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lucy • 5 years ago

hi,why am l trying to join wealth affiliate and am being told to pay $49 USD.You said its free??? am wondering

Boniface Ifeanyi • 5 years ago

Why is my country not listed in WA registration

Samuel Mteleke • 5 years ago

Hey, what about BITCLUB ADVANTAGE is it good to use?

daretodream • 6 years ago

Hello News Online Income! I am from India. Adfly site link is not working rather. Yesterday I created an account with Adfly and now today I cant open the site.
What should I do, I downloaded Cyberghost but its not free I think it asks for upgrade.
Okay another query is that I want to join WealthyAffiliate but dont have skils to promote. I think promoting is tough. Can I work and earn from WealthyAffiliate ?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Daretodream,
Sorry for such a late reply.
Cyberghost is free, you need to upgrade only for fast speed. Otherwise there is still option to use free. However, there are also other free VPN available which you can find by searching "free best VPN" within Google Search page.
Sure, everyone can earn from Wealthy Affiliate. It is the platform where you can learn everything about online business like making referrals to any online work companies, making website in your own subject of interest and earn from it, expert ways to earn from companies like Amazon, eBay, Google AdSense etc. You can also earn from Wealthy Affiliates by making referrals there. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
Good Luck!

rocksg • 6 years ago

hey bro do not worry , I am also from india. You can connect with me for more details about WA.

Saddam Hossain • 6 years ago

If i will share Adf ly link in youtube, will it effect on my google adsense account?

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Saddam,
Google AdSense never like any other traffic generating sites like Adfly or PTC sites. So, if we are earning good from Google AdSense, we will not risk to put the link of Adfly in same video.

Bana M • 6 years ago

In this week I maked 20 dollar with this network. If u go viral on social media you can earn with this. My avarage cpm was 1 dollar but just because I have visitors from a small country in europe :D

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Bana,
Thanks a lot for providing testimonial on Adf Ly within our website and also providing some tips to succeed from this platform. Thank you.

dinartecastro • 6 years ago

Because I try cash out to solidtrust the admin blocking mi account..so I do everything to block hims money

dinartecastro • 6 years ago

I am try call PayPal for don't give the money back to trafficmonsson..because is scam ...

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Dear Dinarte,
You always come to the conclusion directly than finding solution first. Instead of calling Paypal, you should have contact support Facebook team of TrafficMonsoon. This is their support Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/gr...
Sometime blocking can happen due to system error, which have been always solved by TrafficMonsoon support team. Many members have already faced blocking problems, but most of time TrafficMonsoon have solved their problem after contacting them. So, try it first.
Good Luck!

Massage-directory • 7 years ago

I will definitely give it a try.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

OK. Let's us know if you need any help from our side.

satish • 7 years ago

by using adfly shortening urls links well i want to know what is the best sites that helps to make view to shorten urls please help me to make revenue

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Satish,
You can use any website to shorten the links. However, porn, weapon related and racist content websites are not allowed to use in Adfly. Besides that, you can use any website. For example, if you find some interesting pictures or videos or article in some website and want to share it with your friends through your Facebook or by any other means, then first of all shorten the link of that website page in Adfly and then share that shorten link which you get form Adfly. It simply works that way. We have explained in detail about the work procedure within Adfly Program Details caption as above. Please read that word by word as well.

Keshav Tibrewal • 7 years ago

hello admin i am not getiing the amount according to there payout rates they r giving less amount as mention in there payout rates even in unique clicks

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Keshav,
The clicks rate in Adfly depends upon from country to country. The rates which they are giving are the rates for the USA visitors and about that they have already mentioned there. If visitors are not from USA, then amount per click will be less and will be different for different countries.

Keshav Tibrewal • 7 years ago

hello sir does adfly also pay for raw or repaeted clicks done by same member on diferent days can you please tell in detail about click monetarization of adfly also plz tell what is thar raw click means shown in there payout rates

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Yep Keshav,
Adfly also pays for raw clicks (means repeated clicks done from same IP, same person). But, the amount they pay for raw clicks will be 60% less than what they pay for unique clicks. When same person (means same IP- internet connection) clicks adfly links for 5 times, that is consider as unique clicks. More than 5 times clicks from same IP will be consider as raw clicks. However, if after 24 hours if person from same IP again click that link, then again it will be count as unique clicks for 5 times.

Keshav Tibrewal • 7 years ago

hello sir as you tell in previous comments u have said that i can use adfly from india by instaling vpn software but ifor getting payment i have to add my indian payment proessor si it will bring isuue or not plz guide me in this case
sorry for bad english

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Keshav,
We don't think it will bring any issue because it is not the Adfly who block the Indian users, but it is India government who block the Adfly website due to their server and spam ads problems. So, it is related with spam ads, not with payment processor. So, we think you should be fine to withdraw money from Adfly. But, we are not from India, so for us it is hard to say anything. It is better you try to withdraw one time by yourself. By the way, we search in internet and find out that there are still many members from India earning and withdrawing money from Adfly. So, we think it should be fine.

shashi panda • 7 years ago

You told the wealthy Affiliate is free. But its told its not free in India.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Shashi,
Please read our review on Wealthy Affiliate word by word first, specially last paragraph by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
In this review, at last paragraph, we have clearly mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate is not free for only 7 countries which includes India too and except those 7 countries, it is free to join from all other countries, so we will obviously say it is free to join.

Sujan • 7 years ago

I try to open Adfly from India, but it not open.

So i want to know Adfly Is Blocked From India ? If It Blocked from India, can you tell me any other website Like Adfly

Can I Use shorten url to earn money In that website monetize with adsense ?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sujan,
Sorry to say, but it is true. Adfly is blocked from India and more than that there is not any other legit sites from which you can earn by shortening links. There are sites where you can shorten links, but you can't earn from that like you can earn in Adf.ly.
However, there is still one good news for you. You can still access Adfly from India and work in it. For that you have use VPN services. You can download VPN and install in your computer from this site:- http://www.cyberghostvpn.co...
You no need to buy this service, free service provided by this VPN is enough for you to work in Adfly.
Yep, you can post shorten URL in your website even it is monetize with AdSense. However, you can't direct traffic from other sites to your website using Adfly link, that may cause suspension in AdSense account sometime.

Asim Awan • 7 years ago

I have a question about adfly. As in TOS of Adsense. They have clearly mention that if you got traffic from PTC sites your adsense account would be blocked. Is this also apply for adfly.
If I share my sites post/pages url or urls of NOI after shortening through adfly and visitor come from those shortened link and remained on our site for a good enough time. Would those shortening effect on our sites ranking or adsense approval or it does not matter?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Asim,
Yep, it is not allowed to share Adf. ly link in any PTC sites.
Nope, it will not hurt ranking of the website, however, it may lead suspension of your AdSense account. However, if your content is not relevant as you describe while you posting your Adfly's link and if lots of visitors just leave the site when they landed on your site, then it may hurt your ranking as well. Always remember, in order to increase ranking, visitors must stay within your site at least for more than 30 seconds and it is always better if those visitors visited another page of your website.