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ding • 2 years ago

Agreed Pres Trump was the last president of the CURRENT UNITED 50, however, what is his role moving forward? Will he be back? I suggest that is a very high and likely probability, but not over a "united 50", but rather something else. 50 wont be 50 for very much longer.. not even close to 2024 before "it's seen" While it may appear that there will be TWO... that will not be the case or situation for very long.. once the actual separation starts, there will be a vacuum for many SPLINTERS attempting to fill. there will be nothing neat, tidy or awesome about what occurs.. it will be messy, ugly and horrid. The biggest ugly will be once the "separation" actually starts, outside forces...will be making their moves to capitalize ..on a gravely weakened once united nation.. All those who are/were involved/engaged in the scheme and creating the damage will be far far away/offsite, waiting for the smoke to clear.

JustMe • 2 years ago

Tom Brady has publicly admitted that his WIFE is a 'good witch;' THERE IS NO SUCH THING & that is all Satanic too!! Apparently she does lots of rituals - does some before he plays & instructs him on how to do things, etc....therefore, he is NOT a child of the Living God if he has NO problems with all of this & allows/condones this, as we Believers are to have NOTHING to do w/witchcraft!!!

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

this mask and vax BS needs to be stopped and I think that if we form our state assemblies we can start to get our nation back t o the Republic. Texas has a very well managed assembly already.

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

there are even babies born with genitals that are not clearly of one sex or the other. However, I agree that most of us are either male or female ....I do not agree with you that those who feel they are in the wrong sex body are somehow to be looked down upon. I feel for them that they are so essentially uncomfortable with something as basic and real as that. Most of them are sincere and are not seeking to enter a female bathroom in order to perv on females. The ones who are so perverted that they would want to claim that condition to perv on women definitely have to be stopped.

ding • 2 years ago

pseudohermaphrodism' has been around for a very long time - 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births [0.07–0.05%. Let's be crystal clear here.. this DOES NOT MAKE A CASE FOR THOSE who are clearly born male or female to say they should have been the opposite sex, nor does this even remotely pave the way for their declaration related to choosing to be gay or lesbian. Seriously, I'd really not spend too much more time on this matter, as GOD is just about ready to clear this garbage up.. the whole load of total blasphemy!

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

Actually they probably can create with their GMO technology a female human who is the result of two women by taking the genetics of one woman's egg and placing it within that of another woman...and even enable a woman to have a female child who is exact clone of herself.

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

There is a problem with our national anthem because it encourages and accepts slavery...the anthem that the people who are the heirs of that slavery have written is a positive expression for America.

Stella E. Petridou • 2 years ago

Same mass mental poisoning is expanded in Europe and in France, Sudan, Cyprus, Greece is applied not only in agriculture using fertilizers, in nutrition, organized rapes, professional bulling, property vandalism but also using air spraying and door to door laboratory infections coronavirus included and location chemical spraying turned our homes a Dachau- Auschwitz cell (in my case is done with daily sprays mostly when I write the truth) following the 50 last years NATO UNited Kingdom GluCKsburg NAZIonism policy to mutate Christian Orthodox mankind nations to reptilian Global Goblin DracheMullah Sodom EEC IMF sponsored NAZIonism Royal UNited Kingdom killing true trust loving care philanthropic mankind and torture Mount Athos Elder divines.+++

Charmaine • 2 years ago

There's a good chance Mike Adams writes like this because it is SO extreme in the despair department that this is how you get people to accept the coming Antichrist. Careful about who is playing their part in leading you there.

ding • 2 years ago

You make a pretty wild accusation about Mike's "despair department", but yet you offer zero evidence..? Wow..

UltimatePunisherKAG • 2 years ago

Oh my gosh, just one flip flop after another. First it's "The globalists lost the end game," now it's "America is over, they've won." I think you too are a victim of mental poisoning.

Gottodoit Mike • 2 years ago

that's why i said to do a hot wash of all your articles for the past month mike because they may not be making as much sense as you think they are individually when taken collectively.

Expanding Horizons • 2 years ago

Adam had one job...to keep and tend the Garden...meaning, to cultivate and protect. He failed, and we are still failing today. We destroy that which sustains us--the planet--because of our greed, and that greed (worship of mammon--money) has become our god and we are left to our own devises. Cultivating and protecting the planet is our first natural priority (notice I didn't say spiritual, as that is another aspect of the Spiritual life) and most so-called Christians do even give a care about the planet we live on...they just want to be raptured out of here (the beam me up Jesus to your heavenly starship mentality and let everyone else suffer, die a painful death and then go to the Lake of Fire for all eternity). The cruse ship Christianity of escapism that we see today is nothing more than a mass group of people that have washed the outside of the cup with a sinners prayer while the inside is still full of Deadman's bones.

Expanding Horizons • 2 years ago

If there is that much death then there is no recovery anytime soon...maybe never. Think of all the nuke and chemical plants, not to mention all other manufacturing plants that are dangerously close to causing serious damage upon us all from explosion and fire etc. Think of all the highly skilled engineers and professionals that are needed to run things that can go boom. If they die then we die. Very few will survive such an event that you are describing. Of the few that make it then whatever of life is left would be a living hell and not something that you will want to try and raise your children in.

