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dadoughnutschocolate • 3 years ago

I cant believe this is real. This shouldn't be real. Children are meant to be innocent and pure and kept safe from such atrocities.

Jason Khanlar • 4 years ago

I am confident it is true, however, for purposes of lack of certainty/fact, it is an allegation, but I think it's pretty obvious that Desmond has been using ketamine and/or other drugs for quite a while now, and his parents are pursuing narcissistc technique to evade responsibility/accountability and to avoid being charged with crimes, also likely working with others (as accessories/accomplices that aid and abet -- Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein would be secretly proud), especially drug dealers to engage in drug trafficking, and definitely those homosapiens that buy and sell drugs are quite well versed in protecting all sorts of behind-closed-door criminal functionalities that compliment the parents to hide and conceal and deny their child's blatantly obvious drug addiction physical appearance and behavior.

I wouldn't be surprised if the parents are possibly in a victim-like position too, such that they are basically cashing in on the opportunity that they have learned and assumed comfort to profit off of their child, with similar technique as Ryan ToysReview on YouTube, but instead of predatory parents exploiting their children using toys, it's with more human trafficking characteristics that may as well qualify a knew branch of crime that includes parental or familial or biological trafficking/profiteering. (Especially when the children under 18 years old likely are in a difficult position (especially when addicted to ketamine) to call out their parents or expose their parents or blow the whistle or even have the cognitive ability to use their prefrontal cortex in a way that represents understanding of being exploited/taken advantage of/cheated/etc.)

Lucas Johnson • 4 years ago

Be careful even as Christians. I'm not sure when it began, but it seems like in the late 2000s, the minds of many Christians began softening toward acceptance of gay marriage, and the "rights" of gays to "love" in any way they wanted. It was actually astounding in some cases where Christian people just changed their minds about it seemingly overnight. We could not have imagined the legalization of gay marriage 25 years ago, let alone Christian acceptance of it.

The same thing will happen with pedophilia. Liberal atheists will of course be first to accept it, and even champion it as "rights". Then even our fellow Christians will begin to accept it. This is due to demonic deception, just like gay marriage is. Be on guard.

Nancy Jacques Barratt • 4 years ago

What is wrong with the mother?
This is absolutely outrageous and disgusting shame on her shame on her

enoughalready • 5 years ago

This is eerily reminiscent of the dancing boys of Afghanistan--Bacha Bazi. Disturbing on every level.

audy♡ • 5 years ago

oh my god this is like, really really reALLY zcrewed up. This a child, a wee BABY basically. Dancing for money for a ton of adults, at a bar!?!? VJSKSKHKSKHK im so dissappointed. I'm like, 16 and gay and this is not right. sure some gays r applauding this for some reason? but not the majority of us. this is fucked up.

Albert Schmitlap. • 5 years ago

If this were a Conservative issue, CPS would be breaking down the doors and removing the child,,,so why not NOW? yeah, we know, sadly, we know

James • 5 years ago

Looks like Yelp removed the review. And they're apparently not allowing any review regarding the incident to be posted. Gee, I wonder why!

Sunnyladymalibu • 5 years ago

This is mortifying. Authorities??????

Leslie Carlson • 5 years ago

I don't care if he is drag, trans, hetero, bi, white, black, green or orange. A 11 year old child is dancing in a bar taking money out of patrons hands makes it strip dancing. He did take off his frock. I saw the video and wanted to slap someone. It is no different than a 11 year old girl dancing at a gentleman's club taking money! This madness is putting this kid at high risk of danger! If people don't agree they are sick in the head.

Why do people want to ruin the country they live in, and the next generation of youth by basically making them gay? 11 years old really isn't even old enough to determine what you want to be, I bet his parents are queer as a 3.00 bill though, that's why they are trying to make him gay too, what a shame

Trish P • 5 years ago

This is child abuse. The parents must not permit this! This is endangerment of a child, a crime.

CJ66 • 5 years ago

The worse thing of all this is the TIME he is spending ALONE with these phedophiles. ... THAT should be child abuse, or something.


At the LEAST, they are influencing him and damaging him mentally ... at the most, I shudder to think about it.

Pray for this child. ... And as for the parents ... to allow and encourage him to be around these people? What kind of parents ARE they?

I pray God stops this, whatever it takes ... And we all should pray for the youth of this day and age!! ... What a wicked world we live in.

vforba • 5 years ago

You won't see Children and Youth get involved with this one

are122 • 5 years ago

These are extremely sick people.

00898 0877 • 5 years ago

i can't imagine anyone looking at this and NOT thinking it's straight up child abuse. why any parent would think it's remotely ok for an 11 year to wear a revealing outfit and dance on stage in front of grown men is appalling. stripping children of their innocence is one of the most disgusting and vile things an adult can do

Chrisco • 5 years ago

I see now that Desmond’s Parents are just making money off of Desmond, because why else would Desmond’s Parents allow their little boy - Little Boy - to perform at a Gay Bar on a Saturday Night where Grownups just “throw money” at the Boy like he’s a grown male dancer. This is not only deeply disturbing but also a very dangerous form of child exploitation. The Bible says “Money is the Root of All Evil”.

CJ66 • 5 years ago

Well, it says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. ... It's those who put money first.

Before God. ... And just like these people -before their own child.

It's also, I think, living vicariously through him. The mom seeks "attention" -she gets it. She's the "in" mom.

And, yes ... a dangerous form of exploitation is exactly what it is. And the fact he has autism is even WORSE!! Taking advantage of her own son! ... Disgusting. What a horrible shame.

Chrisco • 5 years ago

I meant to say “The Love of Money”. I’m someone who also has Autism which is how I can relate to Desmond.

