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AlphaLady777 • 8 months ago

The shooter's Manifesto is NOT "a rambling 74 page diatribe." He actually makes a whole lot of sense and has many valid points. For those who bothered to read it - it is clear why the government is attempting to cover it up. I find his body count of "800 people" he has killed disturbing - but he was a government trained SEAL..........

Paul Rose • 8 months ago

It continues to be my assessment of the data, that these haters are being created by "poking them with sticks", or other high tech strategies. Everybody knows by now, first the creation of the Manchurian Candidate, next the incident, next the control, and of course, it's all about hamstringing the citizens so they can't defend themselves from the depopulation program that's in effect, which is ultimately, the reason for everything.

Peter Bryan • 8 months ago

Is it any surprise that the NZ and AUS governments did not see this coming . By banning anyone from even making negative comments about multiculturalism , they have driven the far right underground rather than allowing their concerns to be discussed openly .

summerbreeze • 8 months ago

bad players in US attempting a get away safe place "won't be able to walk down the streets @jac>He (or she) who laughs last...... nobody is safe -Q

Anthony Koopmans • 8 months ago

Let's not forget the very true possibility of mind control. Anyone who researches MK Ultra / Monach, etc (refer an excellent film by Aron and Melissa Dykes called "The Minds of Men") will know that people can be truely "set up". It would not surprise me if there is more behind these incidents than meets the eye! The agenda is 1984 and way beyond that.

Ricky Ricardo • 8 months ago

Yuppers! I thought; "Deja Vu - all over again"! Most of these "shooters" seem to have a lot in common. Manifesto? Where have I seen that berfore? One thing for sure...one way or another; there's going to be a HUGE FALSE FLAG - in the 'not-to-distant future! Count on it!

Marie • 8 months ago

It's true that mind control does exist and this is a possible explanation for the shooter's actions. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to me that a sane person would shoot 49 or 50 people.

AlphaLady777 • 8 months ago

He claims to have killed 800+.

PtHerbie2 • 8 months ago

This was the smoke screen before the next false flag event. Take the guns away from all English speaking Nations in the name of islamophobia [jihad]. That coupled with whatever the cabal of elitists has planned next in their quest to control the world. THIS ENEMY OF HUMANITY will stop at nothing, and they are being cornered.

Safesam • 8 months ago

doesn't this have all the hall marks of a false flag operation?
I can't believe that anyone who could write so lucidly would then go and shoot people and organize to film it too
makes no sense

Preserving Jar • 8 months ago

Since the 1980s there has been a very dictatorial "holier than thou" tendency within the (once exclusively blue collar) New Zealand Labour Party. While New Zealand's current prime minister is less "blunt" than her party predecessor (Helen Clark) she is nevertheless a continuance of this tendency. Nowadays the Labour Party (which is in fact no longer "labour") takes the attitude that it always knows best and as a result has attempted to ban, disengage and/or shutdown anyone who challenges the now dominant and very vocal left-liberal narrative which resonates right across New Zealand society (using the usual/all-but-mandatory catch-cries: "racist", "bigot", "extremist"). This group of politicians are the product of a philosophy which is totally contrary to the democratic principles upon which the Dominion of New Zealand was founded. I do not believe "Liberty" (in the Benjamin Franklin-Thomas Jefferson sense of the word) would even exist in their vocabulary. They could perhaps best be described as "the intolerant champions of tolerance".

john vieira • 8 months ago

It is a world wide phenomenon...the Russians rejected them after 80 years but they joined up with generous Petro$ benefactors and appear to be unleashing the next Dark Age...the mainstream fake media has been on board for years and social media has recently been sucked in to their cause!!!

Preserving Jar • 8 months ago

Couldn't agree more. Labour are certainly in bed with the corporates – perhaps more so than the (supposed) conservative opposition. They have however sold the globalist one-world agenda to the public much more subtly – exploiting the image of the kind, caring, and generous young mother. Meanwhile Russia is now rebuilding itself and once again embracing Christianity (I understand it to be the only country in the world where more Christian churches are being built than pulled down). After the fall of the USSR the Marxist-left-liberal contagion simply packed up and moved westward lock-stock-and-barrel – becoming the dominant force in many of our universities and other educational institutions, the public service (governmental agencies), and the mass media – and as you rightfully stated – now social media also. The almost scripted reaction to the tragic events in Christchurch is surely evidence this anti-Western agenda is very real.

BlackJack77 • 8 months ago

When I see what they are trying to do as a result of this tragedy I am remided of the quote by Rahm Emmanuel, former Chief of Staff to Obama, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

john vieira • 8 months ago

Meanwhile my condolences to the victims of 'boka harram' in Nigeria and of the Philippine 'bomber'...both incidents, like so many in the past especially 'post' Kosovo, that the mainstream apparently seem to IGNORE...which in retrospect definitely does NOT appear to be coincidental...

Parallax View • 8 months ago

Shoot firsr, ask questions later.

Guest • 8 months ago
jeremy • 8 months ago

Reuben Cohn is a HASBARA TROLL. HASBARA TROLLS are paid a few thousand a month by the govt of IsraHELL to patrol social media and attempt to brainwash people. THIS HASBARA TROLL was last encountered trying to pimp for the carbon tax.

Mary T • 8 months ago

I don’t like Israel but I would gladly work for them for that sort of money. Where do I sign up?

LewPatrick • 8 months ago

You use of the term "pimp" is very appropriate.

D thurm • 8 months ago

Not just pimp, but troll, energy vampire shill, who loves the attention, even if it's negative. Must have been stuffed in a few lockers during high school.