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Barbara • 11 months ago

A former drug dealer lies about numbers on streaming service. Gee what a surprise.

Jallarhorn • 11 months ago

Should be easy enough. Just compare the data with the payout. If they match....

Binky Melnik • 11 months ago

Paragraph 13 covered that. It says they matched perfectly.

Jallarhorn • 11 months ago

Well, if it walks like a duck..
Jail next for fraud.

Urbeka • 11 months ago

One small example (out of thousands) on the data in this study, for a given person;
- At 09.30.57 she starts the first track, «Pray You Catch Me». Halfway into the first song, at 1 min 14 seconds, she restart the track from the beginning. She then listen to the rest of the record. The seventh track she listens to two times, then drops last track.
- At 10.30.57 she starts the first track, restarts it at 1 min 14 seconds, listens to the seventh track two times, then drops the last track.
- At 11.30.57 the same happens.
- At 12.30.57 the same happens.
And again.. and again… and again…

RickTFBsince2015 • 11 months ago

Jay Z has to get Tidal out of Oslo, because DN is going to keep writing theses stories. Why are they so obsessed with Tidal?

Morpheus • 11 months ago

"This is a smear campaign from a publication that once referred to our employee as an “Israeli Intelligence officer” and our owner as a “crack dealer.”

We expect nothing less from them than this ridiculous story, lies and falsehoods. The information was stolen and manipulated and we will fight these claims vigorously."

that Racist Nazi newpaper they've been writing negative stories about Tidal since it's inception..

eucliditis • 11 months ago

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better

Phantorang • 11 months ago

They wouldn't write anything if they just could show they didnt cheat. It is obvious cheating when every single Tidal user played the Limonade album 12 times every single day, at specific times. Tidal can easily stop this if this is not true, they can prove what is right. When they choose not to do it, but only send threats, it looks bad for them.

Morpheus • 11 months ago

FAKE NEWS media does it all the time!

RickTFBsince2015 • 11 months ago

What's DN's perspnal beef with Jay Z? Or who's paying them to smear Tidal? DN called Jay Z a "crack dealer" and one of his employees, an "Israeli intelligence officer" (Jewish guy). Definitely seems like Apple or Spotify are paying DN and other outlets to smear Tidal. Apple did the same thing with Drake's album, and most of the media stayed quiet. All of theses streaming services are lying about their number, so why does Tidal always receive the negative stories?

Creamy Lollipop • 11 months ago

The newspaper is one of Norway’s most renowned news providers, and the journalists behind the Tidal story have been given the Norwegian version of Pulitzer price just a short time ago. Tidal has their main office in Oslo, Norway, hence the attention from a Norwegian newspaper. NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is a state owned university, and the Norwegian equivalent to MIT.

Morpheus • 11 months ago

This obviously "fake news" A smear job to stop Tidal from competing with Apple and Spotify, How come no one is at Apple or Spotify doing an "investigation" into their numbers? When artist gain control of their art the powers that leech off them make sure they stay in their place. Micheal Jackson was cool until he bought the Beatles catalog then he got smeared by the fake news media as Wacko. We've seen this movie before..

Binky Melnik • 11 months ago

How do you know that no one’s investigated Apple and Spotify? Maybe someone did and they found no impropriety, hence no need for headlines. They’d be pretty boring headlines if they investigated and found nothing. (“Apple, Spotify not faking their bookkeeping.”)

Whenever there’s money involved, someone, somewhere is looking at it, looking for funny business. I’ll bet there’re even people looking so they might find a way to start some funny business of their own.

Having said all that, I’d like to point out that not everything is a conspiracy. I’m finally getting used to people seeing conspiracies in absolutely everything, including school shootings. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, to borrow a useful phrase from an unrelated industry.

Phantorang • 11 months ago

So because no other company has been cheating the way Tidal has, its unfair? You think every single Tidal user played Limonade 12 times a day? Im sorry this hurts, it does, but its true, and whataboutism doesnt make this ok.

