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Patti • 2 years ago

I still marvel at how my parents, (back in the 50's/60's) knew to tell us to "go play in the sun, it's good for you" and gave us cod liver oil in the winter. How did they know?

FourOFour • 2 years ago

If you didn't get outside much this summer, by spring you will be deficient(if not severely deficiant) in VitamD! Get out, eat some fresh foods!

Ever wonder why Dr.s check your "D" levels in Jan. Feb. & Mar.?

Steveng • 2 years ago

Store bought vitamins and minerals, in and of themselves, don't work.

God knows his creation better than we know ourselves. He created the WHOLE plants and animals for our food and for medicinal purposes. All the elements, the vitamins and the minerals, of the whole food is created to work together for each individual element to work properly.

For example, vitamin C. Scientist think extracting only the vitamin C from an orange and putting it into a pill works. But it doesn't. It takes ALL the elements of the orange to make the vitamin C work properly in the body. One, of many, important element in an orange, or any plant, is boron. Boron is an activator which opens each cell of the body to accept vitamin C. Do some research of boron. Research has shown that you don’t necessarily get the full benefits from isolated substances, such as vitamins and minerals supplements, as compared to when they occur naturally in foods.

AlPhur • 2 years ago

The EU secretly banned boron as a supplement. I wonder why. They even stopped Italian arthritic people from having boron-rich spring water.

Supplements vary. Some are very good; 'food state' supplements are often the best, and should not contain loads of additional muck for colouring, bulking, preservatives, synthetic taste (which just add allergens) and so on.

And supplements really are necessary when someone is severely depleted - it isn't always physically posssible to eat enough food to redress the balance, you might need a daily cart-load . And if you did eat that you'd have a weight problem.

But I would not recommend taking supplements daily, all the time. This is probably pointless and can leas to adverse effects. Take the supplements you need, for a length of time until you conquer the deficiency, then move to a proper diet. Take a dosage holiday of at least a week, every six to eight weeks.
And be aware that the RDA amounts are pathetically low, designed by Pharma to be ineffective - but also be aware of what the possibly toxic does are. If you want to use food medicine properly, you have to do some study & understanding.

Nutritionist • 2 years ago

Vitamin D3.

AlPhur • 2 years ago

Constant dosing of D3 "every day, religiously" causes side-effects.

Instead, take a large dose every few days if you are deficient, perhaps each week or fortnight if you need maintenance doses. The toxic dose of D3 is very high, but bad effects only come from constant repetition (the way you are trained to take your medications, so you can keep up pharma profits).

Look for a liquid D3 with least added crap ("excipients"), and from a good source. Read & learn.

Wendy Allen • 2 years ago

Vit K2 may help put Ca recycled by Vit D into bones and not tissues/blood vessels.

MelissaW • 2 years ago