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SpinMax • 5 months ago

PI instant replay would have overturned the long one... the WR's foot tripped the CB, who fell on the back of the WR... incidental. no flag.

The one at the goal line was definitely INT. WR is running his route and gets knocked sideways. Could say uncatchable... but don't hit the guy at the goalline.

RandomSoldier • 5 months ago

I might agree with you on the goal line except that they did not call the same exact thing on the throw to Pringle at the corner of the end zone. Prior to that there had been just as much or more contact between the TB defender and Pringle.

Deky Strai • 5 months ago

It's just SCANDALOUS ! nfl fixing it as usual for his golden child , this is obvious, most rigged superbowl de ever seen

Wade Dukes • 5 months ago

Oh goody...Jalen Ramsey showing his mastery of the English language.

Dal Whinnie • 5 months ago

Here we go. You people would have made excuses for the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn. Here's some more out of the swag bag:

1. We beat ourselves.
2. We didn't have our 'A' game.
3. They wanted it more.
4. They cheated us.
5. The NFL fixed the game.
6. We missed Britt Reid.
7. Andy was mentally distracted.
8. The Bucs were the better team...today.
9. Sometimes the most 'tellunted' team doesn't always win.
10. It was an unfair home game for Tampa Bay.
11. It was a vast right wing conspiracy against the Chiefs.
12. We got jobbed by the officials.
13. We didn't execute.
14. They stole our signals.
15. We simply had too much talent, speed and dynamicism to win.
16. We weren't into it mentally. It meant more to them.
17. We were sick that day.

We're going to be hearing all these, and many more over the next week, as the experts scramble to shape the narrative and 'splain' this hideous defeat, without bruising Mahomes, Reid, or any of the other talented 'stars'. But it won't stop them from trying. The post mortem excuses will be more entertaining than the game itself.

james smith • 5 months ago

This is not the 1st time Brady misses 4th down and a flag is thrown against the chiefs giving Brady 3 more downs !?. Even the jets would have won if the QB gets 7 downs a clip. Now look at the other penalties called, if there could be one more rule change I would want to see flags thrown at the Refs and the refs thrown out.

Max Berger • 5 months ago

The Bucks did play better but I think would have been a closer game if not for some penalties.. There were penalties that were called that had not been called during the season or playoffs, Mike Evans did a good job selling the penalty to the ref he flopped and the ball was not catchable, KC did comit a lot of penalties, I think TB would have won the game but not with the same score..