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Josh Derickson • 3 years ago

Ever since a few months ago I have avoided marijuana. From my college days, all I could remember was worsened paranoia or anxiety. I hated being "stoned". But, with my anxiety and chronic fatigue, a co-worker convinced me to give it another shot. It wasn't a strain or a weed flower, it was an oil in a cartridge that was attached to a battery and was vaped. It's called Quanta, and I've been using it almost daily ever since. Back when I used to see the warning signs of an anxiety attack I would take a xanax. Now, I take a puff from my vape and I feel almost immediate relief. I really hope someone in a similar position as I was sees this and gives it a shot. I was a non believer too once upon a time!

Payton Jett • 3 years ago

It's really about the amount you take - I microdose and the sativa I take works for my anxiety because I don't get so much that the paranoia gets going. Start low and go slow. Find your perfect strain. It really comes down to the perfect strain and dose. You can make almost any cannabis work for you with those two things in mind. Good luck!

WALLY O • 3 years ago

you sound like a commercial

Adam Carriedo • 2 years ago

If it works it works...who cares what he sounds like...,

Lauren • 3 years ago

I'm weening off benzos and have a medical mj card in my state. Wow.......totally helping after being on klonopin for 8 years. (remember if anyone sees this that never stop taking benzos at once, you need to taper or you will get seizures like I did.)

but i totally agree.

Denny Ryan • 3 years ago

Holy cow I wish I had seen this a year ago. I found out how horrible the effect of long term benzodiazepine use, 8 years for me also, and I went through 4 months of extreme agony. I am in process of trying different indicas for non anxiety producing relaxation and pain relief. Good article & comments.

Lauren • 3 years ago

I found northern lights worked the best for me. Blueberry kush and BlackBerry kush too but they are hard to find. Girl scout cookies are supposed to work but it didn't for me. Berry white works great too, i believe it is part black or blue berry and northern lights, which is why it is white. Really helps me not use as many benzos. But, you want indica aka in da couch, not sativa. So you are kinda lethargic and you get munchies and can't drive. But it is better than docs trying to lower the benzos and give you no other option than up other meds that is too much for me. Good luck.

Paul Morris Siqueiros • 8 months ago

Northern lights is great. I love it. It usually lasts a whole four hours for me. Berry White is the all-mighty and best strain of all time, WHITE WIDOW mixed with Blueberry. It’s the ultimate for happiness and relaxation, if you don’t overdo it. 24K has a similar effect.

parrotmom • 2 years ago

What strains do you use during the day for long term Benson withdrawal? Ty!!!!

Toni franklin • 5 months ago

I wish I would have seen this years ago. Of course I am in a state that it's not legal but I am willing to take the chance to go to the next state. if I don't have to be on the klonopin anymore. It makes me forgetful and when I have a full blown panic attacks it can take so long to stop the panic attack. When your going through a 1-2 hour long panic attack your so exhausted. And even 30 mins is to long to wait for it to stop. I have been told and have read you have to test different strains to see what works for you. I just wish I could find the right one right away. lol Luckily My therapist is willing to continue to work with me if I want to go down this path. Both my therapist and doctor would rather me find a more natural way than be on the benzo's And so would I. Any suggestions of course not medical advice. What would be a good strain to start with? I tried a Green apple THC hard candy 5 mg's. But I am unsure that it would actually help if I was in the middle of a panic attack. I don't want to be a couch potato. But I would like a more calm state of mind and still have energy to get through the day and get back to having a full nights sleep. Any kind of guidance from someone that knows what it's like to be on benzos for 8-10 years would be great. I just want off of them. Like yesterday.

pootsack • 6 months ago

Same, though on s low amount of benzo many years. Just last week, when i refilled the Rx, I noticed how much was still left form last month - since doing a couple hits of Triangle Kush in the earl evenings... glad I found this thread.

Brett Davidson • 3 years ago

I looked up Quanta and their Facebook page and website says they aren't for sale yet?

WALLY O • 3 years ago

because he was a commercial

Douglas Pierre Wilson • 3 years ago

Back when I smoked in my college days, I didn't understand that there were actually vastly different strains. I find the "anxiety/paranoia" happens more with sativa strains that give you more "mind high". I would suggest going with an indica strain for more relaxing.

Alternatively, you can do the vape OR you can try pure CBD honey like https://cbdandco.com/

Elise Roche • 3 years ago

If you're in the LA area you can join their collective. I believee they are being sold in dispensaries starting in June

Elise Roche • 3 years ago

by the way Brett, here is a link to join their collective until then if you're in CA :) http://bit.ly/Quantacollective

Mclaughlin Andrew • 3 years ago

For me marijuana is the best medication for anxiety and other illness. They are several strains better than xanax bars for the use of anxiety. You can get some from marijuanahousenv .us without any issue.

