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Szszymon14 • 1 year ago

My PC runs quite smoothly Crysis on full HD wit has high settings while CS :GO defeats my PC ,causing my CPU to cap at 100%.So I have a destitute tier for CS but good for Crysis. WTF.

Daniel • 1 year ago

What you're probably running into here is just the difference in how those games are made. Crysis is much more GPU-dependent, whereas CS:GO is much more CPU-dependent. So if you have a relatively strong graphics card and a relatively weak CPU, then what you're describing would be correct.

John Garcia • 2 years ago

I don't know if anyone still reads these comments, but my new laptop still can't get a smooth framerate on Crysis. It has a GTX 1070, with an i7-6700HQ, and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and it fluctuates from 75+ FPS in the forest areas to the lower 30's in combat scenes. That's the biggest gap in FPS I've ever experienced in any game. I am playing at 1080p and very high everything, and 2x MSAA (personal preference, I think it looks crisper than 4x). No mods.

The strange thing is that on my old laptop from early 2013, with a GTX 670 MX, an i7-3630QM, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, I got max FPS of 50+ and low FPS in the low 30's, in the same types of scenes, and 1080p very high everything (except post-processing, I kept that at high because godrays = FPS suicide) and also 2x MSAA. So I don't know what's going on here. My max FPS went up, but my min FPS stayed the same.

Matthew • 2 years ago

That's strange. Is your performance in other games reasonable? It would surprise me if it was a driver issue but that is the most common with games.

John Garcia • 2 years ago

It is. The only game that sometimes has framerate problems is Fallout 4, but I think that is a universal problem. I've read that Crysis 1 is heavily CPU-dependent, and since my laptop's CPU is a mobile Skylake i7 and not a desktop one, and very similar in performance to my old mobile Ivy Bridge i7, that's why I end up with the same minimum framerate. But that's just my guess; I'm not very knowledgeable about how PC hardware works in-depth.

Matthew • 2 years ago

That's most likely the case, I would think. Crysis is not really a well optimized game.

Miquel Mayol i Tur • 3 years ago

Why there is no 720p (almost 1k and almost half 1080p) tests that double the 1080p FPSs and is the higher definition the human eye can notice from less than 10 m?

The trick to play games smoothly at the higher definition the human eye can notice is to set 720p up even if you have budget to buy the most expensive GPU.

About the modest GTX 750 Ti

Is this Borderline for you? (1280x720 =>720p not 1080p as the tittle says)


Why not put 720p min FPS average and sd?

Why standard deviation is not published in benchmarks?

Ross Peters • 2 years ago

I agree, I play at 720p as well. My old HTPC could play Crysis on poor man's high settings (tweaked config to give a great balance of quality/performance). It could pull 40fps average on a GT640 and Athlon 4450b. Then again, this was at the horrible, unplayable 720p. I don't even know how I played. I could see the pixels! The horror! How did I used to play old games like Quake?? Gosh darnit if I can't brag about the resolution, it's not a fun game!

Matthew • 3 years ago

I'm a bit confused about what you're asking, but I'll do my best to address it.

We don't address 720p in our articles because it is a resolution that few gamers use. As to your confusion with benchmarks and scaling, some games don't scale 100% accurately, depending on how they render and optimize.

We don't publish standard deviation because we are more focussed on the range of average FPS which you are likely to experience in the game - this is more relevant to most users.

TieuDao • 3 years ago

Very informative thread. Can I ask one question about the GPU? I intend to buy a GTX 980Ti Card. But If i love EVGA and buy one, is that okay? Not follow with the Gigabyte one?

Matthew • 3 years ago

That would definitely be fine, yes!

omgwtfhowdizhappenz • 6 years ago

Well for one I have to say, I didn't like Crysis 3 much. When modded correctly, crysis 1 can still look better. Yes, you just have to find the correct mods, and recently, blackfire's DOF mod makes it superbly excellent.
The one problem I have is my old AMD 955 doesn't quite cut it. Getting drops to as low as 20fps, and non-existant SLI scaling(negative). Which makes me really really sad.
I have squeezed/overclocked my cpu to get a score of 1.28 in single core in cinebench 11.5 which is quite high for a 955 chip, but still crysis does not want to run well. Its one of those games you keep coming back to when you upgrade your pc. The only thing holding me back to buy an FX-8320 is that the single core ipc is worse and crysis is one game which I want to play properly.
Oh well, its time to come back to the intel master race~

Orion • 6 years ago

Yeah, unfortunately AMD's gaming performance just isn't that competitive these days, at least on the CPU side.

If you're going to be overclocking, you'll want an i5-4670K. Overclocked, it will be faster than any retail CPU available. Even the mighty Crisis bows before an overclocked i5.

omgwtfhowdizhappenz • 6 years ago

It will be wonderful to see a benchmark of modern CPUs in Crysis!
I am quite hesitant to pick up the 4670k because of the cheap thermal paste used in the IHS. There are a few surviving chips from the 2500k stock left over here, so might as well pick that up and clock that baby to 4.0Ghz.

Orion • 6 years ago

Go for it. Ivy Bridge and Haswell both improved IPC a bit, but since you're overclocking you'll close that gap. You should save a little money too.

For the best deal: find the friend that has to upgrade just to get the newest thing, and buy his i5-2500K for cheap. ;)

Rodin10 • 6 years ago

This is actually for the first Crysis ;)

Orion • 6 years ago

Indeed it is. Requirements for Crysis 2 are similar, but we definitely need to do one for Crysis 3.

Jamal Johnson • 6 years ago

excellent article. Very organized. Detailed, but also to the point.

Matthew • 4 years ago

Thanks! We appreciate it.

Guest • 6 years ago
Orion • 6 years ago

Glad we could help. :)

James Fallon • 6 years ago

Makes you wonder how anything played this nearly 6 years ago, insane. I just put in a 7870 and it looks great at 1080p. I get about 53 fps lowing the settings a bit and it looks INCREDIBLE! Makes me wish I had time to try the Crysis 3 beta but I was busy and missed it :'(

Orion • 6 years ago

Yeah, I just barely missed the beta too! :(
Oh well, it will be out soon enough.