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Mugdho niloy • 4 years ago

How to withdraw money..............fourdollarsclick...............Please help me?

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Mugdho,
You can't withdraw money from FourDollarClick because that is a scam site. For our detail review on FourDollarClick, please click this link:- https://www.newsonlineincom...

TheBluntTruth • 4 years ago

I invested severally into Cryptodaily. io trusting the registration Certificate and the Address in Uk. They were paying initially but for the past two to three days they put all withdrawal on pending.
You can not even Chat a any more with anybody. It is really suspicious.

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear TheBluntTruth,
Like we have mentioned in our review as above, it is not surprise to see that CryptoDaily is turning into scam because it is a Ponzi scheme which illegal and unsustainable business, where lots of members will lose money at the end. And that UK Companies House registration is also nothing, that can't stop anyone from scamming people, about that we have already explained in detail within our Cryptodaily review as above. So, we are very sorry for your loss. However, sometime some Ponzi schemes again start to pay some few members if they decide to lure investment of more people. So, if that happens, just keep on withdrawing. Otherwise, after they will completely stop paying anytime.