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Kata Monzéger • 1 month ago

I have tried various things, but eventually I sticked to autogenic training. It really helps me to be more conscious about my thoughts. :)

Tams • 1 month ago

I love the "Bodhi" 30 day clear mind as a way to get back into meditating every time I fall off the wagon. It is a really kind way to get into meditation and teaches you a lot of 'tricks' for various issues you might come upon while meditating. For example, if you mind races you may want to close you eyes a little and cast you gaze lower while you meditate. If you vague out, you can experiment with looking high, and getting some more light in the room.

Jason Aul • 1 month ago

I've had Headspace recommended to me before - but of the three apps you recommended here, which is the "easiest" to get into, or is it simply a matter of personal preference? Or, better yet, which is really great for a beginner?

Frank Mowry • 1 month ago

As always, the most surprising thing is how difficult others try to make this process. Meditation isn't difficult, the difficult thing is simply taking the time to do it - like the Nike commercials, Just Do It. The simple steps are the simple way to begin. Find some quite time, just sit and breathe deeply. If it helps count to 8 taking a slow deep breath with every count and STOP thinking about anything else. Let yourself relax and simply pause long enough to breath. After a while, you will find your own rhythm and it will provide you with necessary guidance to achieve your own form or relaxation and meditation.

Rizwan • 1 month ago

What is the simple meaning of meditation?

Reikiri Gudo • 1 year ago

Well, l have countless problems focusing and so many thoughts spring into my mind and l can't seem to concentrate, my studies are getting harder and they need more study so l am a bit worried. l thought this would be the best way to get a grip on my mind. Because of so many thoughts, my mind's memory has almost completely degraded. l told my close ones about it and apparently its not for me. But, l believe we all should meditate from young. Hopefully l'm not too late...

M.Ballou- AKA: Ergolad • 5 years ago

I've been using a free meditation app called Insight Timer for a few years now. Amongst a long list of community meditation groups, there is a group set up specifically for Nerd Fitness folks. Just install the app and search the groups for "Nerd Fitness" and join!


From within the app you'll be able to dial-in to other Nerd Fitness group members, easily become meditating friends and be aware when a NF friend is meditating.

The app is available on multiple platforms and can be used simply as an unobtrusive meditation timer and has a variety of other features including guided mediations.

The community is vast and comes from a range of disciplines and spiritual/secular leanings. As far as mediating goes, I can't really think of a nerdier way of meditating than using Insight Timer.

It's also worth noting that a new team has taken over development of Insight Timer recently. They are openly communicating with the Insight Timer community and appear incredibly sincere about making it the best it can be. I personally am excited to see what direction it's headed.

There really is something to be said about meditating with like minded individuals! Hope to see you there.

M.Ballou- AKA: Ergolad • 5 years ago

Just wanted to give another shout out on this thread about a great app for tracking your meditation practice. The new development team behind Insight Timer has started rolling out a new look for the app. Really awesome. In the next few months they will release the 2.0 version. Take a look at it, and lurk around in the Helpdesk & Feedback Group to get a sense of the incredible conscientious community development that's gone into developing the next generation of this app. Again, it's free. I've got no horse in this race.


Search for the "NerdFitness" group in the app and help extend the NF community!

Charlotte Brown • 5 years ago

Very nice post. I agree with you on this, meditation works a lot to relieve stress, to get rid of sleep troubles, depression, anxiety and many more. I practice yoga every morning followed by a few minutes of meditation, and it helps me in keeping myself fresh and active all day - http://goo.gl/C9OMai

Sean Mapoles • 5 years ago

I love meditation, but i'm also hyper-aware of how inaccessible it can seem to people that don't meditate. If I were to boil this article down to a quick how to it would be:

1) Grab a guided meditation
2) Sit on a pillow
3) Listen to the prompts
4) Accept that meditation is not something you need to be good at ... enjoy the soothing voice

Here are a couple meditations that I respond well to:
1) 1 minute meditation
2) 10 minute meditation

Neil • 5 years ago

I'd love to meditate, but I get hung up on how to sit. There's no way I can sit cross-legged on the floor. I don't have an upright chair in my room. I've tried sitting on the edge of the bed, but always end up slouching. Any suggestions?