If that many start to die then you can bet that someone (one of the crazies in charge-CIC) will launch a nuke strike on others as a last ditch effort to wipe out their enemies. It's crazy to think that after what you describe of that much mass death that some of us preppers will walk out of this unscathed and start a new country. The world is to be made new in righteousness--the new creation--and that has nothing to do with the carnal mind of man.

Rae Ross • 2 years ago

Mike mentioned testing tumeric & ginger for lead.. does he have results listed somewhere? I buy organic powders for each but want to know which brands are lowest..

Maria Schaffer • 2 years ago

Please parents...homeschool!!

Desertcatn • 2 years ago

Agree, this is the most important thing that a parent can do to protect their child from the communist brainwashing.

John 3 16 • 2 years ago

As a believer in biblical prophecy and true born again Christian, I've come to the conclusion that we have arrived at a point just before the start of the 7 year tribulation period.
The corona VIRUS (Corona means crown in latin) is the CROWN the anti christ uses to conquer the world in revelation chapter 6. The BOW in chapter 6 is the 7 year covenant from daniel chapter 9:27, the ANTICHRIST uses to create a false peace on earth. This peace is taken away in revelation chapter 6 when the 2nd seal is opened by Jesus Christ. Satans son of destruction ( from 2 thessalonians) copys God in many ways ( see Isaiah 14:14, satan says he will be like the most high God) and mocks Gods BOW covenant from genesis 9:13. Gods plan for this earth concludes after 6,000 years (like God created for 6 days then rested on the 7th) ... the 7th day of rest is the 1,000 year millenial reign of Jesus Christ.
The Corona VIRUS is RIDDLED with the ANTICHRIST number 666.
Watch this video to understand:
Please share and warn your loved ones.

ding • 2 years ago

John 3 16 I agree 10,000% we are absolutely on the very precipice of Danial's week 69 wrapping up and and week 70 will begin. About the video you presented: The 4 horses.. They dont ride until the 70th week.. or are you making a case that is not correct..and that the White Horse is riding now?, cause the video speaks to the White horse riding/Corona.. conquering the world. I would agree all 4 horses are very definitely saddled up ready to ride.. once Danial's week 69 is COMOPLETED.. The antichrist is not here yet and does not show up until the 70th week. I agree, this horrid thing who shows up in week 70 will create this false sense of peace..and everyone will worship it.. but.. Are you saying that the Biblical reference of Corona/The Crown has arrived before week 70 starts? If yes, I'm not sure where or how to quite reconcile that within that scripture.. .However, I'd suggest that it may not matter too terribly much shortly..and I'm suggesting that the world is about to have some rather unsettling crystal clarity on many fronts around the end of april mid may time frame. I'm thinking... by strength... 80 = late april/may just saying.
In the wind.. about this virus.. there is now some rather interesting push back occurring and this is angering those who were involved in crafting it for their evil and demonic purposes.. Several states are about to lift their mandatory kabuki mandates, people (the masses) are done with it..and this will start to put pressure on their evil plan.. and THEY ARE NOT ABOUT TO LET THAT HAPPEN. The are gonna put the wheels in motion to insure it's continuation.. to better serve (set up) all the conditions for the one they will serve very soon.. "da antichrist". Many things are about to happen.. very very very fast and will come from many directions - overwhelming things.The harbinger team/the welcoming committee was put in to place 1/20/2021 to insure all these things would be done by april/may.

Sandy Koufax • 2 years ago

Adams is discounting the level of evil and corruption in our society.

Expanding Horizons • 2 years ago

Of coarse there won't be much left to drive to that you will need good parking.

Karl McGaugh • 2 years ago

I keep hearing commentators say things like Biden stole the election. Biden did nothing but follow orders from the cabal of globalists. The CCP has bought up all the people running law enforcement. There is no US constitution without the rule of law. America has been overthrown. America is following the new communist constitution which is serfdom to the State.

ding • 2 years ago

Karl McGaugh, Biden was a WILLING PARTICIPANT- CHOOSING TO PARTICIPATE IN A HANEOUS CRIME - WILLFULLY.. He's not going to get to claim plausible deniability. This therefore makes him equally guilty.. there's no pass for his willful participation, or for anyone involved. Agreed he didn't come up with the plan by any stretch...as his would have not been able to do...he's hardly the brightest bulb on the tree and rather more like the low hanging fruit..easily manipulated and controlled, but he's still very much a willing participant. The entre world is about have crystal clarity on many matters.. what's about to arrive.. my rough suggested time line... late April/mid May. Strength=80.

Desertcatn • 2 years ago

There are bad and good people in all of these agencies. This is a time of testing. The truth is coming out everyday, more and more is revealed.

ding • 2 years ago

We are witnessing a Tribulim process. Please look that up..and dont confuse with Tribulation. The rough and very intense process of separating the last of the chaff off from the Wheat is now in motion.

Desertcatn • 2 years ago

Interesting, yes, definitely agree.

