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Along Came Jones • 2 months ago

They truly regret getting caught at it!!

AlPhur • 2 months ago

No, no, no.

This was a "conspiracy theory", wasn't it?. So it can't be true.

It was fact checked wasn't it?


Coop • 2 months ago

Apparently it worked as it shows in America! They did a fine job screwing ppl up, making those with issues worse and brought ppl's true ugliness to the surface!

TruthWall • 2 months ago

Looks like whatever propaganda and mind control methods they used apparently worked on Eric Clapton, who took the jab (not only once, but twice) and now says he regrets it. Haven't these Brits ever heard of David Ickes? He's been warning these people about this for 20 years . . longer than even Mike Adams.

Dennisito • 2 months ago

Yeah, I'll bet they're devastated.

forumula_freddy • 2 months ago

To weaponise anything against the British people, including coercive psychological manipulation, is an act of war and treason.

Savvy Chipmunk • 2 months ago

So if fear is not an ok tactic now, why was it then ?

Coop • 2 months ago

Like in America it prob goes along the line of pure hypocrisy!

madtxn • 2 months ago

i doubt we will ever get the full truth, but this onion of scamdemic is starting to peel away some of the lies.

CovfefeMe • 2 months ago

so now the governments will investigate themselves.... gee, I wonder how that will go

AlPhur • 2 months ago

Strangely there seems to be no Law, no international accords forbidding this kind of thing.

It is a terrorist act (literally, fear campaign), albeit State terrorism.
So that's ok then?

Policing of promotion of terrorist propaganda is largely left to internet companies, in derogation of the authority of Law. So, that censorship is inevitably mis-used. Disqus is complicit in this.

It's moot, but there just might be a (criminal) prosecution under the Malicious Communications Act 1988, if someone wanted to fund that.

Gabby Pants • 2 months ago

Cuomo doesn't feel the fear. Most politicians don't because most politicians are psychopaths incapable of feeling anything.

David S • 2 months ago

Regret means nothing. Throw them all in jail forever and restore freedom to the UK.

icueverywhere • 2 months ago

They need to pay a price for this..

informed dissent • 2 months ago

Yes, but governments, especially leftists, are inherently authoritarian. So they don't care. Words like "moral" or "ethical" simply are not in their vocabulary.

Alvin Jr. • 2 months ago

No they do not.

Sadako • 2 months ago

How will science explain when they have a bunch of eunuchs and infertile girls? How science will explain the unbabies? It may well be that half of the young people will be incapable of work. Who will support them? Will they simply be poisoned in a gas cell?
The demographic pyramid is catastrophic, and if the dependent members are joined by young people disabled by vaccines ... Chi Haotian will be happy.