Ellie 187 • 6 months ago

Marijuana always gave me bad anxiety and paranoia ... after researching I found out why. most marijuana you buy off the streets is going to a sativa or hybrid... 99% ... its always been very difficult to find indica on the street.... but now its medical marijuana, I can make sure I get the indica every single time. No longer does marijuana give me anxiety or paranoia ... just bliss.... wish I knew this 20 years ago

Jackie Dixon • 6 months ago

I have never liked being high either. I have PTSD and chronic pain. I've debated for a long time about getting my card and finally decided it was worth a try. I have an appointment Monday for it. Your story gives me hope that I will find something that will help.

Wcp • 3 months ago

Star Killer, for PTSD, and chronic pain. Nothing else has come close for me, and I've tried a LOT of strains. Just a suggestion.

kathy • 11 months ago

I to suffer more anxiety when smoking weed..I haven’t smoked in over 23 yrs. I did grow lots of different strains but NEVER smoked any...I thought about trying vaping instead to see if it makes a difference in my level of anxiety...Thanks for sharing your experience..🙂

Ellie 187 • 6 months ago

Kathy, take it from me I always suffered anxiety with without marijuana... but with pot it made it exponentially worse until I learned that most MJ you come across will be a sativa .. its the most popular..... but try a pure indica that has reviews for how sleepy and relaxing it is ... the more relaxing the better.

Mclaughlin Andrew • 3 years ago

For me marijuana is the best medication for anxiety and other illness. They are several strains better than xanax bars for the use of anxiety. You can get some from marijuanahousenv .us

Evan Toder • 1 year ago

It is awesome that this is finally becoming legal.

Samantha Cook • 3 years ago

Cannabis really helps. i wish to thank AnnCannMed for their very efficient service and strains quality. I recommend them to anybody who needs help.

William Jones • 1 year ago

The site mentioned is most likely fraudulent.

Henrik Hansson • 2 years ago

My aunt is loving their CBD Rich oil, which is helping treat her depression and anxiety that she's been taking prescription meds for her whole life. Off her old meds and is a WHOLE NEW PERSON. She loves that there are no side effects

Ellie 187 • 6 months ago

fake scammer site

Guest • 2 years ago
Trista S. • 2 years ago

I have ordered twice from this company, and each time the deliveries were prompt. All two arrived in the next business day. Can say their AC/DC strain was extremely helpful for my anxiety.

pounce • 4 years ago

If only I could get some.

Penelope Michelle • 3 years ago

Last time I smoked was about 15 years ago & felt very claustrophobic, like being stuck in quicksand, mind racing & body not keeping up. Is there a strain that won't do this but give me energy to clean the house & paint a masterpiece?

Andrew Goss • 3 years ago

No weed will turn you into some perfected form of yourself, but it can definitely be a good tool to remove things that are blocking your progress. Major things that can cause the effects you describe are a mix of high THC, low tolerance, and a deeper-rooted nervousness in your situation. I would recommend talking to a doctor or pharmacist about what strain would be effective for you (if you have the option), doing some hefty googling, and get a comfortable weed environment. Either pick people you're super comfy with to invite to the sesh, or make a chillout zone where you can escape and put your mind where it's healthiest and in control.

Weed might not give you the energy to paint a masterpiece, but it can definitely help you practice your craft!

DrB3 • 2 years ago

"I would recommend talking to a doctor or pharmacist about what strain would be effective for you"

Really? I'd be interested in knowing what kind of pharmacists and doctors you know. They aren't any of MY colleagues, I know that much. I have to say, as a whole, most of us don't know jack-crap about it and that's what brought me here.

Anna Oliveira • 1 month ago

talk to a cannabis nurse instead.

DrB3 • 1 month ago

Yes, almost certainly a better bet.

Lauren • 3 years ago

Sativa is probably what strain you had. Northern lights, berry white, blackberry and blue berry indicas work best for my anxiety. Side effects, giggles, munchies, relaxed.
Can't drive on it though. Which sucks. Gummy edibles are terrific but use to sleep and start with half. It will knock you out. But totally worth it. Anxiety be gone. Good luck. Anxiety aaaannd ptsd is the worst. I wish no one suffered. I don't want to live my life in fear. Lots of luck!

Stimpy • 2 years ago

Moose and Lobsta. Seriously. No paranoia. Not easy to find.

