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roadrider • 6 days ago

Out of respect for the family's tragic loss can't people refrain from rants and trolling??

Bushytails • 6 days ago

I think you already know the answer to that.

mystic headlock • 6 days ago

If anyone I know ever dies and it makes LoCo I am for absolutely 120% sure not going to look at the post. Even if no one trolls (not happening) its too easy to misinterpret perfectly rational discussion as an attack. Someone called me a racist for a post that occured two days before I knew the victim was black.

derek reese • 6 days ago

Well he's being painted as such a good kid and maybe he was but the fact is he was up late partying and got into a fight. I went to parties when I was younger and never fought anyone. And "good kids" don't stay out into the wee hours parting. They should be home asleep.

good kid • 6 days ago

Wow you went to parties and never fought anyone?! Everyone should be like you!

Good kids don't party into the wee hours? Geez I guess the majority of students are not good kids and they'll probably end up getting stabbed. And its not their fault they got stabbed but they're probably not good kids.

derek reese if only everyone could be a good kid like you! you're a genius! thank you for your comment! my god you're so perceptive! OMG

MrsSilenceD • 6 days ago

Listen up Eddie Haskel... I got in a few fist fights in college. Not proud of it. And I stayed out late partying. I did it all. I was also one of your "good kids."

TheHonestDick • 6 days ago

Sometimes kids go out and party, I know many kids who had some fun staying up late and enjoying the night. Not everyone is a basement dwelling angel like yourself.

freakadazoo • 6 days ago

"Basement Dwelling Troll" is how I would describe this jaded clown.

TheHonestDick • 6 days ago


toad • 6 days ago

Even "good kids" stay out late. But I will say that not much good happens at 3 in the morning.

Baker's Hours • 4 days ago

You've never worked in a bakery.

HSU Mom • 6 days ago

May god bless David Josiah Lawson and his family, my child goes to Humboldt State. Yes, kids do party to relax after a stressful week of schooling and studying. Just because this young man was at a party doesn't mean he wasn't a good kid. My child is a very good kid, with exceptional grades, and YES, she does go to a party now and then. Please don't judge if you don't know the situation.

Tired • 6 days ago

Good for you. You are such a straight arrow that you should be a role model. Shall I make you a poster?

LB • 6 days ago

I partied my ass off. All night long. Still earned an MA. It's called being in college.

freakadazoo • 6 days ago

whatever Idiot....nobody is painting the victim as being a "good kid". And yea "good kids" do spent nights out partying. But no doubt you were never invited to any parties, this would explain your jaded response on this thread.

Guest • 6 days ago
Joe • 6 days ago

How do you know?

derp • 6 days ago

Even if this kid went out nightly to party his ass off, he wouldn't deserve to be stabbed. Had he pulled a weapon and been rushed by multiple people it would be a different story. How do we know this kid didn't go out a few times a month...... College kids party, they don't deserve to die......

707spartan • 5 days ago

How do you know the suspect wasn't attacked and rushed by multiple people?

707SkinheadTrolls • 4 days ago

How do you know who your father was?

Hubertus • 5 days ago

You're a judgmental piece of shit. May your life be looked over with a lens 1000 times more powerful when you finally croak.

CZ • 6 days ago

Hope this gets resolved soon.

Jaj • 6 days ago

I would be honored to be mocked and trolled in death

Jaj = kek • 4 days ago

Maybe try putting that stipulation in your final directive/will.

better yet, have someone post a map to your gravesite. I'll be sure to save up a nice big load of "mockery" for your final resting site.

Guest • 6 days ago
freakadazoo • 6 days ago

El Barro The Troll.

guest • 6 days ago

Good grief Charlie Brown

Joe • 6 days ago


Hubertus • 5 days ago

Wouldn't want anyone cutting in on your proclivities, eh?

guest • 5 days ago


HvyDrt • 5 days ago

Is that you or your sister talking? Can I borrow $4 from your mom?

confusist • 5 days ago

Seriously!!!! Lost Coast moderste your comments the one below is dlabsolutely disgusting!! Do your job!

Antistereotype • 5 days ago

What is happening to Humboldt and the world? I spent many nights out partying in Arcata, and no one ever got stabbed and killed! I hope they get the murderer and he pays for his bad decisions and choices in life, since kids are not learning the idea of consequences anymore!