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faith hall • 1 year ago

Make it with Pinnacle Whipped Vodka and it tastes like Key Lime Pie. Serve with a lime garnish.

SPKorn • 1 year ago

My version is simple, and refreshing alternative to classic martini:
* 3 ozs Citrus Flavored Vodka
* 1 ozs lemon juice
* 1/2 ozs Simple Syrup

This recipe with triple sec is worth trying.

Mila Gelman • 1 year ago

Did you try and compare? What's the verdict?

Brenda • 1 year ago

Can also be made as Lime Drop. That's our summer porch sipper of choice here in Minnesooooota.

Susan Mercurio • 4 months ago

I think I will try it for a spring drink!

TexasBill • 1 year ago

I like it either way but lime drop is good!

Bill McD • 5 months ago

I add 1oz of Limoncello to this recipe for that extra lemony zing!

Da Bobster • 1 year ago

It’s a good recipe to start with and to play with to make it your own.
I used Watkins Lemon Extract on the rim to set the sugar. Those looking for a bit of a citrus kick may want to try it.

Son of Machete • 2 weeks ago

I make Lemon Drops by the pitcher all summer long, but I use drastically less simple syrup. A couple ounces in a quart and the drink tastes right, but without the cloying, syrupy sweetness.

Bobbi Baker • 5 months ago

I make my simple syrup with Splenda. I use the recipe exactly as posted however I replace sugar and simple syrup with Splenda and syrup made ounce to once with Splenda and boiling water. I coat the top of the glass with Splenda. It cuts the calories significantly and it is delicious. If you watch calories, try it.

HB SD • 5 months ago

For the sugar rim, I suggest mixing the sugar and zest from the lemons you'll use in the cocktail. Wipe the rims with the spent lemons to moisten before dipping.

rich smith • 9 months ago

I keep it simple and easy. I found this lemon drop martini mix in a specialty food store in York Maine . The store is called Stonewall Kitchens. The have all kinds of great food. Its a big store with lots of tourists in the summer .,plus a big mail order business and they sell their products to other specialty food stores across the U.S.. A store near us stocks their products , Try the Main blueberry jelly and their pasta. I have used this mix with various vodka's with a two to one mix. Its around $9 for a large bottle. There is also a recipe on the bottle. I also do not use sugar on the rim.
Rich Smith

Larry S. Buchanan Jr. • 1 year ago

I love this drink. Would love to try a Lime drop.

provinceroad • 1 year ago

add 3/4 of an ounce of Creme de Violette! Awesome

sc'Que? • 9 months ago

At that point, make it with a good quality gin (like Drumshanbo)... even better!