average of 1 with 4000 referrals.

rate*discount/($0.3*average) is the only formula that
matters. Through it you can see what is the threshold average that determines
how much you're really profiting or losing.
Note: The instant I posted this on the forums, It was
deleted and I was banned from forums because my thread was “prejudicial”.

Di Franco Enrico • 6 years ago

I think U've not understood that PTC sites are not able to give a mounthly income in order stay alive without work! those are just a different kind of games or social network.I'm Neobux member since this januar,before to spent money in,I was reading forums like this and I can say tha 50% are talking about scam and 50% very happy for.
The only way to live with ptc sides is:
- have at list 5/6 ptc sites at the same time (100 usd/mounth is 500 usd)
- don't invest alot for max 100 usd
- be patient and click alot,if evereybody click everyday the whole ADS the avarege grow up
-don't buy alot of refferral but sign with colours the best/middle and bad avarage one;renew the best one for other 30 days (not more) and recycle the worst one.
Be sure that you cam earn max 2/300 usd per mounth nothing more.
So just be patient and use those PTC'S as a playground able to give you a small income nothing else! good luck and click alot is the secret ciao enrico

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Di Franco,
Well said, yep we agree with your lots of points, but don't agree about managing rented referrals. We are in Neobux from 5 years and now we have find out that how much we try, we can't get good amount of active rented referrals. Even we manage active referrals, after some days again they will become inactive, so we should be very calculative and keep on investing to to buy more rented referrals form time to time which is very difficult and time consuming and costly. So, we recommend everyone to focus on direct referrals than rented referrals because using same amount of money, we can get direct referrals by advertising the referral link of Neobux in other PTC sites. We have explained about it in detail within this page:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
As per our research, we have found that more than 90% members failed to earn from rented referrals in Neobux. At starting you will feel good, but in long run you will know it is very hard to earn from rented referrals in Neobux.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Detlef Schrempf,
Thank you for sharing your experience in Neobux within our website. It will help other a lot.
Yep, you are right about rented referrals problem in Neobux as well as forum strict rules. We have already mentioned about these issue within "Drawbacks of Neobux" caption as above within our review on Neobux. We have also suggest people to focus only on direct referrals than using that money to buy rented referrals and also have provided the detail strategy to get direct referrals in Neobux.
However, we can't say it is scam because scam companies are those which don't pay their members and who don't notify the risk of investment in their program. If you read TOS of Neobux, they have clearly mentioned that they can't guarantee about the average of rented referrals. So, if we focus on direct referrals and do all tasks, offers and daily work within Neobux, then sure it is legit company because it is paying from many years.

Nguyễn Nghị • 6 years ago

About neobux, they aren't scam because they always win when you invest there. Stats in forum is a place for ultimate member to show there big profit, of course beacause they are rich and invest average 2000$ or more. And golden member? 95% golden member lost there money as me, the rest 5% have to find there profit via minijob, but need long time to get level 1 in minijob to get 2-3$/day and the money from minijob comes from Crowdflower, a company who affiliates with neobux but not neobux.
I have invested 130$ to upgrade golden member, the AVG in first day is high (about 1,5) but after that, it decreases dramatically, about 0,4 when I write this comment). And when I want to let my RR expire, I have to pay 0,04$ for each RR expired. Now, you can see the the fact at Neobux? They want you recycle RR with cost 0,07$ (to get an other inactive RR) instead of let them expire to save your capital. They always says that they can't control the AVG but I have to say you that EVERY PTC SITE can adjust the AVG of their members, the matter is or less. I see many members who are faithful to neobux and can you know the profit they earned? 200$ for 4 years on neobux!! Those are the lucky and patient people but in fact, almost all get lost. The great profit turn into pocket of greedy fuc*** admin and some ultimate members. If you dont have at least 2000$ to upgrade ultimate and got 1000 RR and extend them 240 days, don't waste time to invest at neobux because you are surely going to lost your money.
If you have less than 200$, there are many sites you can invest as Grandbux or Useclix,....
If you don't trust my advice, go to neobux forum and see AVG of golden member. It always lower than BEF. And when you ask moderator for help and why AVG of RR decrease when you upgrade from standard to golden (YES, the AVG of standard member is high, about 1,3 but when you upgrade to golden, it goes down immediately inspite of the same RR), they will say you should monitor your RR's behavior and chose the active ones, they have even a software written by member to record RR' click history. You have to add data to it EVERY DAY at 12 o'clock to monitor your RR. It's ridiculous when you want to create your passive income and now you have to spend 2 or 3 hours per day to add data, monitor your RR and make decision recycle inactive one or not. You can find a nice part-time job in real world with the same amount of time.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Nguyễn Nghị,
About RR problem in Neobux, we had already mentioned in detail within our "Drawbacks of Neobux" caption as above within our review. We also suggest everyone not to invest in RR in Neobux and instead use that money to get direct referrals from advertisements. In that way everyone can make benefit. You are right. Only ultimate members can make benefit from RR in Neobux and that is also only if they work hard to filter active RR.
However, we don't agree with you for suggesting Useclix and Grandbux because these both sites are new and yet to be prove. In the past there were many sites like Useclix and Grandbux which keep on paying to their members upto 1 year and all of sudden close down without paying to their members. The best examples for those kind of sites are PTCsolution, Probux, Nerdbux etc. More than that, Grandbux had already scammed some big investors by suspending their account without a valid reason and not letting them to cashout and making them lose their investment. They did that around 6 months before at the time when they were in debt. So, if they can do it one time, then they can do it again. So, it is better to stay away from site like Grandbux. About Useclix, when we investigate their so called office address, it comes to be the address of house on sale. So, if some company can lie about their real address, how can we believe them.
However instead of these companies, there are many "Good and Trusted Online Works" from which we can earn good income and detail about them you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
We have also listed new paying sites within our "Promising Online Works" section which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