Effie Hartley • 3 years ago

What is a good strain for Parkinson's disease

jordan Wilson • 2 years ago

I got relief from PTSD,pains and depression from meds and hemp oil i got from Dr Mc Donald via his number (313) 923-7690

Brave Mykayla • 2 years ago

I just benefited from Dr Mc Donald services his Cannabis Oil in Capsule treat my Pain and Parkinson's disease, i get on him via his #(313) 923-7690

Alex Richardson • 2 years ago

fibromyalgia, crps/rsd,carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis, chronic migraine. mj has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and ive even had a slight improvement of my depression BECAUSE much of my depression is because of the medications i was taking AND the new limitations, changes in capabilities and problems that my body has brought on.All these thanks to Dr Mark Donald for providing me with CBD/low THC Cannabis Oil ratio 2 : 1(10): 3-4 puffs per day .Get to him via his number 313- 923-7690

Samantha Cook • 3 years ago

Check out "AnnCannaMed" for your health prescriptions and medical purchases, and feel support talking to licensed physicians.

Zoey Thompson • 3 years ago

Ohh i tried them. Many thanks to your staff for their stealth packaging.

Stacy Alexander • 3 years ago

I have smoked weed for 30 years. (I'm 41, started at 11.) I used to just smoke for the enjoyment, but I did have mild anxiety. When I was about 20 I got super high and had the worst experience! The room spun, I vomited, and I was extremely paranoid. Fast forward a few years. I now have a plethora of mental health issues (I had most of them back then, too, but was undiagnosed) including extremely severe anxiety to the point I'm on disability for it. I also have IBS, chronic pain from herniated discs in my neck, and back, and a neurological disorder (idiopathic intracranial hypertension) that causes headaches (non stop for years), dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and pain (ears, face, eyes, all down spine, arms, shoulders). Ever since the bad reaction at 20 it only takes me a small amount to get high, and my experiences have been hit or miss. Sometimes it helps me relax, others (like right now, which is how I found this article) it increases my anxiety a LOT. Recently it seems to be doing nothing but increasing. I had almost given up because it's so horrible, but I really miss the relief it gave me from anxiety, pain, upset stomach, etc. So I tried again, but it's bad again. I wish I knew something else to do, but I'm thinking it just won't help me anymore. :(

I always buy indicas to avoid stimulating effects, and I choose the ones that say they're good for anxiety. Recently I've tried Purple Berry, Pennywise, and Shark shock.

CLK1 • 3 years ago

I too share your anxiety issues. I micro-dose to keep down the anxiety, but have found now that the CBD strains are the best, but don't get you as high as the others. Painkiller is a strain that is very high in CBD and Low in THC that will allow you to smoke and keep down the Anxiety, but again, moderation is key, if you try to smoke any weed too much because you don't feel high enough you will probably get anxiety all the time. I stay away from the 1:1 CBD/THC strains as one or two good hits and your back with the anxiety. I am slowly getting more used to the CBD strains and can take more and more all the time, so its a process, you just have to start out small... Hope that helps...

Stacy Alexander • 3 years ago

I actually do only smoke small amounts. 2 - 4 very small hits. Most avid weed smokers think it's hilarious. They say "that can't possibly get you high". Well, I'm not really looking to smoke myself stupid. Lol. I did that enough when I was young. I just want a little symptom relief.

I have never tried Painkiller. I will have to check it out.

Thank you! ♡

BaTsHiT_cRaZy • 3 years ago

Please read up on 1) CBD; 2) micro-dosing cannabis.

Use PubMed for reading abstracts on the use of CBD and THC for anxiety, for pain relief due to various conditions, for IBS, and other conditions. Many studies have been published that point to the efficacy of cannabis components for conditions you have mentioned.

Another good resource is Dr.Dustin Sulak (healer.com). He offers clear information w/o any BS.

I have no affiliation with any organization; I speak purely as a fellow seeker, and have found relief micro-dosing CBD and THC, using a 1:1 ratio.

It may be frustrating sorting through, and I know how alone chronic unresolved problems as you describe can make one feel. It's worth doing the homework -- I think you'll be encouraged by what's already known and by what's on the horizon. No one deserves to suffer.

egret • 3 years ago

Hi, are you smoking anything that works for you. I have somewhat similar problems: chronic depression with lots of anxiety, CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), IBS. I'm on 3 antidepressants/mood stabilizers and Valium for my mental problems, Tramadol and codeine for my pain and some stomach meds for my IBS. I'm completely new to weed, haven't even tried it and I'm 35 years old. I'm thinking there's this magical strain that could fix all of my sickness but from reading your story I might be wrong. Do you have anything to recommend?

Stimpy • 2 years ago

Stay away from fizzy soda. It aggravates IBS. Get regular exercise -- it might help with depression. Sometimes its what you do rather than what you take that will help.