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Jasper • 3 months ago

No wonder she was angry. It was a barnstormer of a speech.

Alex • 3 months ago

Absolutely ripped Corbyn to shreds. I wonder how many Labour MPs privately agreed with him... certainly the man sitting beside Corbyn did.

Richard Dean • 3 months ago

What Gove actually did was demonstrate that Corbyn thinks clearly and has a wide experience, much wider than little boy Gove's. The people sitting with Corbyn will have been laughing silently at Gove's pathetic rhetoric.

Don't Pretend • 3 months ago

It pains me to say, it was electric and if Labour had someone who could give a similar speech against May. it would be cheered from the rafters.

leslie48 • 3 months ago

They do but the inexperienced ideologues the ' unknown unknowns' at the front bench have replaced our senior MPs now at the back. Having said that John Watson was impressive and held the House of Commons while he delivered his speech.

PS if you want to beat the clever public school Tory boys ( and girls like opinion poll winning T. May) you need clever men and women like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Yvette,etc, Hilary Benn not inexperienced JC and his unknowns

Igor • 3 months ago

Awwww bless.

What really upset you though is the way he utterly eviscerated the Labour Front Bench. From the constant gardener to the wreck that is the Great Leader and the Deputy Leader's desperation to distance himself from JC. Then there was the policy or lack of it. He took your party apart and it must have been shameing to hear it - but the solution lies with you and your colleagues

anosrep • 3 months ago

Gove couldn't eviscerate a dead frog.

Igor • 3 months ago

He managed Corbyn ...and even all those bright young things that chanted for JC now realise how they were conned

bevinboy • 3 months ago

Goves speech was very damaging,

Corbyn is awful, ridiculous and les than competent.

We need to change most of the front bench now.

Barry can stay.

Greedy_Bankster • 3 months ago

It was hardly damaging. He simply repeated the lies told before, elsewhere. It did, of course, serve to remind people that the tories have so little to be proud of, that their most powerful speech has to be insult and name calling.
Very telling

Robin1946 • 3 months ago

I wonder how many Labour MP’s were secretly cheering Michael Gove under their breath ?

Labour’s front bench looked very uncomfortable .
How very dare Mr Gove speak to the Supreme Leader like that ?

Send for those nice Momentum chaps !

G Don Falk • 3 months ago

Labour’s front bench looked very uncomfortable .'

people generally do when forcing themselves to stay awake . .

leslie48 • 3 months ago

The gloss is coming off the supreme leader and those young innocents and old Hard 1980s Leftists know that now. Its the beginning of the end for JC and yet again its Europe destroying a leader as it did with Thatcher, Major, Cameron. Brexit is devouring him as it exposed his lack of guts and statesmanship. If JC remains that's Labour out for at least another 5 years until 2025 etc

c23e • 2 months ago

Go back to the DM and your fake information and fake news spreading. Some of us think Corbyn is not the best but he is the only socialist among those who were allowed to stand for the leadership. As for the Tories that can't even organise their own destruction properly even after two years of failure to act like leaders and have options and alternatives.

Jeffrey Salmon • 3 months ago

I am certainly not a Gove fan either as an Education Minister or as a stab in the back man on the Boris front. But like him or hate him, that speech was a cracker and did untold damage to Corbyn and Labour. It’s fair to say that both during and at the end of the speech, Corbyn looked a broken man and not someone capable of running the country.

The Unions were daft enough to get Corbyn elected and will they be clever enough to realise what a catastrophic mistake they have made and come to their senses and get someone of the ilk of Starmer or even Tom Watson who I believe is a decent man.

I’m a businessman with some 45 years of experience running various businesses and knowing what leaders I have amongst my fantastic staff and I catagorically assure you that I wouldn’t employ him as even lower middle management.

Danielle Rowley’s “pointless of order” was an embarrassment. She had her chance to say Gove was a liar but underneath it all she knew he was sadly pretty much spot on as did the whole front bench.

Frank Wilson • 3 months ago

Nicely written post. For too long Corbyn has been given a free pass, because the media are scared of been seen as 'biased' against the great leader of the people. All of the opposition parties will not critisise him because they fear a backlash and anyway, they focus on criticizing the government.

The Conservatives have been too busy focusing and fighting Brexit to really take the fight to Labour. They also refuse to get into an ideological battle, which is a big mistake. That boat has sailed, any success Corbyn has had is because he fights a very simplistic ideological battle.

Let's expose Corbyn and the far left for what they really stand for.

Gjh • 3 months ago

Unbelievable...wrong again. I really can't believe your media comment. What planet are you on!

Don't Pretend • 3 months ago

Sums up my feelings perfect.
Gove is probably the brightest of the Tories but has so many personality faults.
After so many bad weeks for the Tories, he really enthused his party.
Tom Watsons speech was excellent btw.

Trebor123 • 3 months ago

Dominic Grieve is considerably brighter.

