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Sebastian Bayona • 5 years ago

lol they are out of bussiness already

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Yep Sebastian,
Some sites even don't give time to check them properly and soon turned into scam like Adiphy :)

raven celestial • 5 years ago

they are not paying bro https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
they are not going to pay you if you just rate articles,
but i think they are paying people who recruits more people to go in their website through affiliate because their main source of income is coming from advertisement,

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Dear Raven Celestial,
Thanks for providing additional information on Adiphy with proofs. Yep, we are also testing it by ourself. But, like you said, we have also found out many complaints from its members for not getting payment and also real payment proofs from some members in same time. So, like you said, they may be paying selectively. May be paying to those who can recruit and not paying to those who can't.

陳進益 • 5 years ago

I have joined the,me want help You guys Test Web site.

News Online Income • 5 years ago

Thank you very much, let's test it together. But it seems it is very hard to reach the cashout limit soon and remember, it is not sure they will pay or not, so test it only if you have enough time. Otherwise we don't want to waste your time for us.
Thank you once again.