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deep kumar • 4 years ago

Is this company still paying or got scammed??

News Online Income • 4 years ago

Dear Deep,
BitcoFarm is making every member difficult to withdraw cash and even suspending accounts of many members without giving a valid reason. So definitely it doesn't want to pay any more, means it is a scam.

Guest • 5 years ago
News Online Income • 5 years ago

Yep Lalo,
That is what we are saying. Bitcofarm is not a good company.

Machmud Achmad • 5 years ago

bitcofarm. com, Scam

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Yep Machmud,
That is what we are saying. Bitcofarm is not a good company.

Hk Ricrado • 5 years ago

Your bitcofarm site totally scam.BCZ of high withdraw

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear HK,
We didn't say BitcoFarm is a scam, but we only say it is an illegal company and unsustainable business which can turn into scam in future because they can't sustain for long run. Actually it is a Ponzi scheme. So, the main reason for not recommending Bitco Farm is not their high rate of return, but their unsustainable and unclear business model and owner details.

Supermitica • 5 years ago

In reality, someone told me that: if you buy a cow it will be rent only for 10 days at that price. After 10 days, you will kept the cow but it won't produce anymore milk. If you want it to produce milk, you have to spend an amount which is a "bit" lower than the first one you payed, and you will rent it for other 10 days.

I don't remember the membership he had, maybe with the golden one you will have a little "bit" of "discount" and can rent it for 30 days at time.

Anyway you can even make 3 milion dollars with this site, if you didn't deposit enough money to get the ROI % that covers this withdraw, you won't get that amount of money in your pocket.

So for that, i don't think it is a Ponzi scheme. But i think of course that website is a ptc that doesn't show things clear, because from the "profit calculator" of the website you will see a really big profit that in reality you will not have with such lower deposit. Of course this is made to attract investors.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Supermitica,
Sorry for such a late reply. It is because we didn't get your comment's notification within our inbox due to the system error. Sorry once again.
The cow and milk is just a drama to cover up their real business model which is Ponzi scheme about which we have explained in detail within our BitcoFarm review as above. We have already explained there why it is a Ponzi scheme. More than that, it is not the new kind of business. There were already many similar kinds of sites in the past which has been already turned into scam which proves that this business model is not sustainable.