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Yo Mama • 1 year ago

I disagree, I bought to sample watches for a watch business I was creating and it ended up being cheap plastic garbage.

Dan Blinman • 1 year ago

Just because you tested one manufacturer and they were cheap quality, doesn't mean they all are. We've manufactured quality watches for many western business owners - you need professionals to help you maintain that kind of quality in the long run.

Louise Maccabee • 2 years ago

Please watch "The Chinese business tycoon revealing the secrets of Beijing's elite "on YT. People on your team are strengthening China's #1 economic power. In other words, the CCP wants every country to submit to the authoritarian communist regime under its name.

Dan Blinman • 1 year ago

Yes, we are strengthening China. Although, they don't really need our help as they were doing fairly well already ;)

Lisa Allen El • 1 year ago

I am the inventor of a prototype called "The Baby Detector™" that has a pending provisional patented which is at the USPO, and I would love for my invention to be contracted for royalties and manufactured by a reputable corporation or company in China.

Bun • 1 year ago

Like your funny video! you would make a great director! greetings from Toronto. Ah can I borrow your Harley when I visit China, I'll let you ride mine when ur here.

Paul • 1 year ago

Would be pleased if you could assist me to get a reputable manufacturing company for my products. Thanks

BERT JEAN • 1 year ago

I have a signature brand name . I want to promote.

Dan Blinman • 1 year ago

Click on the "get started" button at the top of our website and fill out your details, to speak to one of our Business Development Managers.


I need a small run of athletic wear products to promote an adult line as well as an adult website...

Quality more significant than Victoria Secrets but production price points to be below or comprable to thier product costs.

One of the requirements is embroidery on each of our products and a heart ❤️ patch. Strategicly placed.

Dan Blinman • 1 year ago

Hey you can schedule a call with our team here to discuss your project with us : https://www.morphomfg.com/s...