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Dr Delores Cahill....ALL the animals DIED!

Rist Rocket • 1 year ago

Oops! Accidental early death from the vaccine. You all are supposed to wait for the death trigger to die. What is wrong with you dying earlier than planned? You are not cooperating with the plan. Stop it!

KhatanandKallah • 1 year ago

All these college students who IGNORED the CDC shelter in place, flatten the curve mandates in April 2020 to show up in Florida for Spring Break. All these college "kids" who IGNORED the sighhhh-ence and said it was just the flu BEFORE we really had enough information to make that call. Well guess what, THEY WERE RIGHT, luckily. That should be their rallying cry. When it comes to a party they are bad ass. When it comes to a real fight, a real example of what happens when you stick together, with real stakes, they bend their thong A double SS's over and due their duty.

ALWAYS_KNEW • 1 year ago

Sorry that was forced to take this crap and died. I disagree that she was healthy because needing a heart transplant would itself suggest poor or compromised health even after the proceedure

Tampa City Girl • 1 year ago

There can’t be that many stupid doctors out there or should I say evil.

RM • 1 year ago

They'll probably figure out quick to start using artificial hearts as they'll soon be burning through available human donors.

ALWAYS_KNEW • 1 year ago

They're probably growing hearts in a lab already.

AlphaLady777 • 1 year ago

Had she not gone to the hospital, she would still be alive.

Guest • 1 year ago
Richard Miller • 1 year ago
Law W • 1 year ago

... I am finding the lines have already been drawn, people I know are already saying that they won't have anything to do with me and the wife becasue a we have not had the shot, reading this I guess maybe I won't have to fret about going to see them in the not too distant future anyway

ms judith alma gange • 1 year ago

Unfortunately these are the true facts ..those who are the sheep and will not understand will be left behing.By accepting the VAAX they have sold their souls and are on a shortened life timeline .You cannot help them as this poison cannot be removed from the body.We also find that we have lost 'friends' family ..they choose the 'easy road' which JESUS warned..GOD warned ..
The Mark of the Beast' WHICH mayn't be the only 'MARK..Be wise and use your intelligence and reasoning to overcome God Bless ..

Law W • 1 year ago

... yes we have resorted to responding to those who who ask similar to pur response to card companies asking if we would like to have their credit card... we already have... seems to make them happy, I know it works for us.. it is creating a divide and is working better than anything they had pre planned, as for me my sadness is realising that those I chose as friends were not of similar mind all along

MandarinDucky • 1 year ago

I'd feel safer not being around their shedding.

Law W • 1 year ago

.. preaching to the choir..100% agree

Uncle Stogie • 1 year ago

It's the ultimate Catch-22...

The Vaxxed despise the UnVaxxed (and vice-versa)

The Vaxxed are afraid to go out in Public because of the UnVaxxed (and vice versa)

The Vaxxed still desire to wear masks to protect themselves from the Unvaxxed (and vice versa)...

Diabolical. They spent years perfecting this Plandemic and have basically counted on the sheer stupidity of the willfully ignorant.

What we need is for a few well-known Libtard Hollywood types or scumbag TV Personalities (that didn't get the Placebo) to drop dead from being recently vaxxed. Only then will the braindead cultists start to remove their heads from their asses. Let those filthy, Country-destroying, Pedowood perverts do some good with their lives and become fertilizer.

Rist Rocket • 1 year ago

I do not despise those having taken the vaccine. Instead, just feel sorry for them being so gullible which is a big part of avoidance of anything resembling fact checking or critical thinking to begin with. After all, they say ignorance is bliss.

Sentinel • 1 year ago

I wonder if they tried ivermectin? Or IV vitamin C and vitamin D bolus?

Richard Miller • 1 year ago
1Psuche • 1 year ago

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide + Iodine (properly dosed/ratios) in a nebulizer has been reported as very effective. That should topically kill lung and respiratory infections.

However, once you have the gene modifying "vaccination", what can you do to neutralize what is was designed to do? Even after getting the shot, they are saying that you should still wear a mask and you could still get Covid. Obviously, the "vaccination" has other functions!

Tom • 1 year ago

Try finding someone in the US to administer that

Valtam • 1 year ago

I'd love to review this medical record, I'm sure something has been conveniently left out.

David S • 1 year ago

Well that made SOMEBODY a ton of money. And wasn't that the point of the whole thing anyway?

RJP83 • 1 year ago

Aren't all causes of death right after the vaccine either a "mystery" or due to anything else?

Bot • 1 year ago

I knew a guy who got the vaccine. He got hit by a car just 3 hours ago by a drunk soccer mom. I’m more than certain that it’s due to the magnetization effects.

Uncle Stogie • 1 year ago

Hep me, hep me! I can't get dis drunken beotch and her van-load a kids off my arm!

lizard4445 • 1 year ago

VERY funny!! ..NOT!!..

Mark • 1 year ago

I bet she posted on social media I got the jab.

Greebo • 1 year ago

Her risk of dying from contracting Covid - 19 was almost nil. Our universities are apparently useless when assisting students to evaluate risks. Our medical system is even worse when it is hijacked for political purposes and begins killing their patients with advice that is contrary to known data.

Luke • 1 year ago

Pharmaceutical drugs is modern day sorcery. No vaccine is safe and the covid jab is far worse and more deadly than any other lab created vaccine.

Sir Baby de Porky • 1 year ago

I told you so !!!

TomBradyHasSevenRings • 1 year ago

Darwin awards.

George • 1 year ago

Just HORRIFIC! When will this genocide end?

unapologetictruth • 1 year ago

Have you read about antibody dependency enhancement (ADE) yet?

Rylan Bannister • 1 year ago

It hasn't even yet begun.... Hundreds of millions have committed slow motion suicide.

Thomas Guitarman • 1 year ago

Yes can you imagine the coming chaos and reverse reaction when they figure this out before they die

1Psuche • 1 year ago

My concern is that when people start dying post jab, their response will be to push for MORE "vaccinations" which will snowball into more deaths!

I think the deceptions and lies about this "vaccination" will never allow it to be said that the "vaccination" is the cause!

Sentinel • 1 year ago

They know the COVID gene therapy was developed by DARPA under Fauci and Ralph Baric in 1999.

They know the coronavirus tests are proven frauds according to peer review.

Therefore, every time they say the COVID gene therapy risks are less than the threat of COVID, they are knowingly lying, and they have legal exposure.

Thomas Guitarman • 1 year ago

Legal exposure to be prosecuted by WHOM? the whole game is rigged for this

Chuck Farly • 1 year ago

RIP: anyone who got their Fauci/Gates death shots!

unapologetictruth • 1 year ago

I know someone that got their second shot today. You'd think after their chronic pain increasing by about 50% after the first one...that they would have used some critical thinking though...

Uncle Stogie • 1 year ago

Well, in their damaged minds, their tank is only half full. After that 2nd shot they are confident they will feel much better and everything will even out.... the MO's and the RONS.

unapologetictruth • 1 year ago

I actually guessed their chronic pain increased by 30% after the first shot, but they corrected me and said it was 50%

Concerning the second shot, they said 'no point half stepping, might as well go all in'