Tams • 1 month ago

I sit on my bed with two cushions under me so my pelvis is tilted forward and it helps, but I also treat it as part of my mindfulness. Every time I notice I am slouching I adjust back into an alert and relaxed posture. I am hoping this has the secondary effect of helping me have better posture all of the time.
Depending on what the issue is with sitting cross legged, you may also find putting a doubled over or thick pillow under each knee while sitting on another, raises you up and opens up the legs enough for comfort. I do that sitting on my bed sometimes too.
I just noticed this is six years old...I'll just leave this here anyway in case anyone else is having a similar issue.

apoorvayoga • 5 years ago

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Sherry @ BusyZenLife.com • 5 years ago

I've meditated on and off for some time now but I just completed 36 days in a row using the Calm App. I usually do 5 minutes before bed but if I'm really stressed I'll do 10-20 minutes on my bus commute into work too. It has made a noticeable difference for me so far and I know it can only get better with time.

Dawn Jolena • 5 years ago

I really enjoyed this article on Meditation. The power of the mind is something too many people choose to ignore/neglect. I did not know that meditation helps build grey matter- good to know!
Thanks again for writing this ❤️

rodriigovieira • 5 years ago

Congratulations, very nice article Taylor!
I heard you saying there's a meditation which is focussed to help getting sleep - could you give me an exams if meditation that'd do this?

I'm pretending to start with ten minutes per week day before my diary martial arts classes.

Só meditating around 15 to 20 minutes per day'll here more than OK, I guess. I've been meditating for almost 2 months, but doing it a bit poorly, not concentrating very well, doing at maximum 10 minutes. I want to start it seriously now - this article just gave the reason I was needing.

nick • 5 years ago

I have a friend who says meditation completely changed his life and I can well believe it. I have never stuck with it long enough for it to become part of my routine, but this says more about how stupid I am than anything else! Time to get working on it it again-thanks for the timely reminder!

Roghish • 5 years ago

"reduces risks of... weight loss"
Sorry, I had to!

Tiffani Barry • 5 years ago

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protisystem • 5 years ago

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Lennie • 5 years ago

Thank you for this one! I haven't even considered meditating until now. Gonna give it a try. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like it.

uncarvedblock • 5 years ago

I highly recommend Headspace, I've been using their courses for a few years now and it's fantastic (also Andy has such a soothing voice when doing the guided meditations).

Jeremiah • 5 years ago

I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for the past 12 weeks and have experienced a dramatic change mentally, physically, and spiritually. It truly does awaken the inner "superhero" within us, and does so in the most natural way. I aim for about 15-20 minutes twice a day (morning and afternoon). From my experience, you definitely get better the more you practice. All my life, I've always been one to over think things or act out of irrational spontaneity. Ever since I've started practicing meditation, I've been able to make more sound decisions and the answers tend to reveal themselves more naturally without "analysis paralysis". Like Yoda said to Luke, "You will know. When you are calm. At peace. Passive". Moreover, meditation has enhanced my workouts significantly, acting as almost a secret performance enhancer. Meditation is my new pre-workout ritual in the morning, and now I finally understand why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan chose to meditate right before confronting Darth Maul. Lastly, meditation has blossomed a newfound sense of spirituality from within me. As hippy as it sounds, I feel a higher sense of interconnectedness between other lifeforms, both human, plants, and animals. By emptying out my thoughts, I've learned how to gradually surrender my ego and just be a peace with the simple things in life, such as nature. I'm significantly more calm and have less reactive to things that normally cause others to panic or become angry. My interactions with people have been more authentic as I have learned to become a better listener and connect on a whole new level. Overall, meditation has improved the quality of my life, and I am thrilled that you wrote this article! Meditation is so easy to do and I've been preaching it to all my friends for the past few weeks. I try to slip in quick sessions whenever I can, but 20 minutes seems to be the ideal, from my experience. Jerry Seinfeld describes it Meditation as sort of like a phone charger, which is a perfect description. It's a tool that can be used anytime to fully charge yourself to perform at the optimal level. Anyways, keep up the wonderful articles, Steve, and may the Force be with you.

Toes • 5 years ago

Wow! Some great resources here! Thank you!
Definitely bookmarking for future reference.

Dan Jones • 5 years ago

I've found that even drawing in some long, meditative-style breaths throughout the day is very helpful for staying clam and focused. Great post. Lots of great resources.

