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zdennis • 10 years ago

Very nice! I haven't done a lot with Fibers,so having you point out a potential use for them and then walk through it was great. Thanks for the post!

drewish • 4 years ago

Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been looking everywhere for examples of how to use Fibers that are complicated enough to do something useful but simple enough to understand. For an older feature it’s one of the least documented.

Sean Walbran • 9 years ago

Thanks for this post! It would be great if you would publish this as an actual gem (ideally with an MIT license :) ) so that we can build and publish other things on top of this very useful infrastructure.

myronmarston • 9 years ago

I updated the microgem with an MIT license. If you're using bundler, you can use it by adding this line to your gemfile:

gem 'rspec_around_all', git: 'git://gist.github.com/20051...

As for publishing this as an actual gem on rubygems.org...I have enough open source I'm involved in all ready (or too much, as my wife would probably say) and I'm not really interested in maintaining another gem. Are you interested in taking over this code and releasing it as a gem and being maintainer?

Sean Walbran • 9 years ago
myronmarston • 9 years ago