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Ashik Ahmed • 7 years ago

Normally when i can get more cash link at edentraffic as free member ? Have they same amount of ads & value as trafficmonsoon ?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Ashik,
There are not so much cashlinks available in EdenTraffic lately. However, you can expect more cashlinks at 0.00 to 5.00 am server time. Compare with TM, EdenTraffic have very less amount of cashlinks these days.

Rum • 7 years ago

i have same question as Fariha

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Rum,
We have already replied to Fariha and as you have mentioned, your queries on EdenTraffic is same as Fariha, so you can refer our reply to her as below.
Best of Luck!!!

fariha azim • 7 years ago

Dear Rajde,

Would you please tell me current daily earning average per 5$ad pack in EdenTraffic?Like if invest 50$ where buy 10 adpack each 5$ then what will be my daily average income? waiting for your response.Thanks.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Fariha,
As we have replied you in our ForAdPays review section, here applies same. Revenue Sharing sites never declare after how many days you can get your total ROI back with profit because they share more revenue when there have more sales and less when there have less sales. So, we can't guarantee you how much daily earnings you will have. At the moment people are getting their total ROI back in around 55 to 65 days. But we can't guarantee it will remain in the same ratio. And we also suggest you to read our detail review on EdenTraffic word by word as above in order to understand the risk involve to invest in it.
Best of Luck!!!