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JaLynn • 1 year ago

Censored again on this site...wow

Tanen Benkavod • 1 year ago

Keep on stuffing youself with sugar every 15 minutes... and keep worrying about vaccine making other people stupid and dead. Why would you worry about sugar you ate, when you can worry about vaccine you will never take? Be smart. Heh, stay smart. Sugar is brain food, right? Right.

Ian Banner • 1 year ago

I think there is a co-factor, of Organo-phosphates , the near universal pesticide upon food crops . Organo-phos. also used in jet fuels as high temp. lubricant. Many pilots and passengers have reported Aero-toxic syndrome , from fumes leaking into cabin.
Pilots are madically tested every six months , and have to be fully fit to fly. Yet four British Airways pilots died shortly after being jabbed with the vax , three? Delta pilots also, and others but info appears suppressed.
As for Organo-phos. being our neurotoxic soup , evidences:-
The ever lowering sperm count. Fast approaching zero.
The ever lowering age onset and increase of Parkinson's Disease.
" " " " " " " " Alzheimer's Disease.
" " " " " " " " Type 2 Diabetes, in my life time this has gone from being called Geriatric Diabetes , then Late Onset Diabetes when it had descended to the middle aged , and Type 2 when arriving at twenty odd year olds. Is now often seen in children.
Anorexia Nervosa seems to be connected, when sufferers go beyond harsh dieting into the manic phase, they obsessively store and show foodstuff to boast their condition is under contol. (As though addicted.)
They nibble at this, complain of being bloated and moan of their fat etc.. It is always Wheat products. To effect turn around of Anorexia , have the sufferer in the same room as the cooking, the aim is to effect gustation , cook slowly and for aroma. Wholefoods and deny non-organic grains. Within ten days you'll likely see full meals being eaten.
However , reintroduction of the previously stored foodstuff , you'll see a change of character , complaining of bloat , moaning at lack of looks , narcissism etc..
I didn't fully understand this , untill hearing on BBC Radio 4, Womens' Hour. A guest scientist , for discussion of Pesticides, very much in the vein of not worrying our pretty little heads, Pesticides were very scientific with considerable safety factors, and very specific. Describing how the crop is sprayed, pest arrives to have a meal, fills itself. Whereupon the pesticide travels up its neural complex , to the full/sated area.
Upon again trying to eat, the potentiating effect of the pesticide registers at the full/ sated area. The pest dies starving thinking itself full.
I am also certain, there is a correlation between Mothers who had Anorexia, giving birth to ADHD children. Again a rapidly growing problem.
The rise of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In the early 90's asking around town in crowded places, if anyone knew of someone with ME/Yuppie Flu etc. I had only two possibles. Twelve years later asking someONE., the common response was knowing a friend , a work colleague of family member with it.!
ADHD, has risen similarly.

Phil Cruz • 1 year ago

These progressive and invariably Fatal illnesses are some of the most tortuous and dehumanizing ways to go. Both to the victim and the loved ones that must bear witness. I can think of no punishment that suits this crime.

Feral44 • 1 year ago

I think "long covid" produces the same symptoms

Ng Keng Tiong • 1 year ago

I have not taken the jab though my government is offering free mRNA vaccines for its citizens and actively promoting it. So far no death or serious adverse effects reported by 70% of seniors above 60 who've taken the jabs. Some of my friends who reside in the USA have taken theirs but they seem to be doing just fine and still active on their social medias...

Grumpy • 1 year ago

Cool, take the jab and feel like a new person every day.

Debbie Dansro Czech • 1 year ago

The only thing that bothers me, is the my daughter and her husband are both nurses. They both HAD to take the jab or loose their jobs. My son in law has autoimmune disease, and he took the jab! Had to! ! ! It is already affecting him adversely. He actually blew up at work a couple days ago, and yelled at the boss! He is very volatile now, but, if they didn't need him, he would be out of a job. NOT his fault!

Phil Cruz • 1 year ago

He should take his revenge while able. Old Testament Rules apply.

DR Bill McGraw • 1 year ago

This is classic. No mention of aluminum. Well what did I expect?

Debbie Dansro Czech • 1 year ago

isn't aluminum used in all kinds of shots and serums, as a preservative? ? ? That is why I haven't had any kid of "vaccination" in over 5 years!

DR Bill McGraw • 1 year ago

Hi Deb, Yes aluminum in vaccines is in my new book coming out in about 2 weeks.

RickJames212123 • 1 year ago

NAC for those spike proteins

Truth59 • 1 year ago

You are totally right, and/or glutathione. Make sure you have enough as they took NAC off the market.

George • 1 year ago

Not only NAC. Liposomal glutathione, dandelion leaf extract, and pine needle tea or extract can degrade the spike proteins. Star anise and fennel seeds as well..

Ricki Christian • 1 year ago

If you're having pine needle tea because Judy Mikovits recommended it, she didn't. I watched a video of her on Rumble with Stew Peters. Stew asked her about the pine needle tea and she said she didn't them, only Suramin. She said NO to pine needle tea and specifies what to take. I just wasted $40 on pine needles. I've got everything else you've mentioned and the last time I had transmission from a vxxd person, all I had at the time was fennel seeds. I was still very sick for 2 weeks but the nose bleeds weren't as bad, so they helped. I'm in Australia and can't get some of the things she takes herself. I can make my own HCQ but I can't get Ivermectin, not even Veterinary grade for horses!! If you can get that, Ivermectin will put an end to transmission/shedding.

Dino79 • 1 year ago

Is Fauci (and his mastrs) going to be tried?

Foxtrot Juliet Bravo • 1 year ago