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Christopher Alvarez • 6 years ago

It seems like the odds go down as you get closer to the cashout limit. I left my computer mining a lot of spins, i ended up getting to .022 fairly quickly but it has quickly gone to where i wont win anything for 100s of spins. Reading the ToS it does say the odds will change

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear Christopher,
Thanks for sharing us your experience with BTCHeat.

Rajib Sarmah • 6 years ago

hii btcheat are not pay??!? please about

x- Roadkill • 6 years ago

not ok there... until 2 weeks payout was 0.03. today I reached it. AND NOW payout minimum is 0.035. so how many limit will raise? ater I reach 0.35 - it make 0.4 and ect ..... . https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Markus Arntzen • 6 years ago

When I started using this site today with 0 satoshi what so ever, it said minimun amount for withdrawal is 0.035 BTC so I think you were just unlucky there mate.
Have you reached the new limit and in case, have you recieved your BTC?

renvini.com • 6 years ago

what happent to you ? can you ayout?

anarss • 6 years ago

Hi RoadKill,
What happened. Do you can payout?

Andre Figueiredo • 6 years ago

Confirmed here. The site uses crypto-mining with no user consent.

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear Andre,
How can you confirm BTCHeat is using crypto-mining because they haven't provided any proof for that.

Cuanto lo Siento • 6 years ago

I bet btcheat earns some from the mining for spins also

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear Cuanto,
If you are sure that BTCHeat earns from spins, then can you please explain us with proof how it earns from the spins?

Cuanto lo Siento • 6 years ago

I get tons of popups when i spin, almost annoying with all thise ads.. Don't you?

Devon • 6 years ago

Those ads can be easily blocked by Adblocker, so they can't earn good revenue from that. Yep, they can make some money from that which is not enough to pay the good amount of money for the number of members they have.

CptSilva • 6 years ago

Do you know of anyone who has got paid or not paid? I'm asking this because of the statement you made about the high payout. Totally understandable, but we need to know if they are paying it or not.

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear CPTSilva,
Like this company only pays to few members only to show the payment proofs so that they can lure more people into their scheme. But nowadays you can find lots of complaints already from lots of members for not getting payment which proves they are now not paying the majority of members.

please beleive me i am not a memeber of btcheat please beleive me payment is received 0.030 not say btc heat scam i hack this site newsonlineincome warning for you please work hard for the site btc heat all people stupid

Devon • 6 years ago

Dear ij ananmyos gray,
We haven't denied BTC Heat is not paying. In our BTCHeat review, we have clearly mentioned that they are paying selectively, means paying to few members and not paying to others.

Rajib Sarmah • 6 years ago

hii btcheat pay??? about please quickly

Sharvind Maharajh • 6 years ago

Hi All
I am on the site spinning currently i am on 0.01826222 so I will continue to the withdrawal threshold and advise soon if payment is made

Aldrene San • 6 years ago

hi have you made payout with btcheat ?

Jihan • 6 years ago

Do you manage to payout?