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ohessyoucowboys • 1 year ago

They didn't make any "mistake."

They'll just change and rearrange the "facts," and the altered narrative will do the rest.

Lie often enough and it'll become the new "truth."

Goebbels knew it, and so do Democrats.

John in OK • 1 year ago

"We have always been at war with Eastasia."

Matthew Murphy • 1 year ago

Until they say it is Eurasia that we are at war with... nice

Newshound24 • 1 year ago

Democrats and leftists no longer have any shame in their hypocrisy. They glory and wallow in it. They love doing something one way, then doing the exact opposite tomorrow and practically daring people to point it out. They're shapeless, principle-less bags of mush that they'll squeeze into any shape, at any hour of any day, based on their own flighty whims. It's one of the reasons why liberal men think they can magically change into little girls and use women's bathrooms based on 'how they identify themselves' from moment to moment.

So don't expect ABC to show any embarrassment over this. Like the crazy guy on the corner with a sandwich board saying "THE END IS COMING ON". If the world doesn't end when he predicts, he just changes the date and goes on screaming.

Ohio Historian • 1 year ago

You could have left out the words "...in their hypocrisy" and your post would have been just as correct. Democrats have no shame because to have shame would mean that they know they are wrong. They are certain of their "knowledge of things that are not so" to quote RWR.

cupera2 • 1 year ago

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
― George Orwell, 1984

jfreed27 • 1 year ago

And so do the deniers.

BZ Arizona • 1 year ago

Luckily, we now have Climate Expert AOC on the job and Sandy says . . .

Founders1791 • 1 year ago

There's been only 41 Years of accurate 'primary' satellite data of planet earth that includes both land (29.1%) and oceans (70.1%).

59 years ago - 1960 Tiros-1, lasted 78 days
41 years ago - 1978 Tiros-N, 1st real tool
37 years ago - 1982 POES-N, 2nd real tool
10 years ago - 2009 NOAA-19, most recent

ENOUGH chicken little syndrome from these self important fools:

2000, EAnglia Dr.Viner, “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is”
2006, NASA Dr.Hansen, "We have a decade, at the most”
2006, Al Gore, "Within the next 10 years, the world will reach no return"
2008, Al Gore, “The entire North Polarized cap will disappear in 5 years"
2019, AOC, "World gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate"

Founders1791 • 1 year ago

Time Magazine - 1974 Jun 24
"Global Cooling Causes Circumpolar Vortex.."

Time Magazine - 2014 Jan 6
"Global Warming Causes Polar Vortex.."

Which ever way the winds blow.....

John in OK • 1 year ago

Liars gonna lie....

Malcom Tent • 1 year ago

As long as we know the U.S. was the cause of it each time it happened then - - what difference, at this point, does it make?

paul walker • 1 year ago

""It's always something - if it ain't one thing it's another." Roseanne Roseannadana

Malcom Tent • 1 year ago

Hey! WHO SAYS NYC isn't underwater? FOX News? Trump? You can bet that if Al Gore told us it would be underwater then it is. It's just a vast right-wing conspiracy telling you that it isn't. When's the last time YOU were actually in NYC? Huh? Yeah... I thought so.

MicaTM • 1 year ago

I was in New York last week and it was full of water at the end of the beach. -- AOC

Not Chicken Little • 1 year ago

Yep, the water comes right up to the shore now! It's Trump's fault!

Malcom Tent • 1 year ago

There ya go. We gotta stop that. We all gotta pay our fair share and stop farting and driving our cars and everything. NOW!!!

well99 • 1 year ago

Isn't he suppose to be the orifice of global warming?

TiranuSaurus • 1 year ago

Somebody at ABC made the horrific mistake of switching the Positive Pole with the Negative Pole, and now they can't figure out weather they're coming, or going.

ScienceABC123 • 1 year ago


Ol' Uncle Lar • 1 year ago

That's why semen is white and urine is yellow.

Rough Rider Returns • 1 year ago

Simply a case of ABC living up to "expectations."

John in OK • 1 year ago

Shouldn't that be "DOWN to expectations?"

Rough Rider Returns • 1 year ago

You are correct as usual, John.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

NYC was not underwater. A part of lower manhattan flooded just like every part of every coastal area has since forever.

To say New York City was underwater, sounds like all you could see was the last six floors of the Empire State Building sticking out over the waves; and it would still be that today.

And if the Jersey beaches vanished, then they could never be restored. You'd see seawalls where the beach used to be. Try to understand the difference between a beach being eroded and vanishing.

Grow up.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

It is apparant to me the more you realize how stupid you sound, the more hysterical you get.

I am looking over the Mississippi river at this moment.

(I am visiting St. Louis)

It has crested. It will recede and be back to normal in a few days.

Wow! That was a close one, right?

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

Was the college search for you?

Guest • 1 year ago
Texas Tin Man • 1 year ago

No, but you can see Buffalo from the observation deck of the CN Tower in Toronto.

MicaTM • 1 year ago

That's exactly where I am.
That is exactly what I'm talking about. The river will be down to normal in a few days. No biggie.

Clearly you think Buffalo NY is near the St. Louis Arch.


I am so done with you.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

I'm a loser AND and a cretin boy?

Get yourself together, man .

You really have to get over your boss replacing you with a cat.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

It's time to change the sand in your sandbox.

Enjoy your world.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

If you don't like oil, don't use it.
Problem solved.

Guest • 1 year ago
MicaTM • 1 year ago

I'm sure Lowe's still has a bag or two.

DanB_Tiffin • 1 year ago

HEY LIBERAL THIEVES! Are you keeping your air conditioning in your vehicle and in your residence OFF for the summer? You would if you believed! Whether in a vehicle or a home it requires power that takes some sort of fuel to generate! LOTS of power. So are you doing YOUR PART to cut down on "man-made whatever" like an honest person or do you (as usual) expect OTHERS to sacrifice fix your problem?
Mankind went without air conditioning for thousands of years! Are you doing your part by turning off your AC or are you a phony!?!

Dave • 1 year ago

NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015

LOL - I am still waiting for the next ice-age and the killer bees we were told back in the '70's were going to wipe us all out by the year 2000.

MicaTM • 1 year ago

You forgot where overpopulation would have us behaving like animals by eating our young.

Hey mom, dad; what's for dinner?

Texas Tin Man • 1 year ago

You mean, "Who's for dinner?"

MicaTM • 1 year ago

Yes, tonight it's Johnny cakes.
Are you ready, Johnny?

well99 • 1 year ago

I am still ticked off. With the Ice Age it would of saved me the trouble of buying a freezer.

Dave • 1 year ago

Yep, and you would be able to keep the beer cold on your back porch. :-)

John in OK • 1 year ago

"On June 12, 2008, correspondent Bob Woodruff revealed that the program"....was nothing but total fantasy masquerading as something worthy of your attention.

But then, that covers most of All Bull Crap's "specials!"

Cuba • 1 year ago

Thank God they were wrong, cause I would've been under water according to this propagandist.