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Rick Foothill Wagner • 5 years ago

FAP is a total scam. Avoid anything to do with this firm or its owners.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Thanks for providing update. Actually we were busy in other project and didn't notice that there has been lots of changes in FortAdPays. Even they have already stopped paying revenue shares. They put limit in withdraw amount. Yep we totally agree now no one should work in FortAdPays. Thanks for update. We will update about it pretty soon.

Mark in China • 6 years ago

Dear Admin,

I would like to know how you rate this website Fort Ad Pays and if they accept Paypal. I joined Clixten through your banner but I found out that they don't have Paypal payment option.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Mark,
We rate all revenue sharing sites like FortAdPays as risky sites. If they have Paypal, we will more downgrade them as having Paypal with revenue sharing sites are more risky. We have explained in detail about the risk involve to work in revenue sharing sites within this page:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
Clixten don't have Paypal anymore, but site is good and already more than 3 years old and still paying on time. So, even they don't have Paypal, no need to care much more about it.

fariha azim • 6 years ago

Dear Rajde,

Thanks for great review about FAP.Considering this site i have few questions.I choose adpack plan-5 where 10$ share 130%return and if i invest 50$ for 5$ each adpack ,what will be my daily earning?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Fariha,
Revenue Sharing sites never declare after how many days you can get your total ROI back with profit because they share more revenue when there have more sales and less when have less sales. So, we can't guarantee you how much daily earnings you will have. At the moment who have purchased $10 adpacks, they are earning back $0.2 per day ($0.1 in withdrawal balance and $0.1 in re-purchase balance). But we can't guarantee the revenue sharing will be in the same manner in future as well. It can be up or less in coming future. And also read our detail review on FortAdPays as above in order to understand the risk involve to invest in it.
Best of Luck!!!