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Bobby Santos • 2 months ago

Bugok ang utak ampaw na prez na ito...wala na ba ibang options itong lameduck prez kundi ang laglag balls nya? Sya lng nagsasabi ng giyera at sya lang dakdak ng dakdak...puro laway eh o baka meron syang utang na loob sa tsina? me sayad talaga..

pinoynga • 2 months ago

By the way, who's the wise guy telling him to go to war? As a Pinoy, I only wanted him to look after welfare of Pinoys and the Philippines. We could not even fight the NPAs . . . China pa? Hilo . . . wrong number sir!

Kultong Dutertards • 2 months ago

ICC & Trillanes will soon drag & throw DuTae in jail.... YEBA !!!


Aurora_Borealis • 2 months ago

nice pic. pwede.

johnny wang • 2 months ago

Hopefully he will not make the PH a part of China before his term is over

spyshadow • 2 months ago

I don't know why he keeps on insisting that going to war is his only option. Every time he opens his mouth "we cannot win against China or I will lose a lot of my soldiers" come out. What kind of excuse is that?

daniboy2012 • 2 months ago

...that scare tactics and he's a sell out f_uckk!!!

Sa pool • 2 months ago

Then maybe you can state for us the "options" that is there ,aside from going to war. Obviously the Hague award is really just a piece of paper since China doesn't recognize it...we may have the "moral" ownership of that islets and sea, but when in time does a "moral" becomes such a weapon? In History the so called "Moral" winners always ends up dead, often called a martyr or a hero.....much like our Katipuneros battling the Americans with "make-believe guns"
So please share with us the "options" that I think is HIGHLY sought out by a lot of people and probably also DU30... let us hear what could appease those people who insist in taking a step about this issue and hopefully, our "moral" ownership of Scarborough Shoal and several others can be fulfilled.

Aurora_Borealis • 2 months ago

basahin mo yuung sinulat ni carpio at batongbacal. available yun sa internet :-)

Sa pool • 2 months ago

Why don't you explain it based on your understanding? It will be very helpful going thru the "legalistic" languages that they often use.....alam mo naman mga masa lang naman kami, so explain mo in a way sa mabababa ang IQ.

August • 2 months ago

That is not an excuse of a coward but of a TRAITOR, masquerading as someone who cares about Filipino lives.

Brian Ghilliotti • 2 months ago

Either the media is receiving disinformation from propaganda sources or Duarte is facing pressure from hardliners in his government. Just today (5/29) he threatens to go to war over Chinese incursions. Brian Ghilliotti

daniboy2012 • 2 months ago

....Duterte's kiss ass attitude on Greedy China will land him the same fate of Benito Mussolini. Your own soldiers and people will hang you upside down and spit you!!!

Aurora_Borealis • 2 months ago

pwede soon na sana lol