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Drakkenmensch • 3 years ago

GAMISS IS A SCAM. They sent me child-sized clothing labelled x-large and not even Visa will refund me because there is ZERO AVENUES FOR RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. Phone line is disconnected, no email, no address, broken online form.


News Online Income • 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing us your experience with Gamiss.

Camille DuBois • 3 years ago

ive been contemplating buying a super cute dress, i went and did all my measurements, been researching their site, etc. Nervous, but gonna order. I'll update once the package arrives! Or after reading this... "if"

News Online Income • 3 years ago

That is great. Let us know what you get after your package arrives or even if that arrives or not.

Ashley Beeman • 3 years ago

So sad, They have a lot of products I like, but not gonna waste my time and money on them. I've seen reviews here and FB that they're a scam. can't all be wrong. At least I was warned before making the mistake of buying from them.

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Yep, there is a large volume of complaints against Gamiss, so definitely company is not doing well.

Willem Maas • 3 years ago

I was actually just checking around the site, was really excited by the cool looking hoodies. Then I started to notice that prices were incredibly low for some things that should be much more expensive, that they were out of a lot of sizes for everything and that just about everything was 'on sale' with a time clock of just a few days ticking down. I'm happy I got suspicious and landed here before ordering a bunch of stuff.

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Dear Willem,
We are happy to know that you find our Gamiss review useful.

LegalEquality Consultants • 3 years ago

they unexpectedly grew enormously internationally and this caused problems. They fixed a lot of it now and are still improving. I also thought I was scammed after ordering november 2017 and then reading all the negative online reviews. I was scared, but all for nothing. GAMISS HANDLED EVERYTHING PEFECTLY -responded to every question I had within 24 hours, suggested alternative solutions for out-of-order-items, and refunded anything I've paid if no solution is possible. They also put up online conversion tables for right measurement (ofcourse you will have to measure yourself).
People nagging about quality should be ashamed of themselves - you order the items soooo cheap at GAMISS, but expect high-end Paris quality??? Give me a break. I have ordered expensive clothes too, and some I could throw out after one spin in the washer too, so than G-St*r, K*yichi, and several other brands should also not be allowed to do business anymore??

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Dear LegalEquality,
Yep, we agree that we should not expect to get good quality at low price, but everyone will expect to get the quality as they have shown in their website and also the on-time delivery which Gamiss is failed to provide. However, if they are improving, then that is great, let's see.

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

BS. insider post, fake and gay

LegalEquality Consultants • 3 years ago

LMAO I can see why you would say that. But I'm not an insider - I am actually, as you may have read, just as much a sucker as yourself; ordering without reading reviews. I also wanted to cancel my order directly, but PayPal could not find anything wrong with the transaction, so would not take any action. As I figured my CC would do the same, as I was not actually ripped off yet, "just" scared by reviews AFTER ordering. They would laugh at me for being that foolish. Anywayz, so I waited and send Gasmiss a warning e-mail better not to rip me off as then I would need to take proper action and involve my CC. They answered directly, very correct. And in the same way all through the proces, untill my order could not be completed because of out-of-stock-items. They refunded all my money, on their own account, did not have to do anything. So. I cannot give them anything but credit. Moreover, I also commented on my cancelled order and my inability to comment on any quality. But duh, anyone sees the prices of Gamiss and that is why us greedy asses order there. But do'nt expect high-fashion quality in advance - maybe your lucky and it is quality, but more probable it is not and you cannot compleint about that after paying so little for it. Cheers mate!

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

No, sir. I did not order anything. I saw an advertisement, then I was on this page within 5 minutes.

LegalEquality Consultants • 3 years ago

Well, miss, I owe you an apology then for the assumption that you were part of the large group that ordered without research. As mentioned, I did that too. But it all worked out excellent. That is why I have to give Gamiss the benefit of the doubt regarding their above mentioned statement about exponentional growth and the issues that came along with that. Because it is a very plausible explanation on itself. BTW, I am also a miss, not a sir :), also not gay as you suggested (not very pc lol), and definitely not fake. I hope I have been able to reassure you about that in the meantime.

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

You've never heard the internet say 'fake and gay'. It's a quick response to a staged video or a bad photoshop hack job. I wasn't implicating your sexual proclivities. You write like a soulless robot, and that's why I'll still call bullshit on your preposterous claims of, 'it all worked out in the end.'. People are getting scammed left and right. See ya later, alligator. (I know you are not an actual alligator, it's just a saying. I mean, how could an alligator afford a computer, or internet service, even? It would be so hard to use a touch screen to type into this forum with those big claws and leathery, scaly skin.)

Don Alder • 3 years ago

I ordered 6 shirts from Gamiss and basically throwing it all out, worst stuff ive ever seen. They shouldnt be allowed to do business

News Online Income • 3 years ago

Dear Don,
Thanks for sharing us your experience with Gamiss.

