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Anti • 2 years ago

These vaccines are all psart of Agenda 21. whether its to weaken ,sterilize or cause brain damaged children and people.
Once they have got their MANDATORY Vaccine programme passed into "
'law' they then can start to sift through the population to take out dissenters or any other groups they deem inworthy of this world.
And dont think they are not insane enough to do it, they care nothing for sheeple or as they call us the wasteful ignorant eaters.

gudrunb • 2 years ago

not getting a twitter account over this, but who eve has one, thank the Shatner for me, please!

if I had a say, all these vaccine zealots would get a dose equivalent to their height and weight - that would be what? 15 to 50 times of what newborns are to withstand and supposedly does not harm them- at the first 2 year recommended schedule; that would make short of their nonsense in a hurry, I bet.

David Vickers • 2 years ago

Don't mess with The Shat !

lawyer for Monsanto
says " round up" is safe for human consumption
but declines to drink a glass of round up when offered.

emmanuelozon • 2 years ago

Gee, I got a TB shot when I was a kid, and a polio sugar cube in 1959. Other than those, I've not had any vaccinations.

My half brother has not had ANY vaccinations. My 31 tear old son has had the TB shot.

Perhaps I should ask why I and my son have never been sick. My son never missed a day of school from kindergarten through college.

Observer • 2 years ago

I will add that the term 'autism spectrum' is essentially code-word for catastrophic brain damage. The spectrum is the extent of it. The primary cause of which is the toxic ingredients in vaccines.

In fact if you review the known information about each of the vaccine ingredients separately, what effect they are known to have on the body alone. Then you will begin to understand why combining them into a vaccine that is injected into babies is the most insane thing in the world. It reveals that vaccines are designed to cause harm, they are not medicine, they are not immunization, they are a weapon designed to harm.

Alexandra1973 • 2 years ago

Seems to be treatable. My 15-year-old is on the spectrum. I give him B12 and his language has been picking up.

Observer • 2 years ago

The vaccine program ramped up in the mid to late 80s and continues to do so, once the industry was granted legal immunity, they fascistic-ally work hand in hand with cdc to push for more and more vaccinations, such that today the recommended schedule is like 70+ doses of many different vaccines.

In other words people are given tons more vaccines today than they were given in the 60s, 70s and even early 80s.

The result is that it is overloading the bodies ability to deal with the toxins in the vaccines, resulting in a vast array of artificially induced chronic diseases with autism 'spectrum' being a significant part of that.

Such that in your time, the autism rate was 1 in 10,000.
Today it is 1 in 90.
By 2025 it will be 1 in 2 if things continue to progress as they have been.

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

Read my post on polio / virus scam.

Bones/McCoy • 2 years ago

Damn It Jim, I told you to stay out of medicine. Now go and look what you've done...next you will have the green blooded Vulcan, Spock, wanting to be my physician's attendant in sick bay.

supreme court judge Clarence Thomas was lawyer for Monsanto in the 1970's.
Clarence Thomas has never ruled against Monsanto
and has never recused himself from a Monsanto case

gudrunb • 2 years ago


bill gates and Monsanto
want your family dead.
so they can have more of the planet for themselves


suezz • 2 years ago

Go read Dr. Mary's Monkeys and Me and Lee and you will never look at vaccines the same again.

Nancy Page • 2 years ago

That UGLY RAT Gorski looks as if he's taken one too many vaccines himself! His face is even crooked!

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
PJ London • 2 years ago

As 1984 author George Orwell declared, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
The issue is not just related to vaccines it permeates every inch of our lives. Only a total cretin would believe that Assad dropped Sarin on Idlib, Trump and all the others are not cretins, therefore they are lying and they know that they are lying. They know that all the others are lying and yet they continue.
'Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.'
– Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States (1856-1924)
This power has been around since ancient times, and is in almost complete control.
"So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. "
– Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister
"There is something behind the Throne greater than the King himself."
Sir William Pitt (1708-78)
They can and will destroy any who stand against them. Shatner and Kennedy may talk and make a noise. They are irrelevant. Trump will back down on his Vaccine promises, even though it has affected his own family. The alternative has been explained to him very clearly. He was naive on the campaign trail and was allowed to say anything he wanted, as they never believed that he could win. Now reality kicks in and he too will fold and bow down.
No doctor in the world believes in his heart that Vaccines or cancer treatments are even benign, let alone beneficial, but no doctor who has a family and a practice will ever speak against them. They will and do destroy any and every opponent.
A personal instance. In 1987 I gave a speech on the rubbish being put out about AIDS, I said it was BS and that there was no basis whatsoever for the idea that HIV caused the immune system to be impaired beyond what any flu or cold would cause.
Someone with funding, took my speech and wanted to prove me wrong, so he had two 3rd year medical students spend their December vacation (at a price) to investigate the research that formed the basis of the AIDS claims. After 2 months they could not find a single piece of research, plenty of figures and graphs and claims but no possible science to back the claims. Stupidly they then went back to University and told the lecturers and other students. The other students were angry, very angry. These two were putting the whole purpose of a degree and the students futures at risk by questioning the perceived order. After 2 weeks, they were called into the dean and warned that any further discussion of AIDS outside of the work prescribed by the Professors would result in their rustication and the termination of their study for a medical (or any other ) degree.
I do not know the answer, I have kept quiet for many years, I have a wife who depends on me and children who can be harmed.
I will not repeat their lies, and when telling others of them, 90% are incapable of even hearing, let alone understanding and thinking about what is being said.
Good luck, my next incarnation will be on a planet far far away and a whole lot better.
I am tired of this nonsense and can't be bothered any longer.

