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MoonSnack • 4 years ago

Trump can simply put a tariff on the marijuana from Mexico. That will fix that problem.

AlphaLady777 • 4 years ago

And all of us "non-drug users" will be involuntarily subjected to massive amounts of second-hand drug smoke. I for one do not appreciate being forced-drugged out of my mind. Think things are crazy now? Just wait until the whole North American continent is enveloped in drug smoke.............

BetaMale555 • 4 years ago

Reefer Madness Much?

Robert Powell • 4 years ago

It is legal in Canada and it did not drop the prices. Tuns of weed cross the border every week now from Mexico.

Alan479 Martin • 4 years ago

If Mexico does legalize it might force Trump to change the US narcotic classification of Marijuana federally. This would be a good excuse for him to do so. He knows it would take a bite out of the cartels if it's importation could be legally controlled federally. CA state legal growers will take a hit but will survive. Perhaps they will have to pay the price of taking a bite out of the cartels piggy banks. If Mexico does legalize it will open the door for Mexicans to start a very profitable cottage industry on their own. This will take a little pressure off the wall/border and create a lot of jobs where now there is no hope of one presently.

Rick • 4 years ago

Grow your own!

vladilyich • 4 years ago

That's commonly known as "free market". If American farmers can't make the exorbitant profits they want and the Mexicans undercut them, shame on them for being greedy.

Sheri • 4 years ago

DDT is still used today in South America. DDT contamination has led to the rejection of beef shipments to the U.S. from Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
Is DDT use a public health problem in Mexico?

OhZone • 4 years ago

Hemp does not require insecticides. So don't worry about DDT.

allthingswoody • 4 years ago

Mexican "Weed" was plentiful in the 70's, known locally as "Round (around) Town Brown" and basically Cheep Crap but great for broke Teenagers! Personally I would prefer to get mine locally at the Dispensary (Medical Card Holder) or at least locally grown! I'm typically a very trusting person but Weed that's travelled great distances and grown in a very corrupt country......no thank you!

Mack Brown • 4 years ago

Maybe we need to build a border wall to keep the weed out of America.

Pithy • 4 years ago

Rewatch SNL announcement that Walter Willet of Breaking Bad is appointed to run the Trump DEA.

The1Spirit • 4 years ago

Mexican weed will only have a market for the uninformed or just stupid.
The quality of mexican weed has always been far below what the states produce, especially California. All legal weed sold here in the US is tested first, it will be almost impossible to see mexican weed make it into the system.
As far as black market, let the buyer beware, and build the f'ing wall.

vladilyich • 4 years ago

What has happened in Canada since legalization is the GOVERNMENT has taxed it through the roof so that good quality black market grass is less than what the government charges. I expect America will tax any legalization even higher if it is legalized federally.

northwoods-q • 4 years ago

marijuana is still illegal under federal law. and the feds control the border. so even if Mexican marijuana is "legally" grown, it will still be "illegal" under US Law, and therefore can not be freely moved across the border. So exactly how will this change anything? Legally grown or not, it will still have to be "smuggled" into the US.... NOTHING changes...

Spirit Helps • 4 years ago

Since it’s driven by the states here, I think the states would have to implement rules and regulations for Mexican products, though, before they could legally import it into the US, not to mention Federal laws on importation. And since it would have to travel interstate, the Feds could stop the whole thing ‘cause they regulate that commerce.

Sabian Kendo • 4 years ago

I have seen Elon Musk get high and he was so high he coudnt make a coherent sentence.

