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Modephus • 1 year ago

Is there some reason that you did not include The Bad Batch in your reviews when it opened in New York and LA, or later when its release went wider?

Chuck Jones • 1 year ago

I saw Spider-man last night, and I have to say, i was very disappointed again. These comic book movies have faces, but hardly a story line. Tom Holland did a good job, but If the trailers were trying to give the impression that there would be a strong connection between Robert and Tom, I saw very little evidence of that. Robert seem to lack his normal wit, he almost seemed a little tired and bored. The sad part was the only time I really laughed, was at the very end when the aunt cussed. Somebody said, these comic book movies are killing the movie stars. I could not agree more. I was not expecting a great movie, but how hard could it be to write a a good story line from a comic book movie. lol

j2hess • 1 year ago

Rotten Tomatoes turns Fresh/Rotten ratings into a scale, so it still gives a score within a range. And it aggregates excerpts from the reviews too - andv I don't have the time to search 30 or more sites for the critics. So it helps me make a more informed decision.

Alan Smithee • 1 year ago

I think Rotten Tomatoes is just an aggregate of many different opinions by the average movie fan. I prefer picking specific critics I tend to agree with (like Tim Cogshell or Christy Lemire), and just going by them, but I'm a film geek. To me, RT is more for the casual moviegoer.

LB • 1 year ago

Glad you're back Tim Cogshell.

Joel Emmett • 1 year ago

I'm very sorry, but sometimes it seems like Tim is the weak link in the group of Filmweek reviewers. He lectures us, he lectures the other critics, he speaks primarily in absolutes, he interrupts, there are long digressions about his personal experiences, he knocks films for what they aren't rather than what they are, and so forth.

I can't build a time machine and go back and see the first Spider-Man film anew again; I can just see this new one this week.

I'd welcome some fresh perspectives on FilmWeek.