Dennisito • 2 years ago

That's exactly right. The Communist Manifesto.

Guest • 2 years ago
RedX • 2 years ago

Yes, Isaiah chapter 28, whole chapter, is tied to that verse. The drunkard and mean sons of Ephraim who wield the Bible line upon line, line upon line, precept upon precept, precept upon precept, and continually point to death and hell, and Jesus Christ perishing, and their men are bigger than their beds, their works are inpossible for the true people of God to follow and copy because they did not work excellently, therefore their churches are huge and extraneous and impossible to copy, so the Lord takes away the covenant that the forces of hell will not overtake their church, and death, by drowning them in their hiding places and also with hail stones.

Viatcheslav • 2 years ago

The author says - "We no longer live in a world where reason, morality and clear thinking rule. The world has plunged into madness, immorality and demonism."
I will tell you the real reason for obscurantism. Humanity lives with a wrong worldview (materialism), contrary to the reasonable worldview set forth in the Bible - "My kingdom is not of this world."
The limitation of the philosophy of materialism lies in the fact that it studies the world only from one side, not in its entirety, and therefore is not able to correctly explain its final meaning.
"Harmonious worldview" connects religion with science, provides an opportunity for humanity to objectively understand the entirety of the world.
According to the "Harmonious Worldview", the main principle of the creation and existence of Reality is the control of the material world with the help of the Spirit - the really existing, informational field of the Creator.

Lefty Enright • 2 years ago

WARNING: Do NOT put Gorilla Glue on Kentucky Fried Chicken or mix it with Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

Somebody Helpus • 2 years ago

maybe she could clean her hair out with tide pods and much a few while the hairdresser is working on her hair...

Guest • 2 years ago
NYaloharose • 2 years ago

a teacher ? (groan) well now thinking of my teachers ...the stupidity, the mental imbalance, the prejudice, nothing has changed...so gorilla glue is only an extension of what is already manifest.

Usual_Suspekt • 2 years ago

RE: impeachment... it's all political, truth and reality are irrelevant

Usual_Suspekt • 2 years ago

I am subject to all of those risk factors and I am still rational... well, all but one. I gave up on mainstream media 6 years ago. Most of this is controlled by the MSM

BRELG • 2 years ago

This article/muse took courage, and spiritual discernment; two traits that are also falling rapidly into disuse. God may intervene before the depravity reaches full bloom ( Matt. 24:22 ), if this current insanity condition is what He is talking about, but if not, there is really nothing but widespread repentance and quickening that will stop this phenomenon. That's what happened in Noah's day, too, if we will recall - the insanity of unbridled wickedness, egged on by fallen angels and satan, spread to almost everyone.

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

were what you suggest to happen, California would split in half and become two separate states.

Alex • 2 years ago

Dude seriously seek help for your obvious manic depressive state. One day it's the extraordinary chance for optimism and the next day we're all doomed.

soccermama • 2 years ago

Yeah, what the heck?

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

I hope you, Mike, and all who see this will work on separating yourselves from the corporate machine and help form your State assembly ..check out the research of Anna Von Reitz to see what we can do that is contained in our Constitution. We can not overcome this mass insanity without taking responsibility for what we have not done to preserve the basic principles of our nation.

Dazzler1111 • 2 years ago

We don't need to build an ark, it's built for us. You say you're a christian but clearly don't understand the essence of the christian faith. Christianity is a SPIRITUAL faith not a material concern. It's about Eternal Life. Yahshua/Jesus Christ is our ARK!

misdirection • 2 years ago

His name is not Yahshua. Show me in the Bible saying his name is Yahshua - none. His name and the only name whereby all must be saved is Jesus Christ. Period.

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

you bring up the core problem with Christianity that it denies the relevance of the Creation and the material realm. God created matter and time and space and that we are not immortal in this realm and therefore there is nothing wrong with it and its laws. We have to live within it and do so with love and kindness for each other and concern for the health of the planet.

Expanding Horizons • 2 years ago

Adam had one job...to keep and tend the Garden...meaning, to cultivate and protect. He failed, and we are failing still today. Cultivating and protecting the planet is our first natural priority (notice I didn't say spiritual, as that is another aspect of the Spiritual life) and most so-called Christians do even give a care about the planet. The cruse ship Christianity of today is nothing more than a group of people that have washed the outside of the cup while the inside is full of Deadman's bones.

NYaloharose • 2 years ago

Did he fail? the idea that God would have denied knowledge to us...that we could not eat of that tree and be able to distinguish good from evil is counter to the evidence of our creation as we are the animal with the brain to enact intelligence which is a minor reflection of the intelligence that is evident in the creation itself. I see the Bible story as an attempt to understand the human condition from a rather pessimistic pov.

tiredofthemedialies • 2 years ago

Oh ye of little Faith.

The Eugenicists / neocons could fit into a hall (Davos) Their corrupt and evil 'foot-soldiers' could fit into a stadium. Against 8 billion folks? Dream on!

We shall reach a 'critical mass' of informed and prepared, when we all realise that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, if we all fight the GOOD Fight.

Then, they should be afraid. They should be VERY AFRAID.!.