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Jasper • 4 weeks ago

No wonder she was angry. It was a barnstormer of a speech.

Alex • 4 weeks ago

Absolutely ripped Corbyn to shreds. I wonder how many Labour MPs privately agreed with him... certainly the man sitting beside Corbyn did.

Richard Dean • 4 weeks ago

What Gove actually did was demonstrate that Corbyn thinks clearly and has a wide experience, much wider than little boy Gove's. The people sitting with Corbyn will have been laughing silently at Gove's pathetic rhetoric.

Alex • 4 weeks ago

Lol. Are you joking? Corbyn has been an MP since 1983, and achieved nothing in that time - besides meetings with allot of very dodgy folk. Gove had a career before being an MP, unlike Corbyn, and carried out some very significant education reforms, like or hate them.

The people sitting with Corbyn were silently crying about the dud fate has dealt them as leader. And this isn't a partisan point, I can't stand Mcdonnel, but atleast he capable of original thoughts.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

"Gove had a career before being an MP"
Really, what was his "career"

Alex • 4 weeks ago

He was a 'journalist'. Or does this not count as a 'career' in your mind.

Ps, prior to his 35 years and counting as a career politician, Jeremy was a... politician.

c23e • 4 weeks ago

There are journalists and then there are those who are creeps and spineless yes men. I know I have been a journalist for more than 25 years. I can't stand 90 per cent of other journalists because they are sycophants and not any good at their craft and write what they are told or what is easy. They have no principles and no spine. The other ten per cent are decent people. Guess which list Gove is in?

Alex • 3 weeks ago

I disagree about the ratio, but Gove is undoubtedly in the latter category. A thoroughly decent man, and one of the most brilliant reformers in the Conservative party. Boris I grant you is the epitome of the former; I thank God that Gove saved the country from him.

JOHN-REID • 4 weeks ago

Goiñg to aload of protest rallies counts as being a politician

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

You seemed to suggest he had had a career of some substance. It is good that you have corrected yourself.

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

Absolutely ...how long do we wait for the Corbyn Cult to wake up from their fantasy that JC can win many English or Scottish seats. He can not simply because he does not look, sound, act, think like a next PM and the working class know this more than the Islington Wine Drinking Socialist old 6th form '1980s here we come brigade'.

Linda E • 4 weeks ago

How long do we wait for the likes of you to wake up another I am alright Jack do you like walking past homeless people are you ok that children are going hungry is it fine that people have to use food banks is it ok that the NHS is being sold off is it fine that your work is only zero hour contract or the wages you are paid for a full weeks work is not enough to live on , Guess so from you attitude reap what you sew because when they have taken all that they can out of all that I just mentioned they will be coming for you maybe then you will bloody wake up .

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

Linda you make the simple mistake that if you are not a Corbynite you are not a Socialist or you are a Tory etc. We are not; We hate social injustice, inequality etc., But weak or unpopular politicians like JC can do nothing.

We who lived through four Tory Governments for 18 yrs before Tony/Gordon know that you liberate people from the Tory Hegemony by intelligence, pragmatism and convincing leaders . Corbynism is just one waste of time and when he is gone many of us will come back, help, donate, campaign but not with this leader who lost seats like Copeland, Mansfield Stoke South which had been Lab since for 100 years or so. Get real this man is hated by many workers.His record on the Brexit horrors also tell you this is no statesman.

c23e • 3 weeks ago

There are some of us who are still democratic socialists which is why I hated the war mongers and killers of women and children Blair, Brown and the Millibands and the likes of Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper (collective responsibility). They brought us wars and spin, selling off our assets and kowtowing to big business and undermining unions - all things you expect of a Tory. They didn't even reform any of Thatchers anti union laws!

While Corbyn is not on my favorites he was the only socialist who stood in the leadership contests! Do you think Labour would still be a credible party if the likes of Tory lite Liz Kendall or dim Owen Smith had won. They would have been a laughing stock and rolled over by the Tory snooze paper machine without being noticed.