Alex • 3 months ago
[Gove] delivered was a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn, using information that he knows to be false.

I'm sorry Ms Rowley, but this statement from you is demonstrably untrue; were Mr Gove to have given false information on the floor of the House - ie lied, you or another Labour MP could have called a point of Order and asked for the Speaker to rule that Gove had mislead the House. That you did not do this suggests that then know full well that Gove was not misleading the House, because what he said was perfectly true.

Richard Dean • 3 months ago

Why really would anyone bother? Gove is a nonentity.

Alex • 3 months ago

What does nonentity mean in your world? 'Someone I don't like'?

cara pace • 3 months ago

Not worth it. The public will judge for themselves.

Jasper • 3 months ago

I loved the way Gove took the first 10 seconds glaring at the opposition front bench in silence. They sat there crapping themselves. Little did they know the utter demolition he was about to unleash.

Mr Magic • 3 months ago

He wasn't "glaring"....he always looks like that!

Danny Burton • 3 months ago


Margo Channing • 3 months ago

Whats a Tory doing on a Labour forum ?

... are you lonely or summat ?

Igor • 3 months ago

Missionary work

You Can’t Ban This • 3 months ago

Supporter of Corbyn, antisemite and friend of terrorists, is angry that Bercow failed to prevent Gove pointing out, that Corbyn is an antisemite, with a penchant for terrorists, and murderous dictators...

cara pace • 3 months ago

Imagine corbyn made the same speech about gove

I can imagine your mock horror... 'hateful leftie', 'slander', 'Stalinist', 'can only criticise', 'hypocrite'

Frank Wilson • 3 months ago

He makes the same speech, pretty much every week. Tories killing disabled people, children, starving people to death, killing people in Grenfel, he lies about the poverty figures. It was only a matter before he started to receive what he was giving out. He has started a very dangerous precedent.

Mr Magic • 3 months ago

And Gove only has a penchant for Rupert Murdoch?
There's a difference?

You Can’t Ban This • 3 months ago

I have no idea what point you’re struggling to make.

Kenneth Dobson • 3 months ago

After this speech I think it is now far more likely that Gove will find himself living in Downing St - certainly not the hapless Corbyn
No wonder Danielle Rowley is so angry.....

Mr Magic • 3 months ago

God I hope not. That would cost us a fortune!
The last time he "furnished" his flipped second home he spent £7000 on posh furniture.
Granted he was made to pay it back ......but No 10 is huge!!!

andnowforthefacts • 3 months ago

Because it was accurate?

gh • 3 months ago

Gove could not mount a defence of the Tory government in his closing speech, which was in sharp contrast to Tom Watson's, as the governments record is indefensible. The bile and invective from such a little man was quite astonishing. Small wonder there is such abusive behaviour outside Parliament when we see the same thuggish behaviour from senior politicians. Even more astonishing is that May and Gove are now begging Corbyn to dig them out of this Brexit hole they have dug themselves. A more futile exercise I cannot imagine as those Labour MPs who have been to see May have come out with nothing !

Margo Channing • 3 months ago

Well done on raising that point of order Danielle.

You weren't the only one getting angry at Gove's disgraceful diatribe I can assure you !

We could do with a few more like you on the Labour benches, that's for sure.

Igor • 3 months ago

You have lots of them. That's why you are in the trouble you face

Kevin Jones • 3 months ago

Gove, like BoJo, will say anything to secure power and they were both guilty over the mendacious Turkish migrants claim. Turkey had and has zero chance of joining the EU with its human rights record.

bevinboy • 3 months ago

Bulgaria did.

Ludus 57 • 3 months ago

Didn't your chum Tony of Baghdad facilitate that?

OldSoldier • 3 months ago

Who cares what Gove says he'll soon be toast whether Johnson or Jeremy take over May is finished she has nowhere to go and so will be Gove.

Mr Magic • 3 months ago

Back to massaging Murdoch's bunions I suppose :-(

peter • 3 months ago

Michael Gove, the politician who last month congratulated Chris Packham on his CBE, writing:

"Congratulations to Chris Packham on well deserved recognition for his work to save wildlife"

... the same Michael Gove, of course, who was in charge of needlessly slaughtering 30,000 badgers last autumn.

His speech this week was part of his pitch to be the next Tory leader, and you're right, Danielle - it was apalling.

Robert_Eve • 3 months ago

Don't lower the tone of the thread by mentioning the awful Chris Packham.

Richard Dean • 3 months ago

Gove's speech was a disgrace to the Tory party and a disgrace to our democracy. No minister however junior should peddle such callousness and lies.

Igor • 3 months ago

All true. The callousness was in laying a memorial to murderers

Ultraviolet • 3 months ago

Murderers who were buried in a different country. By that token, when you lay a wreath to a loved one, you are commemorating Jack the Ripper, Hitler and Stalin.

Robert_Eve • 3 months ago

Sounds like you can't handle the truth Richard.