1010100 • 3 years ago

LOL, Wealthy Affiliate is your number 1 recommended site? They're basically a ripoff as well. They don't tell you about how they nag you to pay for their service after a trial. I can do the exact same thing without giving WA any of my commission by starting my own site and advertising more than a cougar on ladies' night.

News Online Income • 3 years ago

What is wrong with paying a membership fee and for your kind information, they do tell you that you need to pay for the membership in order to learn everything provided by Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Even within our WA review we have clearly mentioned that you have to pay the membership fee in order to work with WA which you can find by clicking this link:- https://www.newsonlineincom...
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1010100 • 2 years ago

Every WA drone hypes it up without mentioning to their blind fanbase that it's a trial. People just want you to pay them without just doing Patreon and be more honest.

News Online Income • 2 years ago

Dear Anon,
Check the home page of Wealthy Affiliate which you can find before signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. They have clearly mentioned that free membership is a trial membership to see yourself either the system works or not. If you like the system, you can pay for premium membership, otherwise, no one will force you to pay for premium membership. On the other hand, the free membership will provide you with 10 basic lessons to learn about internet marketing and also provides you the platform to make 2 websites free of cost with full SEO plugins and hosting. So, if you already have SEO knowledge, then even without paying a premium membership fee, you can create two free websites in your own subject of interest and make money from that. So, where is rip off there? Everything is transparent before joining WA.

Lovely Romando • 3 years ago

I was going to order but stopped when my PayPal log in was redirected to what looked like a sham site.

News Online Income • 2 years ago

What that means? Can you explain more?

Jeff Ross • 3 years ago


1010100 • 3 years ago

That's why you should research before ordering on sketchy sites. The internet's been out for how long?

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

yep, I saw an ad 5 minutes ago, and I'm here now. BUH BYE gamiss.

Mia Borges • 3 years ago

Whelp that's depressing, today I ordered a jacked for 24$ and 20$ shipping, so 44$ bucks total. It was like 50% off. I was so excited to get it, but now I'm hearing the quality is awful and they take forever. UGHH, like I'm glad I didn't spend too much on their site, but now I'm feeling like I wasted my money

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

Next time you'll do a google search. BUT, concerning the $20 shipping, you agreed, and paid the money! No sympathy haha!

Potter • 3 years ago

did you get anything? was it worth it?

irvinewebguy • 3 years ago

Waited nearly 2 months to receive my order and they sent the wrong items. I contacted customer service again and was told it would be 3 DAYS before someone would be able to address my issue. All in all, this is the most inept company I have ever bought anything from. Avoid them like a plague.

Eyewitness • 3 years ago

Hi Folks,
Hardly 15 mins back I ordered worth ~$163.95 CAD (Order Number: R1712020907007897) without reading the reviews and feedback about GAMISS from real customers on its eCommerce website. Thanks buddies for your feedback and review. I do not want to waste my time and money in resolving bad quality products sent to me eventually by GAMISS.

So I am with my credit card company on phone with its customer service to stop payment by my credit card.

I am really thankful to this web site as well as some of the customers who had been cheated.

In future I will certainly first look at the reviews by past customers about a eMerchandising company before placing any order.

sonofnothing • 3 years ago

Read reviews AFTER I spent $165. Now they have your info, too. smh.

1010100 • 3 years ago

So you're admitting that you don't do your homework before handing over sensitive information and paying over $100. I didn't know there are actually people in this world who are this oblivious.

Sergio • 3 years ago

I bought a jacket, a jersey, a ring and a bracelet. Only the ring was “decent”...

The quality of all these products can only be described with adjectives such as horrible, unacceptable or ridiculous: even taking into account the prices offered.

The jacket, which was supposed to be a M size, was quite smaller than its size and the material looked more to plastic than leather. In addition, there was a surprising and not announced shipping fee of…23 euros! The jacket came with the bracelet (plastic one, poor quality) and the ring (the only decent product, even if I haven’t checked the material it is made of).

The jersey came some weeks later. Fortunately, I did not have to pay shipping fee, but the disappointment was exactly the same: poor quality of the material, too small for being a M size, wrinkled pockets, ridiculous buttons…as I said before, unacceptable: the worst quality ever seen.

Definitely, the products as announced on their website look one thing but reality is quite different. It has been my worst experience by far buying products on the Internet. I think I am going to leave these clothes for charity; even I have got the impression that the people who are going to take them will realize about the lack of quality of them. I wish I had checked opinions and reviews before buying: I assume my guilt.

Don Alder • 3 years ago

I ordered a bunch of shirts, they arrived sadly their 2XL size wont even fit a male child. Avoid this company how these companies get away with this shit just shows how out of control things are in the world.

Tj Donnelly • 3 years ago

grrrr.....I just knew it was too good to be true...well damn!!!!! I ordered a few things and today I got a confirmation that the order was shipped but they can't provide a tracking # and then I read further that I may be liable for custom charges.....screw that I won't accept the damn thing.....had a feeling it was gonna be China :(. my fault for not looking it up