Anti • 2 years ago

That power is the Black Goo..look it up on GOOgle
Its the evil waves that effect peoples brains to make them like the elites of today, all are in its power.

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

AID$ is so 80's read my post for a complete break down on hiv , hep C , Polio etc. All chemically caused.

c_chandler • 2 years ago

vaccines, like GM foods, like big pharma, have all been proven to harm citizens with their fraud and lies and smears. we need to get ourselves back to only the few that are truly helpful. chicken pox and mumps are not highly deadly if found and treated. they are usually childhood diseses and doctors need to be retrained on them and treatment without chemicals.

kookydude • 2 years ago

Where no man has gone before...

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

Does vaccinating make sense?
Dr Stefan Lanka and Dr. Karl Krafeld
This is the translation of the flyer by the society of which Dr Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld are presidents of. They are actually encouraging people to write to the government to be shown actual proof that viruses exist, since so much scientific 'evidence' is based on it. Although this has been done since the middle of last year, in Germany as well as Austria, and apparently some other European countries, so far, no government body has been able to provide this proof or to even refer to any relevant scientific literature! I will start something like this here in the UK, and I'd love to see this started in every country.
Does vaccinating make sense?
No! Because vaccinating is comprehensive fraud. It has never been possible to create diseases with relevant microbes. In the year 1882, the bacteriologist Robert Koch started scientific fraud on political orders. As neither he himself nor others managed to cause the purported diseases with bacteria, he produced, in totally insane and cruel animal experiments, "similar symptoms“ and assessed this as proof for the ability to infect someone. All those who vaccinate refer to these experiments from the 19th Century.
Yes! If one accepts and approves that the governments of the world irreversibly implant nerve poisons such as mercury, aluminum, solvents etc by bypassing detoxification with vaccination. These nerve poisons provoke gradual to manifest stupidification, development disturbances of all kinds, paralysis and death of the vaccinated and serve to break the will of human beings. If the reactions to vaccines go beyond the average, then the law speaks of „vaccine damage“.
No! Because ‚the ability to infect’ was exclusively defined as poisoning by scientific medicine (Virchow, Max von Pettenkofer, Rush, Klein and others) which has recognized diseases objectively correct between poisoning, deficiency and brain functions. And the latin name for poison, for example in water through faeces, decay poisons in food and from corpses is Virus.Experiments were carried out publicly which have disproven the statements about „infection“ through microbes and vaccination.
Yes! If one accepts and approves that „vaccinating“ has turned the human being into an easily manipulatable object who now believes that health does not result from onself, but requires a strong state and its pharma industry. Because the one who allows to be vaccinated, will allow anything and will no longer notice that he/she is being poisoned and killed with antibiotics, chemotherapy, irradiation, gen technology etc.
No! Because none of those „viruses“ that claim to make you ill, like smallpox, polio, hepatitis, aids, ebola, measles, mumps, rubella and tic viruses has ever been seen, isolated and proven as existent. State medicine invented these „viruses“ in order to conceal vaccination and medication damages. This fact can easily be checked by anyone. There is no publication in scientific literature in which a scientist states and proves that he isolated and characterized the relevant virus out of a sick person. Relevant text books present, with fraudulent intention, models and photographs of cells as ‚viruses’. Any amateur can learn, within a couple of days, the isolating, photographing and characterizing of viruses which exist – and which are all harmless.
Yes! If one accepts and approves that by way of „vaccinating“ in the Third World, massive „population control“, speak euthanasia, was and is executed. The vaccines there contain pregnancy hormones to prevent conception, gentech activated nuclein acid to sterilize males as well, plutomium with which whole tribes have been poisoned, etc. If the same nerve poisons are contained in these vaccines as in this country, then in a much higher concentration, up to 100 and 1000-fold. The resulting „vaccine damages“, acute liver failure and resulting whole boody bleeding will then be termed „ebola“, „marburg“, „crimea-congo“, „lassa“ infection etc or as „Aids“.
No! Because even since Pasteur, no vaccine contains what it claims to contain: viruses or parts thereof! If one enquires at the responsible authorities, the answer is given that this is a company secret of the manufacturer which has to be protected by the state. The health authorities, medical association and physicians conceal that each vaccine contains poisons, such as mercury, aluminum, solvents etc. Without which the „serum“ would never produce a reaction! Inserts are generally not distributed.
Yes! If one accepts and approves that the CDC and EIS and therefore the Pentagon manipulate the national health authorities through the WHO, and created through parliaments the legal frame to suspend civil rights any time and anywhere.A nd who execute a psychoterror, which is proven to result in ill health, against their own people by making dishonest statements about biowarfare, e.g. anthrax, pox, polio etc.
No! Because all numbers shown by the state show clearly that „vaccinations“ never had any influence on falling numbers of diseases, quite to the contrary. This is an easily uncovered fraud of those in favor of vaccinations in the production of statistics. The same goes for the definition of the various „infectious“ diseases. These are constantly changed in order to proof, on one hand, the success of „vaccinations“, such as the change of the definition of „smallpox“ and „polio“ to show their disappearance and on the other hand to invent new „infectious diseases“, such as AIDS.
Yes! If one accepts that genocide happens in your own country, because the German penal code defines „vaccination“ as genocide: „Who, with the intention to wholly or partly destroy a national, racial, religious or ethnic group as such, impose living conditions which are suitable to effect their physical destruction wholle or partly will be punished with life long imprisonment. In lesser cases, the punishment is no less than five years.“ Appeal!
Those who continue to recommend, execute or allow vaccination, following these statements of facts. The advice is that the facts stated in this flyer will be checked by the reader. The simplest way to do this is to ask the relevant authorities for a scientific publication in which a scientist states and proves that he has isolated and shown the relevant illness causing „virus“ taken from an ill person. This is called the compliance with the First Koch Postulate, which medicine states contrary to better knowledge.
The law here demands proof according to the current state of science and technology. Therefore, proving the existence of a „virus“ that causes disease requires the thermionic microscopic photograph of the isolated virus and the biochemical characterizing of the virus components. As such a proof does not exist anywhere, it becomes clear that the nerve poisons in the vaccines are intentionally implanted in the population. With this wanted deception and poisoning of the population, every citizen is obliged to file charges with the police against executioners and those involved in vaccinations. Please make copies of this
and send replies www.aufwaerts.at and www.klein-klein-aktion.de.
In our book „Vaccinating – Genocide in the Third Millenium?“, statements and the history of „vaccinating“ in depth – proofs from authorities printed, such as how the Austrian president of the medical association, Dr Otto Pjeta tried to prevent with the help of the courts facts about vaccinations being made public – backgrounds explained why the American Government has been utilizing the creation of fear in the health services since 1951 as a political means – and the reports from mothers on vaccination and the background on AIDS, BSE, MKS and further investigations, all presented to the public for the first time. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Guest • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