CJ66 • 5 years ago

That IS really a sad tragic story for this child. -Who would think these things would be happening? But they are, in this day and age. And I think they have come rather quickly, to.

It's like once the ball got rolling in the wrong direction, things have gone downhill fast. ... I do hope and pray things like this will be stopped -and this downward spiral we see coming changes for the better.

---Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! : )

Jeff Banderinko • 5 years ago

Disgusting. Every adult figure in his life should be jailed.

Peter Michael Beck • 5 years ago

The boy's father is a disgrace, and should have his "man card" taken away. He has clearly been emasculated by a PC society that celebrates deviancy. If by the Grace of God, this boy survives his parents and becomes a heterosexual adult, he will have both contempt and pity for them.

disqus_NVpyC2TsOm • 5 years ago

petermichaelbeck (:

The Shocker ✓ verified • 5 years ago

All of the gay men in that bar were probably salivating thinking about this little boy. Lecherous perverts.

Bob Davis • 5 years ago

Eleven year old children are not legally allowed in a bar in New York State (which covers New York City) The establishment should have been closed and lost their license. If you wish to be a drag queen, OK but do it legally. This bending the rules for Political Correctness stuff has to stop. This child we will read about in a year or two, hurt in an incident, raped or dead. That my friends is the sorrowful truth.

Jimmy • 5 years ago

If Hell isn't for the people who abuse this boy and children like him, then no one qualifies.

Dave Kurtz • 5 years ago


Peace Profundis • 5 years ago

This is where DFCS should be called and whatever NYC Depts overseeing bar licensing and regulations should be called and appropriate actions taken. A child mocking as a sex worker or adult entertainers IS CHILD ABUSE.

Molly Beenie • 5 years ago

Reminds me of the dancing boys of Afghanistan. No MS media has mentioned it.

morgan • 5 years ago

One of the fruits of leftism...Nothing will be done to help this child due to the fear of offending some leftist Twit and PC.

Tim • 5 years ago

As the saying goes, before a fence is removed you must ask why it is there and so it goes with gay marriage. We were told it was about recognizing equality when in fact it was about the removal of the last barrier between a society and culture which recognized natural law and objective truth and a post modern society intent on its destruction. We are now seeing the groundwork of pedophilias acceptance and children are being used as canon fodder for those who are nothing less than evil! In the end what this must be recognized for, is this is the path for the corruption of Marxism and communism to take complete hold of the western world. The family is the last bastion of hope and it is quickly disappearing. As mary told the children of Fatima the final battle will be over marriage and family. Pray furiously for Mary’s immaculate heart to protect us. For Christ’s divine mercy and Michaels protection. We are at war. Prepare to fight with if necessary your life. Salvation and eternity in heaven is worth it!

Faith of Our Fathers • 5 years ago

Tim that's a frightening but Truthful Post . As we all know Putin is no Saint but he knows his History at least. One only need look at the Roman Empire to see how that was brought down. I remember actually about 4 years ago a Program on the BBC about Rome . This Educated Idiot actually put it down to The Fall that the Romans had to Much Lead in their drinking water and he was a so called Expert.

Snorpheus • 5 years ago

Pray the Rosary and St. Michael's prayer daily. +JMJ+

Ervin Miller • 5 years ago

Part of the radical liberal cesspool! Liberalism corrupts the principles of morality and decency! Liberalism is absolutely destroying morality!

Jamerican • 5 years ago

Arrest the parents.

raphaelheals • 5 years ago

Take a moment and look into the eyes of this poor mixed up child. WHO is going to put a stop to this? Where are the child welfare advocates? Where are the good and holy priests and pastors? Where are the outraged congressmen or senators? Where is the legislation to protect these little ones? Where are the parents groups? Where is the indignation and commentary from the powerful media media? That NBC is applauding this child makes me so ill and want to weep.

Maris Stella • 5 years ago

Dear God, I pray to You. Protect our children, Your children. Guide them. Save them from this horrific world. Be our protection against the evils of satan. Only in you, Jesus, can we find redemption. I pray for Your mercy and guidance.

Cheryl Jefferies • 5 years ago

To top it off, that child is so thin...he looks anorexic on top of all the rest of this horror.

Marie Halligan • 5 years ago

Yes, I though that too! Hes very underdeveloped for 11!

Mind Of EdgeVerse • 5 years ago

This is a sickening case of child abuse. Plain and simple.

Frank Hannon • 5 years ago

This poor lad's Dad must be the poofter he's allowing his son to become.

Molly Beenie • 5 years ago


James • 5 years ago

And the definition of abuse is...?

Dominic Michaels • 5 years ago

Isn't he too young to attend a night club? And is this not child abuse or child prostitution? What will they do next? Have him strip in front of these diseased perverts? And the lgbtqrstuv supporters don't see this as a big deal?

Keogh01 • 5 years ago

“Desmond’s mother’s acquaintance....”

sand333 • 5 years ago

Not only does the bar need to be closed but the child also needs to be taken away from his sick parents. Clearly this is child exploitation and abuse. Disgusting.

Guest • 5 years ago
Cheryl Jefferies • 5 years ago

Adult drag queens are bad enough. This is a child, madam.

Guest • 5 years ago
Marie Halligan • 5 years ago

Do you think nightclubs are suitable places for 11 year-olds? You know, places that stay open into the small hours or until daylight, with loud music full of people who are either well-oiled with drink or off their heads on illegal intoxicants and MAYBE getting up to hanky-panky in the loos or dark corners? Ify ou do, I hope to God you never have the priviledge of becoming a parent!