Taylor • 5 years ago

Yes! During the course of an especially mindless day, it is reassuring to know the present moment is always right in front of us. Even a few mindful breaths in the time it takes me to wait for my elevator can be of great value :)

James Novak • 5 years ago

Like everything else worth achieving, building habits take time. Consistent daily action. Even if it's only 5 minutes of meditating per day. It's easy to do, but it's also easy NOT to do. I'm new to meditating so I'm going to give this a shot: 5 minutes every morning, every day. It's going to be a part of my morning routine. Slowly I can build this to 8-10 minutes, but for now I think just focusing on doing it consistently will yield better results. Hey, it adds up right? 5 minutes per day x 7 days a week = 35 minutes per week, or over 2 hours per month.

Justin Miller • 5 years ago

Great read Taylor! Meditation has been such a game changer for. I really struggled with creating it as a habit at first. The only way I could establish it was by meditating 1 minute on day one. then 2 minutes on day 2, and so on.

You're absolutely right about having to practice it for a few weeks to reap the benefits. Consistent, persistent, practice. :)

David Furnival • 5 years ago

Taylor, this is an awesome post, thank you. I used to practise "Mindstore" from Jack Black which is a fantastic programme that uses meditation as its core. I used to meditate three times a day (10 minutes on the loo at work) and some fabulous things (helpful and timely conincidences) happened. But this programme is just like a food or fitness programme, it's no good just knowing it, you have to do it, and I stopped a couple of years back when I changed job.
7 weeks ago I decided I needed to get back my fitness and lose a few pounds so I built myself a starter programme and set some weight loss goals. I was proceeding fine when 2 weeks ago I just happened to search "Body fat percentage" and found myself on Nerd fitness in a fantastic article on the subject (thanks again). Inside that article was a phrase I have never heard of before - "the Paleo diet" (sorry, a Brit in the Middle East) and a link to Mark Sisson - wow, both sites amazing and I have completely changed the way I eat; my weight loss has accelerated, amazing.
So I would say to those of us out there who haven't tried this before, please give it a go because it is totally in line with Nerd eating and fitness. And for me, it is a timely kick in the butt to get back to meditation - thanks.

Rose E • 5 years ago

Yes, I clicked on dalek's relaxation for humans. No, having a dalek yelling at you is not relaxing.
Great post though :)

Taylor • 5 years ago


ironchef • 5 years ago

It's weird you posted this, as the past 3 weeks my partner and I have been working throught the 8-week mindfulness course in Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Williams, Penman). If anyone wants a structured 8-week program to follow, plus an easy to read book describing a lot of the science and research behind it, this one is great! It has the advantage of not being spiritual or denominational at all, so if you're not spiritual or religious like me, but want some guidance for your practice, this is a winner.

lissy clement • 5 years ago

Can I recommend directing your meditation to God? If you believe then that makes it all the more worthwhile

MCPX • 5 years ago

The Headspace app is a great introduction to meditation for anyone, it has 10 days worth of free guided meditations that introduce the basic principles and explain things in a no nonsense jargon free way.

Jeff A • 5 years ago

I'm a fan as well, and recommend it to anyone I know getting into meditation. The free trial is all you'll need to know if it's the right app for you.

Katie • 5 years ago

We meditate twice weekly for 30 minutes at my school in Emotional Health class. I love how we are introduced to meditation as a way to relieve stress at my relatively high-stress high school! I had been meditating before bed as a way to calm my mind and fall asleep faster for awhile, but I think I'm going to start taking meditation breaks when my homework overload is stressing me out during the day too.

Captain • 5 years ago

I found this article very interesting because I've always admired people who attribute their success to meditation. I get very frustrated when researching meditation techniques because of it's spiritual nature. As a not very spiritual person i always end up rolling my eyes whenever things like mantras come up because while i acknowledge their use as a placebo to achieve results, i do not see them as a "vibration of your soul". There's also a lot of people who use meditation to achieve enlightenment, abandoning their sense of ego to become one with the universe's "energies". While I agree that meditation could be used to separate basic happiness from temporary joy to make you generally a happier person, I don't feel that you should be abandoning your sense of self and all the ambition that comes with it just to be content with your life. I see mediation as a tool to improve your temperament, and control your emotions. All this spirituality seems to corrupt it and make it seem overwhelming to people who are interested in it for practical reasons.

Jeff A • 5 years ago

Give the Headspace app a try. Nothing in the way of spirituality or aligning chakras or any of that. The app has a free 10 day, 10 minutes a day guided meditation, and you can pay a monthly subscription for static content after that if you want. (It's not inexpensive, but I actually find it to be well worth the money...though the 10 day free trial is all you'd need to get a feel for whether or not it's right for you).

