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Yakov Butterfield • 3 years ago

What is more accurate, A Chinese Fortune Cookie with either you have Coronavirus or you do not have Coronavirus on the paper, or the Contaminated Defective Chinese tests? Given all the false results with the Contaminated Defective Chinese tests. both false positives and false negatives. I may trust the Fortune Cookie.

Kirk Patrick • 3 years ago

Good test. Except the last one - if they gave everyone a million we'd have 350 T which would inflate the money supply (estimated at 35T after the 2009 Bankster bailout) by 10x, so a dollar would be worth 9 or 10 cents.

Phil • 3 years ago

Must be that new math.....lol

BW • 3 years ago

When you address CDC “numbers” we’ll start taking these writings seriously. There is ZERO evidence that CDC “numbers” are anywhere near reality.

ND Alpha Male • 3 years ago

Here's one - Does it make sense to destroy the economic lives and freedoms of millions of people in my State that has a confirmed death rate of 0.00005% of the population?

Kilo McStrife • 3 years ago

Here's one- if a country like Sweden doesn't lock down but experiences a death rate of 22 per 100000 what is the likelihood of dying and is it still a pandemic? The answers are .02% and NO.

Mark • 3 years ago

I've seen those questions before here and there, and it's a nice quiz. Now how about a different quiz in the context of this disease?

1) Given the history of the CDC, can and should they be trusted to tell the truth about this disease? (No)

2) Given the open manipulation of death stats by the CDC, can we trust the death tally? (No)

3) When the death tallys surged shortly after the CDC's new policy, is it likely that the jump in stats is due to the policy change? (Yes)

4) Should we trust experts and sites that do not continuously factor in the altered stats, who instead act as if they are not altered? (No)

5) Should we trust experts and sites that only list the positives of an action, and not the negatives, and vice versa, such as the positives of wearing a mask but not the negatives? (No)

6) If 100% of a nation's "leadership" are not wearing masks and social distancing, should the rest of us wear masks and social distance? (No) {Watch what they do, not what they say}

7) If front line med pros are not wearing masks outside of hospital locations, should the rest of us? (No, unless it's a different high risk locale like a nursing home)

8) Do front line med pros and nursing home staff wear masks year around, especially during flu season, which kills an average of 50 thousand people per year in the U.S.? (No, they do not. They cough, sneeze and spray their bugs all over the place and think nothing of it.)

9) If someone who spreads Covid to a grandma and kills her with it is a "murderer", then shouldn't someone who spreads the flu to grandma and kills her with it also be considered a murderer? (Yes, if you want to be consistent and not a deep state tool, but No in BOTH cases if you don't want to be a retarded snowflake)

---re: #9 Having said that, we all know that hospitals and nursing homes are bug infested death camps and genuinely need a total regulatory overhaul.

10) When not one single expert on this Covid subject has ever covered every facet, point, question, possibility and dilemma, should any one of us strap on a fanboy blindfold and pick a side like we're picking a football team? (No, we should stay nice and loose in the middle, always open to new info and not get locked down with our panties in a knot when this has barely had a 1/2 season to spread and we really don't know jack s**t about it)

11) Should we be balancing Covid deaths with the spikes in child molestation, wife beating, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and soon to be chronic wave of sick people due to weakened immune systems and lack of treatment, which will cause a non -Covid overload on the medical system, along with a big hit to insurance companies, tax payer medicaid and medicare, and massive spike on the disability roles? (Yes, if you're not balancing, then you're biased)

12) If 100 kids are molested for every person spared a Covid death who has high co-morbidities, is it worth it? ( I won't answer this one for you )

13) If continued lockdowns and economic manipulation result in a collapsed nation and 300+ million dead, is that better than a worst case of a couple of million dead from this stupid bug? (You have 5 minutes to answer but if you take more than 2 seconds it's an auto F )

jpserino • 3 years ago

right on!

ChineseHealth AndFitness • 3 years ago