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Jack Kelley • 1 day ago

Called Spectrum. No outage in my area. Yet, my neighbors and I have had no internet or phone for over an hour. 28625

Sharon Kennard • 1 day ago

Internet WiFi doesn't work again during OP live. Coincidence I think not

Sharon Kennard • 1 day ago

Once again somebody's relative is being interrogated on OP live and the Wi-Fi Internet goes down. Bravo spectrum.

Joe • 2 days ago

Internet out for 6+ hours and Charter doesn’t so much as acknowledge or send an email to provide notification or expected time of resolution. Need legislation to penalize utility providers an amount equal to the lost service that consumers have to deal with.

Joe • 2 days ago

No internet in zip 75065

Renee • 2 days ago

None in Leland, NC

Ben • 2 days ago

What’s the point of paying for internet if no internet is provided? Fix the problem no other internet provider I’ve had in the past has had this problem

Charles • 2 days ago

Internet out in zip 28405, north side of Wilmington, NC.

Sharon Kennard • 2 days ago

Check out Metro Internet or wire 3 Internet. Unfortunately neither are available in my area but might be in yours

Sharon Kennard • 2 days ago

Bravo spectrum. Only thing you are constant on is not providing a reliable service!!!

Alex • 2 days ago

Creve coeur, literally just moved in to an apartment and had modem and router delivered to it and instantly got an outage message when setting up, might cancel if this goes on more than 24hrs

Ian • 2 days ago

Orlando 32824 - no internet again !

Medical assistant • 2 days ago

No wifi , no phone, we are a busy medical office in La Jolla and this is frustrating, we can't even call our patients to cancel, we are using our personal hot spots !

Venessa • 2 days ago

Where is this? I'm in Hampstead NC

Julie • 2 days ago

Mobile service not working

Maryann • 3 days ago

TV is not working. No sound, and no channel 9.

N0x • 3 days ago

Jackson, WI- no internet. Been having problems for days, have to do work from home. Getting mixed signals as to whether or not we have an outage… Replaced the modem, so it’s not the equipment!

Brenda malveaux • 3 days ago

It's ridiculous not having service and no response not seeing service vehicles anywhere going on two days now seriously considering at&t now.

PAm Lentz • 3 days ago

having trouble at the office and at home both with Spectrum for wifi internet, tv

pH Dold • 3 days ago

Website says there is an outage. Chat line says no issues reported. This is the 21st Century and you are an internet provider charging $100+ a month, at least get your information correct to make me feel like you know wtf is going on so I can write another check! If my government really gave a crap about all the hard earned money that is given to these monopolies they would step in and regulate them like a utility and provide everyone with the same service! The people who live across the street might have more money than me, but we pay the same amount for electricity in Hickory, NC

Harrison Bradish • 3 days ago

Haven’t had WiFi since 10am… I need internet to work this is outrageous

Kenneth • 3 days ago

3rd day this week no internet. Spectrum gaslighting us claiming there's no outage and yet, there is, whole neighborhood empty wifi teardrops.

Debbie • 3 days ago

Hand phone no internet no signals . Garden Grove ca 92840

Joshua Rohlman • 3 days ago

Anaheim phone service for Spectrum. grrr

Sharon • 3 days ago

No internet in Cedar Creek, TX since Tuesday.

mhedgehog@aol.com • 4 days ago

No cable in Geneva this morning

Sharon Kennard • 4 days ago

This is new. Internet WiFi down between 7p and 9o since the partial eclipse. Thank God it wasn't an apocalypse. Get it together spectrum!!!!

Nadine Pazder • 4 days ago

No cable TV in Largo

Joseph J Wolski • 4 days ago

WiFi and tv out for spectrum 04/10 4pm. Spectrum says they're working on it. WiFi has been off and on for a week now some nights no WiFi at all but now tv and WiFi smh.

Mike • 4 days ago

Down in York county maine

Cbatts • 4 days ago

Wifi has been out in south Fort Worth since yesterday afternoon.

ciri • 4 days ago

WiFi had been out since 7pm yesterday and still out today ( Lynwood area )

Susan Kallenbach • 4 days ago

No Internet service in Church Point, LA

eric Andrew Kralicek • 5 days ago

Spectrum Internet and TV are down in Los Osos CA

eric Andrew Kralicek • 5 days ago

Spectrum Internet and TV are out in Los Osos CA

Bob McLaughlin • 5 days ago

SPECTRUM Internet, TV, and Phone have been down since early morning on 4 April in Otisfield, Maine. There has been no estimate of repair and unable to chat live with customer rep. It is now 10 April. Does anyone have an update?

Larissa Jimenez • 5 days ago

Net down since around 12am april 10th. Im in Greenville Michigan.

Jojo • 5 days ago

Spectrum Internet out in mooresville nc 11:22pm been out since 6:30pm and spotty for the last week

Jojo • 5 days ago

Spectrum Internet out as of 11:22 pm in mooresville since 6:30pm now April 09

Saros • 5 days ago

wifi has been down in my area since April 5th

Keith Dunwoody • 5 days ago

Spectrum TV streaming is out in south Garland/Mesquite/75043.

M. Hammer • 5 days ago

Spectrum sucks, terrible for the money we pay. Lousy for the last month.

Roshun • 4 days ago

Yes they SUCK and the worse is I have no choice but to use them cause where I live here in Arlington. There channels are always off track with the sound can’t watch shows cause the sound talks after it’s already been said with talking. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY paying $89 a month,

Renetha Stanziano • 5 days ago

TV Screen picture scrambles, dropped sound, and scrambled images. Started late last night.

Sharon Kennard • 5 days ago

Only a partial eclipse and you still have an excuse. A day late but who's counting. Get it together

Are you kidding • 5 days ago

Partial eclipse can be a new reason why spectrum can't do their job. I've day too late but nice try???

No • 5 days ago

Sick of spectrum outages

Margaret Gaff • 5 days ago

I have had no internet since early this AM ? I'm in Tupper Lake, ny

Sally Marie Shortridge • 5 days ago

My WiFi have been out since yesterday like it doesn't take this long to get the WiFi up

Cathy • 5 days ago

TV is acting up. Not recording. Getting stuck so I have to wait for the show to continue. Guide was very slow now doesn't seem to work at all. DVR not accessible.