João Arthur T • 5 years ago

Wow! You rocked!
I have to say: I found it very odd to read about meditation in Nerd Fitness, really.

Since I started practicing meditation I came to a conclusion that Video-Games and Meditation make no good mix. While one is a total non-conciously focus of the mind on something that is outside, the second is an attempt to be aware of what's happening inside of one's body and mind.

Taylor • 5 years ago

Yes, very interesting potential clash :)

You should look at what psychologists call "flow state" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

I think there is room for a period set aside for flow in a mindful life. In fact, I think these flow states are really essential. In a way, it is similar to meditation - not so much in the conscious awareness, but in how we let go of the self/ego during these moments.

Rebecca • 5 years ago

Great article. I've been meditating off and on for the past couple of years. I challenged myself to a 100 days of meditation last year and am starting it again today. I can definitely tell a difference with I meditate and after the 100 day challenge, could totally tell when I would miss a day. Now I take 15 minutes as part of my morning routine to make sure and get a meditation in. I am more centered, focused and calm on the days I meditate. Its amazing to me how powerful those 15 minutes can be. One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from friends and family is that they can't meditate because they can't turn their mind off. Meditation is not about turning your mind off, most times my mind does not clear and I have thoughts running like crazy, but I acknowledge them, release them, and continue to focus on my breathe or mantra or both. I also try and practice mindful breathing during the day, especially those stressful days at work at my desk, just to recenter. I use the Insight Timer meditation app; it has some great guided meditations as well as some meditation groups.

M.Ballou- AKA: Ergolad • 5 years ago

Did you know there's a Nerd Fitness Group on Insight Timer? Check it out. It hasn't gotten a lot of traction, but would love to see more NF folks on there. Also the app has been taken over by a new team that really looks promising. Excited to see the new developments they have in store.


Dani Riekwel • 5 years ago

Great article, Taylor!

I have been meditating since Steve issued the challenge at Camp Nerd Fitness and it has had a great impact in my life. It helped me through winter depression in Holland, long haul flights with no TV and a 2 year old, keeping my fitness and health goals and most importantly, it has helped me with my relationships with my husband, daughter, parents, sister and friends.

It is a super power to be able to recognise the moment as good. It's like waking up from a dream throughout the day. It's cultivating the skill to be able to switch off the anger and articulate true feelings and needs without reacting violently. It's the difference between "I can't do this" and "Right now, I can keep going".

Tony Langdon • 5 years ago

Great article, and one of the best basic explanations of meditation I've read. While I'm good with exercise and OK (within the limits of my surrounds) with diet, meditation has been one thing I've had trouble making time for, but this has convinced me meditation should be a priority, so I will incorporate it into my morning ritual. I already have a degree of mindfulness, but now's the time to train it.

Susannah • 5 years ago

This is wonderful. Meditation and being 'in the moment' are incredibley useful tools. I was able to rebuild a hurtful relationship with my estranged mother, and we made peace before she died. I love to meditate, it calms me totally

Olivia • 1 month ago

Get so many befenfits from daily meditation love it.

stephanie baughman • 5 years ago

For anyone who is willing to spend about $5 on an app, Budhiffy is an awesome meditation app with tons of different tracks to listen to depending on what you're doing at the moment; like taking a walk, or trying to go to sleep. I've also played it in my car on my way home after a stressful day at work.

Taylor • 5 years ago

I'll have to check it out :)

13remon • 5 years ago

Hey, nice article. I have been doing some meditating for a while now, and I have some questions.

Step 1 is about posture, sitting up right, comfortable, yet alert. The thing is, I do mediation before sleeping (because I've always taken some time before I fall asleep, and meditation was the only thing that I could think of to do that didn't just postpone sleep even longer). As a result, I just lay there, as I would sleeping, trying to and meditating until I fall asleep.

This is also my second question. By doing it until I fall asleep, am I doing the process wrong, with a focus on the ending?

Many thanks to whoever takes the time to answer this.

- Demos Mirak.

Taylor • 5 years ago

Hey! All posture questions answered here: http://www.shinzen.org/Retr...

That said - there are some meditation styles/relaxation strategies that are intentionally relaxing and intended to put you to sleep.

I would encourage you to (also) give it a try during the day when you are awake. Since meditation is about awareness (noticing things), you won't get a lot of the benefits if you meditate with the goal to fall asleep. That's not to say that you can't do both though - try a relaxation strategy when you sleep, and then meditate during the day when you are alert and very aware.