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Piumal Ranasinghe • 2 years ago
News Online Income • 2 years ago

Dear Piumal Ranasinghe,
We know that it is paying to new members but not the old members. The old members have already lost their money and still, it hasn't refund them their own investment, the profit is far away thing. So, it can do the same thing once again in the future with new investors as well. Better you be careful with the Merchant Shares.

Piumal Ranasinghe • 2 years ago
Piumal Ranasinghe • 2 years ago

i think now its is different they pay now

News Online Income • 2 years ago

Nope it's not because it's business model is still not legal and it hasn't refund any money that it has steal from the previous investors.

Pieter Streicher • 3 years ago

I have reported Merchant Shares to the FBI internet Fraud section and the IC3. According to the spokesperson, they have already received hundreds of complains about Merchant Shares. Their reply was basically: It is out of their jurisdiction and can not do much. They don't investigate complains under $5000. But it is not all lost. She said the more complains they received the bigger the change that it will catch the eye of the investigators. She encourage all that have been scammed by Merchant Shares to loge a complain. Please if you have been scammed by Merchant shares lodge a complain and report them to the IC3

Pieter Streicher • 3 years ago

Merchant Shares is a big scam!! Watch out. I bought 2 ad packs in Jan 2017. watch my ads everyday and Sept 2017 when I was suppose to withdraw my profit my account was suddenly suspended. I raised a ticket at support and for 2 months no reply, they just close the ticked without replying. Still struggling, got a message this morning I must continue watching ads without any profit as they will decide in 2018 when or if they will pay back the profit. If you have ever seen scammers, this is it.

Cary Suffian • 3 years ago

Yep. They have become full life scum suckers. They tried to convince everyone one how much they loved their customers; To now telling me, they don't care if I report them as they noted I was the idiot all along they carefully pointed out.

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Yep Cary,
MerchantShares has now already turned into scam. They are not paying to any of their previous members, only paying to few new ones who join after they convert their site to revenue sharing advertising platform and that is also just to make them believe so that they can scam more money from them. Better stay away from MerchantShares.

Marco Pozzi • 3 years ago

They blocked my account and nobody in helpdesk answer to questions. Very strange way to make business...avoid to invest !

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Yep Marco,
Merchant Shares is now completely turned into scam. So, better everyone stay away from this site.

wam • 3 years ago

merchant share is scaming now as they are not ready to enable the withdraw...you can invest but you can't withdraw ...from last 3-4 months they are changing there statement and giving commitment every week or 15 days..there department is working hard..from last 4 months.but still issue hasn't fixed...
if you ask questions ,they will block you...
Date Latest News
4th Jun, 2017
02:22 PM Delay on Support Ticket
We are working very hard to reply as much as possible.
We are developing a system that will help to auto stop frauds in the system.
Expected to finish 2 days. Then we can even un-suspend the members account even they are not verified.
System have been changed to new one and have some problems in programming too.
Also Neteller have said they will released fund and try to work again by signing agreement with new team.
For your information the new team is running the company after it changed to Advertising system who have been working with payment methods to get it on board.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
24th May, 2017
03:04 PM Need your help to resolve suspended issue
We need your information that you have in your account in Merchant Shares account to resolve the suspended issue.
As soon as you reply ticket, it will be queued to get resolved earliest possible time. If you are having some confusion to send some information, we always have live chat agents. They will assist you, but remember, suspended issue won't be resolved in live chat, and tickets won't be processed via live chat agents too, so please don't ask timeframe for them. Tickets will be resolved according they queued into our system.
Replying ticket more than one time before our staff reply will cause significant delay on your ticket reply as it will processed in queue based on last updated ticket reply.
Please answer the ticket with required information to avoid delay.####

they leave a note in 15 days...and then hide ...

I really stuck...have a lot of profit but useless..can't withdraw ...

last new was to fix in 2 days but they again make us chitia

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Yep Wam,
Merchant Shares is now turned into complete scam. It is not paying at all.

Delight • 4 years ago

Weldone Sir. Please can you give us a review of https://shareholder. company. Thank you.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Delight,
As you can see in our review on Merchant Shares as above that we never ever recommend anyone HYIP companies like Shareholder. company. We don't mean it is not paying at the moment. Every HYIP companies keep on paying at starting, but the problem of these kind of program is its sustainability. Most of these kind of programs operate in Ponzi Scheme, means paying old members form the money of new members, but some companies like Merchant Shares claims to pay by making real profit. However only they knows either they are really sharing real profit or just operating as Ponzi Scheme. But, may be companies like MerchantShares which are sustaining from very long time are really paying using real profit. But, still we can't guarantee it. That is the reason we always list even the good HYIP like MerchantShares only in our Promising Online Works section, but never in Good and Trusted Online Works section. Means, you can make money from HYIP companies, but there is risk to lose as well. On top of that comparing Shareholder. company with Merchant Shares, there is more risk to invest in Shareholder. company considering the rate they are paying, their business model and the number of investors involve with. However, at the moment Shareholder company is also paying. So, it is completely upto you whether you want to take a risk or not. However, at least we will suggest you never to invest the amount more than you can afford to lose in any HYIP.
Good Luck!