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Cooper8386 • 7 months ago

Hello just wondering how well a GT 1030 and an i3-8100 and 8GB of 2400 ram would fare on this game. I know these are not great pieces of hardware but I want to get 60 fps low to medium at 1080p. Would these specs work for me or would I need something like a RX570?

Daniel • 7 months ago

Unfortunately, the GT 1030 is about 50% less powerful than the GTX 660 and HD 7850 in the official minimum specs for running Destiny 2---which is what we would typically assume is needed for running the game at an agreeable frame rate at 1080p with low settings.

On the plus side, an RX 570 would indeed be a balanced choice with the i3-8100 (taking the whole build up to roughly the 'Fair' tier of our general build recommendation chart), and a build with that pair of core components should be capable of running Destiny 2 at 60 FPS on a 1080p monitor with medium settings (or 45-60 FPS at high settings).

Cooper8386 • 6 months ago

Sorry to be so annoying and ask all of these questions. My brother has helped me design a computer and he thinks it will work very good. He will be selling me some of his parts to lower the price for me as I do not have very much money, I was wondering if i could get by with these components?: https://pcpartpicker.com/li...

Daniel • 6 months ago

A build with an i3-8100 and an RX 570 would be roughly comparable to the 'Fair' tier of our general build recommendation chart, which we would expect to be capable of 45-60 FPS in Destiny 2 at 1080p with High settings (or better performance with reduced settings and/or resolution).

CoreyHardin • 9 months ago

Just got this game from Blizzard and decided to go ahead get Forsaken. Running a fairly modest rig: Ryzen 7 1700 (Stock), 16GB Ram @ 2666, and a GTX 960 2G with a very modest 100 MHz core bump and a 350MHz memory OC. The reason I am posting here is I was blown away by how smoothly the game was running and I wanted to check out what other people where saying. I got the 960 because my 570 TI died and I needed something cheap. I have not been impressed with how it handles games, but its what I can afford at the moment. Destiny 2 runs looks amazing and the frames are very consistently 60+. Well done to Activision to nailing this one! Also just realized I forgot to mention I am running on a 27 inch Asus something or other at 1080p with a refresh of 60Hz.

KapapaPried • 11 months ago

If anyone reads these lol. How many fps roughly will I get with a RX 580 8GB (stock) and Ryzen 5 2600 (stock) on 1080p ultra? And how many fps roughly with the same components but 1080p high? Thanks

Daniel • 11 months ago

Those parts would make for a build that is roughly comparable to the 'Very Good' tier of our general build recommendation chart, which we would expect to be capable of 60-90 FPS in Destiny 2 at 1080p with high settings (although we don't maintain benchmarks for maximum settings, so unfortunately I can't tell you about ultra with certainty).

rico • 9 months ago

hey Daniel, im trying to run this game 4k with a 1080ti and i5 8600k on ultra settings. after 10 min the game drops fps from 60 to 20. i overclocked my cpu and the play time increased to 20 min before the fps drop. and also the fps was less significant 60-30. do i need to over clock my gpu as well? even at medium settings the game still has a fps drop from 60 to 50. any ideas?

Daniel • 9 months ago

If you're getting your desired performance for a time, and then the performance is dropping and staying low---then there is a not-insignificant chance that you are encountering thermal throttling. 4K is a tall task for a PC under even the best of circumstances. I would advise you to monitor the temperature of your components while running the game (perhaps with a program like Speccy) in order to confirm this theory.

Brayden Syme • 1 year ago

If anyone reads these lol. How many fps roughly will I get with a 1080 and i5 7600K on 1080p high settings?

Daniel • 1 year ago

A GTX 1080 and an i5-7600K should be capable of over 90 FPS in Destiny 2 at 1080p with max settings.