Nguyễn Nghị • 6 years ago

I know grandbux has a dept in the past but now they have changed. They have a very active support team online almost 24/24 to help us. Many members have invested here and have profit, some of them are my friend and they have withdrawed over 400$ from investment 100$ or 4000$ from investment 1000$. What makes me feel interesting at Grandbux is you can make profit with only 100$. I know there are always risk in PTC world but we have to accept it because risk and investment always go together. Neobux is the most trusted site and you know what? There are many golden member here work as a slaver to make profit for admin and ultimate member. A PTC site is not a PTC when you can't make profit for their member even when they have upgraded and invested 130$. Use this money to get DR is a waste because your DR will find no reason to stay on a PTC site that members have to spend at least 2000$ to get ultimate member and extend all RR 240 days to make profit. Minijob is a choice but you work at least 3 months with 3h/day for 0,4$ before you can reach higher level to make more, and the minijob is very rare for new member with level 0.
About useclix, I agree they were new because they have launched since March 2015. But like Gandbux, my friends and I also have profit here from i 120-250$ we have invested. The AVG is higher than BEF a little (0,93 and 0,78) guaranteed you can make profit with premium account (with the same cost of golden member on neobux). I can't predict the future but now is the best moment to invest in Useclix because Useclix is like a version of Neobux with higher AVG. Now we don't need extend RR 240 days to make profit but in the future, when they have more and more members, they can decrease the AVG from 0,93 to 0,7, or even less to stabilize the site. But now with the AVG 0,93 and BEF for premium 0,74, I think Useclix is really promised for the next 6 months.
When I invested at neobux 2 months ago, your rate for it is 83/100 and now it down to 79/100. You don't do that without any reason, aren't you?
Anyway, thank you for your opinion, waiting your reponse with pleasure. :))

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Nguyễn Nghị,
Yep, you got it right and actually we had already mentioned about these RR issues of Neobux within our review as above. So, we both are saying same thing. However, people can earn in Neobux by making direct referrals because at least it is trusted PTC which have long history. So, if we start to make direct referrals here, at least we can earn in future. But about sties like Useclix and Grandbux, there is not guarantee about it. One has hide their location and another has already betrayed lots of members. As you had already agreed that Grandbux was in debt some months before and that time they cheat many members. That time who had invest, they lose their money because they just suspended their account. Yep, you invest in right time, so you make money from Grandbux. But, think about those members who had invested in Grandbux that time and get suspended their account. If that happen to you, how you feel? Will you still suggest to join Grandbux?
Anyway, you can suggest anything through one comment and it is very easy for you. But, we have to think 10 times before suggesting sites to anyone because if something happen, we will lose our reputation and our sites is popular only due to our trusted reviews. And if you think it is good to take risk in PTC industry, then there is far more better site than Useclix and Grandbux from where you can earn massive income very easily if you can take risk. One of them is Traffic Monsoon. If you can take risk investing in Useclix and Grandbux, then it is better you take risk to invest in Traffic Monsoon. You can find our detail review on Traffic Monsoon and link to join it by clicking this link:-
Yep, recently we have decreased our rating on Neobux because we have find more good sites than Neobux which deserve more rating than it. You can find the list of those legit sites by clicking "Good and Trusted Online Works" section on the right hand side menu of our website.