I do find the good stuff , the truth is often SHOCKING isn't it .

Guest • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago


tom griffin • 2 years ago

hey guys your share links,,fb twitter g+ all say dont work.

Guest • 2 years ago
Guest • 2 years ago
Scottie • 2 years ago

Captain, the ditlithium crystals cannot take the stress of taking on so most Monsanto arseholes at once!

LorieK • 2 years ago

Ummmm, in my college classes we were not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source because it can be edited by anyone. I only use Wikipedia to confirm basic facts, like dates of things, locations, etc.

Donna • 2 years ago

Exactly. On one of my university papers it was very specific if we used Wikipedia as a source we received an automatic fail.

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
Gladiatoro • 2 years ago
BlackJack77 • 2 years ago

Awesome! The more people who speak out the better. The more people that speak out the harder it is to bully people into silence. Metaphorically, the more leaks in a dam the faster it breaks.

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

It's already broken .

Bob • 2 years ago

I agree with doctor truth. I am anti liars, anti corruption, and anti evil which makes me anti vax.

Gladiatoro • 2 years ago

Yes you are a anti vaxxer like me and a holocaust denier lol... and we never went to the moon WOW .... i'm 50 / 50 on that one until someone shows me absolute proof I don't buy it , perhaps the Chinese will send a robot up there right to the landing site with NOTHING there not even a lag until that day I don't buy it.

Viva La Evolucion • 2 years ago

The company I own got sued by priceline a few years ago for infringing on their patent, which basically was a patent for offering online customers a discount to pay with a certain payment method. I was offering discount if customers paid with Google Checkout back when that was a payment method. Anyways, I never responded to the lawsuit because it seemed frivolous, and nothing ever came of it. I don't have any hard feeling about it, but just a side fact. And, I've always liked Shatner.

deenie1219 • 2 years ago

I am an anti-vaxxer, 101%. Once you get a family member that has a lifetime debilitating disease develop within hours of a vax shot it becomes easy to be an anti-vaxxer. I was anti-vax before he got the shot but his tragic result strengthened my convictions.

Guest • 2 years ago
Spell Checker • 2 years ago


herbprof • 2 years ago

William Shatner is known to have a hard nose, with a high I.Q. to back it up!...Way beyond the likes of Ken the Floater, David Goatski, and Fatid " the Jailbird" Fata!

George Henry • 2 years ago

BRAVO MR. SHATNER for going toe to toe with these evil criminals. There is nothing more sinister, more nefarious than poisoning the brains and bodies of our children...OUR FUTURE! These frauds should be in jail. The MMR vaccine has been PROVEN to cause autism by CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson Ph.d.