Guest • 11 months ago
afhtown • 11 months ago

all of your criticisms of the industry are valid. But it's not slander if accusers provide evidence. Which the journalists have.

Norm Karsh • 11 months ago

“These numbers meant that, on average, every single TIDAL subscriber would have had to be playing the Kanye album over eight times a day.”

I think it is VERY possible that a person would play a Kanye album eight times in a row. I do that most days because the racket keeps away deer, squirrels, and rabbits from my garden.

Jakob Skouborg • 11 months ago

Hahaha, I fucking love this :)

You use Tidal, not to listen to the music yourself.......... but you use Tida to scare away animals from your garden?

That's hillarious.

Tidal > too shitty for human consumption > uses it to scare away animals......

Sorry, this is too funny......

Kris • 11 months ago

Not to mention the number of people who signed up for "free trials" when albums like TLOP and Lemonade dropped so they could listen for free but deleted their accounts before the trial period was up. It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that millions of people signed up for free accounts to listen to a new Beyonce album. She's the most famous living musician in the world, so the "every tidal subscriber...eight times a day" quote is technically inaccurate because it only accounts for paying subscribers.

Trond Michelsen • 11 months ago

You should look at the report. Users has started listening to the album at exactly two hour intervals, to the millisecond. They play the songs in the same order, including skipping from one song to another at exactly the same time, every time they play the album. They find the same patterns across 1.7 million users.

Art Haack • 11 months ago


Andrea Pantoja • 11 months ago


Christopher Øien • 11 months ago

Hope West ends up in prison for this, mooching off of other artists who actually makes good music, disgusting. He probably think thats ok, being a "gangsta" and all. Moron.

Kazz Man • 11 months ago

I'm not thrilled with Kanye, but I'm not going to lie on him either. He has never portrayed himself as a gangster, so you have probably never bothered to listen to any of his music; however, it's obvious you are a racist PO$ who associates every black rapper with the word "thug". That's like saying every white Italian is in the Mafia.

Pepe Rana • 11 months ago

West? He did absolutely nothing in this case. WTF? You are a moron. And clearly a cuck, leftist, Jay-Zero supporter. I bet your hangnail is Trumps' fault.

Bastow • 11 months ago

I thought this related post was appropriate...



Christopher Øien • 11 months ago

West is still in Tidal, he hasn't left anything. He would never give up a deal where he can mooch and steal from other musicians.

LJ • 11 months ago


Katarzyna Anna • 11 months ago

Thanks Mate . Good job 😃

Kalifornia Kitsune • 11 months ago

You're the bitch. Looking at MY DATA (I downloaded the archive) and it says I listened to Lemonade over 60 times. I don't like Beyonce. I prefer 8Ball/MJG (which is why I signed up in the first place.) So you're a fake lying ass bitch that's trying to defend some lyin' ass hoes.

NMiguelCosta • 11 months ago

Kanye West being a con man like his idol and mentor Donald Trump. Nothing shocking here except if you tell me Russia also was entangled in this operation.

imbruglia • 11 months ago

the writer doesn't even know how streaming number works. lol
250m in 10 days meaning, 250m tracks, not whole album. so it means 3m user play 8 track out of 18track album, 1 time per day for 10 days. huge difference.

musicbizworldwide • 11 months ago

No it doesn't. It means 250m stream-equivalent albums. Peace & love.

imbruglia • 11 months ago

no. people always say album streamed x amount as whole tracks on album. you're just nipticking only kanye when others do same. you can easily find in billboard or other media saying that. x album streamed 50m.

Guest • 11 months ago
John M • 11 months ago

Oh dear, Jim...bit of a stretch to bring Obama into this.

Guest • 11 months ago
Loque Kane • 11 months ago

ROFL, WTF, got nothing to do with Obama... unless you got that Tin Foil hat on super tight!

Henry Prince • 11 months ago

If this is right, Tidal should be driven out of business and shut down as fast as Cambridge Analytica. If this is right, fuck them and #DeleteTidal