DetergentInsurgent • 4 years ago

Mexican legalization is the direct and proximate result of the US War On Drugs. This will allow the violent drug cartels a legal outlet to invest their money in while at the same time taking away the lucrative high dollar profits of the illegal marijuana trade. While I sympathize with American marijuana farmers they cannot point their fingers at Mexico if they lose their businesses. The blame lies solely with the federal government for its failed War On Drugs that created these violent international drug cartels that infect much of the Americas today. Marijuana has been a part of our culture for hundreds of years. I have smoked pot on and off for most of my life. My father smoked pot all of his life but not in front of his children or in our house. I was over 30 before he and I shared a joint. We continued to occasionally smoke pot together until shortly before his death. As I grew older I turned to marijuana for its medicinal purposes including the mitigation of pain that I suffered from being blown off of a truck in Vietnam. It did not work all of the time but it worked better than pharmaceuticals with their horrible side affects and addiction problem. The US should immediately follow suit. With us ending the War On Drugs and legalizing and taxing marijuana a lot of fuel for the violence and profiteering will end. It will take time. The US brought about the violent cartels and bears the responsibility to hasten their end in any way they can. It is not a political question it is a moral responsibility to undo all of the damages we brought about with corrupt policies.

eyesandears • 4 years ago

Because states tend to legalize purely for financial gain, the start up and ongoing fees are ridiculous, which result in highly priced end products. So Thurston below wrongly states that "American cannabis farmers charge a fortune...", as it is the regulatory agencies, not farmers, which exert the greatest influence over market prices.

David Harrison • 4 years ago

If pot didn't make you stupid and lazy, you ccould just grow your own.

The1Spirit • 4 years ago

And what is your excuse?

Spirit Helps • 4 years ago

Just move to Colorado!

Sabian Kendo • 4 years ago

I have seen a high person a few times and it is very very sad.Ive seen Elon Musk get high and the guy coudnt even talk.

Phil • 4 years ago

Apparently,that's the effect it had on you,David. Everyone is different. I've known people that would nurse a beer for an hour, after which they couldn't even stand up.

SSObozoSinking • 4 years ago

Nurse a beer for a hour and couldn't stand. I call BS.....

Sabian Kendo • 4 years ago

There is no need to use marijuana because there are countless plants that cure all diseases.Why would you want to use an addictive substance anyway?For most people advocating for "medicinal" use of marijuana is just a false excuse to get high.That's the truth.Very few people use it for medicine.

Alan479 Martin • 4 years ago

Marijuana is the greatest adaptogen ever. It does not cure anything but allows the body to make/find a way to heal itself. This includes not only the body but the mind also. Overall it's pain killing properties are unrivaled. Millions have used it to get off of opioids which are limited to short term use due to fast growing tolerance levels by the body.

vladilyich • 4 years ago

Because it has been PROVEN to be absolutely non-addictive physically, only psychologically. caffeine, ethanol and nicotine are man6y times MORE addictive and are legal.

Spirit Helps • 4 years ago

Marijuana is in my oldest herb book. It's one of those herbs that helps so many conditions, that it's one to have in your herbal medicine kit all of the time. It's a crisis herb.

Steve F1 • 4 years ago

DUHHH,if that's your problem then you stay away from it. Don't try to be someone that try's to tell what others want to do. Your kind are the problem in the world trying to control others life's. Mind your own life not mine.

Sabian Kendo • 4 years ago

You are telling ME what to do human.Go get a life.

brian • 4 years ago

Growing high quality cannabis is hard and requires skill, time and money. Mexico has the crappiest weed I have ever seen. I live in Colorado and I can tell you that the people that I know whom grow cannabis in Colorado are not worried at all. We have strains that are in the 30% THC mark; Mexico will never be able to produce that quality for the prices we are currently paying, not to mention the fact that they will have to smuggle their dirt weed over a 30 foot wall to get it into the USA.

SSObozoSinking • 4 years ago

Yes, those poor, lazy, uneducated people will never be able to build a Ford! Right?

Spirit Helps • 4 years ago

Illegal Mexicans have been growing on US public lands for many decades, and they sell to Americans. You've probably had some, but didn't know it. The crappy stuff was from earlier times. Most organic food in the health food stores comes from Mexico as well.

General ? • 4 years ago

We should admit it was a well thought out Diabolical Plot to outlaw something good and promote Tobacco and Paper though.
Imagine if the DEA would have investigated the Communist Infiltration instead of arresting the CIA's competition and giving them leads on future ASSociates in the Global Network. Can't imagine how many Badge carriers bought the property that they helped seize via RICO stuff,, all the while the Mad Scientist caught Trafficking Baby Body parts or Sex Slaves is different? Epsteins pals still own his Islands?