We members, like the public, have become tired of fork tongued politicians who get their seat and they settle comfortably in to the one per cent life-style from claiming all kinds of expenses to flipping houses etc and living the way of the elite and forgetting ordinary people in places like Mansfield and Stoke etc. Didn't new labour have the working class accented, now director of the V and A as the MP for one of those constituencies - Tristrum Hunt who had never even been to the north Midlands until he was presented with a safe seat. Hell I bet the locals had to have a translater to understand the plummy pretend socialist.

New Labour continued the Tory privatisation of our assets and led directly to the Tory austerity of Today.

I may have detested such MP's but I still voted Labour as a vote for Tory is a vote for evil!

James kinsey • 4 weeks ago

Baby steps troll

Don't Pretend • 4 weeks ago

It pains me to say, it was electric and if Labour had someone who could give a similar speech against May. it would be cheered from the rafters.

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

They do but the inexperienced ideologues the ' unknown unknowns' at the front bench have replaced our senior MPs now at the back. Having said that John Watson was impressive and held the House of Commons while he delivered his speech.

PS if you want to beat the clever public school Tory boys ( and girls like opinion poll winning T. May) you need clever men and women like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Yvette,etc, Hilary Benn not inexperienced JC and his unknowns

Gjh • 3 weeks ago

Your comment wrt Watson is correct...but at the end of the day what difference did it make. The now certifiable May is back today for another go, and Gove is on manoeuvres for the leadership.

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

Danielle is correct in many ways but as many of us have said repeatedly since 2016 this is what you get back when you elect a backbencher , the 'most hard left wing' leader in Labour history with no previous government experience and a cupboard full of scary skeletons. The fallacy of the Corbyn Cult is that any other leader chosen from our able senior team of MPs could not win & implement social and economic reforms.With the chaos of May any other leader like Yvette Cooper or Chris Leslie or Hilary Benn etc would be steaming ahead in the polls. Labour only ever wins from the middle ground. Hence Atlee, Wilson, Callaghan, Blair and Brown.

Robin1946 • 3 weeks ago

I’ll bet they loved it on the Labour back benches , well at least 80% of them.

leslie48 • 3 weeks ago

Time for JC to hang up his SWP banners

Igor • 4 weeks ago

Awwww bless.

What really upset you though is the way he utterly eviscerated the Labour Front Bench. From the constant gardener to the wreck that is the Great Leader and the Deputy Leader's desperation to distance himself from JC. Then there was the policy or lack of it. He took your party apart and it must have been shameing to hear it - but the solution lies with you and your colleagues

anosrep • 4 weeks ago

Gove couldn't eviscerate a dead frog.

Igor • 4 weeks ago

He managed Corbyn ...and even all those bright young things that chanted for JC now realise how they were conned

Gjh • 3 weeks ago

Lol. You get down the pub too?

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

Goves speech was very damaging,

Corbyn is awful, ridiculous and les than competent.

We need to change most of the front bench now.

Barry can stay.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

It was hardly damaging. He simply repeated the lies told before, elsewhere. It did, of course, serve to remind people that the tories have so little to be proud of, that their most powerful speech has to be insult and name calling.
Very telling

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

In my pub last night, people were talking about and praising Gove's speech. People who might generally be Labour supporters.
He was correct about Corbyn. That is why we are going nowhere in the polls.
The other talk was of the audience reaction to Abbott on QT.
You may put your head in the sand and indulge in denial.

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

True but we have said this since he was elected by the Cult nearly 4 yrs ago this summer

Gjh • 3 weeks ago

Black propaganda works...which is what you continuously indulge in.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

"In my pub last night"

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

Mixing with, talking to and above all LISTENING to voters is something wise political commentators should do more of.

Sound policy is not made in Islington.

