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Abir Najim • 5 years ago

Bro thnx for your Valuable reviews as all the time, I am looking for some help on 2 facts, is Bitverts scam really??
and another most important part for me is, how I can earn as Voice over or Voice artist from the online, and what is the link or some description plz, and note that, I am from BD. So what would I prefer on that platform?? thnx once again.

Devon • 5 years ago

Dear Abir,
Bitverts is paying till date but we don't recommend any ad viewing sites because the earnings you can make from these kinds of sites is very low and on top of that, most of these kinds of sites always turned into scam after running for some years. So, we don't recommend Bitverts.
If you want to do the voice-over job and if your voice is good, then you can post your skill in Fiverr. Then who need to do the voice over job, they will contact you. You can also contact other members inside Fiverr who are selling animation video service. They often need people to do the voice over job. So, the best place for you is Fiverr. com

Joshianne Jimenez • 5 years ago

i just fill up right now can you pleade help me how to cancel it? 😔😢

Devon • 5 years ago

There is no way to cancel the information that you provide to any scammer. However, if you have provided them your payment processor details or credit card details, then change the password of your payment processor and put the most secure one, add the security layer to your payment processor and contact your bank or credit card company to save your credit card money.

Komolafe Alex • 6 years ago

Tnx alot its good i read dis text. I would have fall victim because i got the iphone X alert scam.

Devon • 5 years ago

You are welcome :)

Samson • 6 years ago

Megaebook is a big scam I have fall a victim, if they didn't refund me my money am going to fast and pray for them, they will die one after the order.

Devon • 5 years ago

Dear Samson,
We don't think they will refund your money because they are a scam.

James Wesley Hunt • 6 years ago

Cheating is the doing here!

Devon • 5 years ago

Yes, you are right.

Samyak • 5 years ago

Is iPhone x getting at the price of 1 dollar is also scam

Devon • 5 years ago

Yes Samyak,
The iPhone X getting at the price of 1 dollar is definitely a scam. Actually, we have already mentioned about it within our Megaebook review as above.