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Yeh Panganiban • 7 years ago

Coinexpro disappeared just like that after 1 week of me joining them. I invested $300 after a week the website is not accessible. It seems too good to be true because they promised 10% daily and compounded interest. My friends and I put in money but it disappeared with our money and the rest of the people. Richmond Berks is another company that just disappeared, they said they have been in business since 2008 and they invest in real estate but after 2 weeks of joining them in May they just disappeared like coinexpro. MMM returns claims a different excuse, the guy Sergio was saying the admin person or partner stole all the bitcoins, they disappeared first week of May. I am now very careful where I invest, hard lesson learned.

Devon • 7 years ago

Dear Yeh Panganiban,
That is why we have warned people not to invest in Coinexpro. We have also warned people against RichMond Berks and MMM Returns which you can find by clicking the respective links as below:-
1. RichMondBerks:- https://www.newsonlineincom...
2. MMMReturns:- https://www.newsonlineincom...

Jagdeep singh • 7 years ago

www. myrevolutiontraffic. com
https:// serra-invest. com
https://lucremaker. com
https://www. playbit. biz
Legal or not
Plzzz give some details about these sites

Devon • 7 years ago

Sorry for late reply.

It is because you post full links of 4 sites within same comment due to which our system mark your comment as a spam and send it to our spam folder. Sorry once again.

We don't recommend any of these companies because:-

1. My Revolution Traffic is not a sustainable revenue sharing site. It offers upto 150% return on Adpacks which is not sustainable rate to cover by any advertising revenue sharing site of this kind. Even those which offered less than 125%, most of them didn't survive for long run. So, sharing 150% is already short cut way to make the life of site very short.

2. Serra Invest, Lucre Maker and Play Bit are illegal companies, complete Ponzi schemes which can't be sustain for long run and will stop paying soon and will be shutdown. So, stay away from them.

Denis 38 • 7 years ago


Devon • 7 years ago

Yep Denis,
It seems now Coinexpro has turned into scam like we have guessed and warned people within our Coinexpro review as above.

Tang Van Lanh • 7 years ago

Thank you, but no problem, I also understand for that so I do not lose much money, very small, I just warned everyone that now Coinex Pro is scam

Devon • 7 years ago

That is good to know Tang :)

Tang Van Lanh • 7 years ago

CoinexPro. com scam, do not pay

Devon • 7 years ago

Yep Tang Van Lanh,
We know this day will come when Coinexpro will stop paying. That is why we warned people not to invest money in Coinexpro through our review. But, those who didn't listen to us and even argue with us, now they lose their money.

ahimd86 • 7 years ago

its scam. no reply from them. withdrawal is still in progress. able to withdraw only invested amount till yesterday. asking fresh deposit. yesterday deposited on blockchain it shows 52 conformation. but in coinexpro it shows waiting for 3 conformation. yesterday withdrawal which would be my first profit. but is still pending. so it possible to run away. be careful

Devon • 7 years ago

Yep Ahimd,
It seems now Coinexpro has turned into scam like we have guessed :)

Jony • 7 years ago

There is a problem with your post. You use "scam" posting and hook it to current popular "program" only to peddle your equally questionable plan. You are nothing more than one of the slime that feeds off of the sharks.

Devon • 7 years ago

OK Jony,
So now what do you say? Because it seems CoinexPro has already stop paying like we have warned in our review as above. Still do you think we are the slime that feeds off of the sharks?

balkrishanpal • 7 years ago


Devon • 7 years ago

Yep Balkrishanpal,
It seems now Coinexpro has turned into scam like we have mentioned within our Coinexpro review as above.