The fact that you trivialize the ordinary voter tells us a lot. Too many Corbynistas are locked only into what they as a group think.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

Note the date on the poll, right after Gove's diatribe. Is this the effect you were on about?

Britain Elects‏ @britainelects

14h14 hours ago
Westminster voting intention:
LAB: 40% (+1)
CON: 37% (-2)
LDEM: 7% (+1)
UKIP: 7% (+1)
via @OpiniumResearch, 16 - 18 Jan
Chgs. w/ Dec

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

Blair and Gordon were massively ahead of weak Tories like Major, Hague, IDS and Howard in all polling. Corbyn is mostly behind most of the time with the worst Tory PM since the 1960s

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

Since we are not having an election polls are irrelevant except to keep your hope alive.
Middle England is not going to vote for Corbyn, McMarxist and Abbott.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

Your quote:
"That is why we are going nowhere in the polls."
I guess you are on about your party, the tories

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

I have been here rather a long time. Committed to making the party electable. You seem to be an empty vessel. Johnny come lately who gets kicks out of silly trolling remarks.

You contribution is worthless. Like quite a few here, you troll, you prod, you make no contribution of value.

You are a sad case.

Gjh • 3 weeks ago

Lol. Oh dear, no mirror in your house.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

Perhaps you might want to take your own advice, and get out more. You would not need to make so much stuff up then.

bevinboy • 4 weeks ago

I spend a vast amount of time talking to and LISTENING to ordinary voters, not just party members.
You should try it. Your mind might be less closed.

Greedy_Bankster • 4 weeks ago

Of course you do

Gjh • 3 weeks ago


Richard Dean • 4 weeks ago

Right now right now it's Brexit and you Tories that are in car crash mode.

cara pace • 4 weeks ago

Anyone can think of nasty things to say about politicians. I am sure we could do the same to the Tories. People are almost immunised about those things - they expect them.

Ultraviolet • 4 weeks ago

Only our things would be truthful.

Such as that the Tories sold our nuclear industry to the genuinely dangerous Chinese regime; gave comfort to Saudi murderers; launder dirty Russian money through the City of London and accept it in the Tory Party itself; underfund the NHS to the point that independent commentators say the level of funding they are providing is unsustainable; hand untold billions of public money to a small group of contracting companies that have a history of failing to deliver what is required of them; and have been guilty of the most monunentally dishonest and incompetent behaviour in trying to deliver Brexit.

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

JC is polling below one of the worst PMs since the 1960s & 1970s. JC is the greatest threat to the UK Labour Movement since Micheal Foot and Tony Benn and the Loony Left running Liverpool etc., At least they were well educated, respected debaters. JC just shouts in a boring monotone and lost the working classes years ago and again with his Pro-Russia position last year. . May would win again now as her polling still beats JC. Get real everyone. He is a disaster in our lifetimes. A Chamberlain figure; no one at work say they will vote for him and they are graduate Londoners!

Robin1946 • 4 weeks ago

I wonder how many Labour MP’s were secretly cheering Michael Gove under their breath ?

Labour’s front bench looked very uncomfortable .
How very dare Mr Gove speak to the Supreme Leader like that ?

Send for those nice Momentum chaps !

G Don Falk • 4 weeks ago

Labour’s front bench looked very uncomfortable .'

people generally do when forcing themselves to stay awake . .

leslie48 • 4 weeks ago

The gloss is coming off the supreme leader and those young innocents and old Hard 1980s Leftists know that now. Its the beginning of the end for JC and yet again its Europe destroying a leader as it did with Thatcher, Major, Cameron. Brexit is devouring him as it exposed his lack of guts and statesmanship. If JC remains that's Labour out for at least another 5 years until 2025 etc

c23e • 3 weeks ago

Go back to the DM and your fake information and fake news spreading. Some of us think Corbyn is not the best but he is the only socialist among those who were allowed to stand for the leadership. As for the Tories that can't even organise their own destruction properly even after two years of failure to act like leaders and have options and alternatives.